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  1. Echolight

    Rate the Song Above You

    I'll go first:
  2. Echolight

    Art Sharing Thread

    Share art you enjoy! (Nothing inappropriate and please credit the artist if you can.)
  3. Echolight

    How did the Media in Your Childhood Influence You?

    How has media (tv shows, movies, games, etc) in your childhood influenced you as you were growing up? My favorite childhood shows when I was really little was: Kipper. (A super relaxing show about a dog named Kipper and his friends. I’d used to watch it before going to bed.) Clifford the Big...
  4. GoronGainz

    What's your favourite action scene?

    Can be based on the setup, the choreography, story significance, soundtrack association. Whatever you want, from any media type.
  5. Echolight

    What makes a good show/book/movie?

    What are some things that always make shows/books/movies great? What attracts you to new shows? Whether certain character types, or plots, or maybe certain writing or filming, what makes your favorite media good to you?
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