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majoras mask

  1. R

    MM-N64 Keep losing save data after turning off system

    I've had this copy of Majora's Mask for about a year but this is the 1st time in a while I've played it. When I opened it up it had no save data. I played up until I learned the song of healin and then saved at the owl and turned off the N64. But when I started it up again my save file was gone...
  2. Re-D3ad

    The Legend of Zelda: Eclipse

    Chapter One: The Hero of Nature “Link....Link...Wake up....The eclipse is set to orbit in 359 days....Hurry before HE is powered by the darkness!...” Link opens his eyes only to see pure darkness. He looks around searching for some kind of light or something to grasp in the darkness. He...
  3. skull kid skree hoo

    MM-3DS yo i need advice

    hi yes hello, i need advice so I want to play mm (3d), but i'm kinda procrastinating on it because the time limit really daunts me. I'm a new Zelda player (I literally just beat OoT yesterday, so I'm still a newbie), and as far as I've heard, Majora's Mask's a big whopper of a game. However, I...
  4. TheDragonHawk

    Majora's Mask

    A general discussion for all things related to Majora's Mask.
  5. Cebo

    Diorama Majoras Mask

    Hello my beloved Hylians, 2 years ago I re-started with my hobby, dioramas, and I would like to show you my latest and best work, based on the Majoras mask last scene. what do you think? As you can see I have completely repainted and added some dirty effects on Skull kid. I created also...
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