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hylian spice theories

  1. HylianEVAN

    What’s your favorite Meme gif?

    What’s your favorite meme gif from the internet, mine is
  2. HylianEVAN

    Which is better. 2ds or 3ds

    Wich handheld console is better. The 2ds or 3ds. I’m not doing the xl ones, just the original ones. Leave your vote in the poll.
  3. HylianEVAN

    Which is better: OoT or BotW?

    These two awesome Zelda games go head to head in a battle and I need you to tell me which is better. Ocarina of time or Breath of the wild. Make sure to leave your vote in the poll.
  4. HylianEVAN

    Would your rather

    Would you rather. A. Get stabbed in the chest with the master sword or. B. Get burned by Mario’s fire ball.
  5. HylianEVAN

    Which one is the best? Zelda Oot or Zelda Mm?

    Wich One between these to do you think is the best. And why? Is the story better? Is there more to do? I would say Majoras mask because the story was better and there was more side quests and a better over world. Don’t get me wrong, I still think Ocarina of time is awesome too.
  6. HylianEVAN

    Wich do you prefer. 3ds or 2ds

    3ds xl and 2ds xl don’t count. To me I gotta say the 2ds cuz it’s cheap and it comes with a game pre installed but I wish it would fold. Let me know Wich one is better.
  7. HylianEVAN

    Who is Links mom and dad from Tp

    Ive always wondered who links parents are. Well I have some proof that Tp Links grandparents or possibly Tp Links mom and dad is Link and malon from Ocarina of time. Hear me out. Link from Tp was raised on the farm side of hyrule kinda like how malon was raised in a farm. Plus if you play the...
  8. HylianEVAN

    Your Favorite Link

    Wich Link is your favorite Link. Mine is Twilight princess Link because he showed a lot of emotion to the character.
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