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  1. K

    Breath of the Wild Need help with missing shrine

    I've been through every interactive map I can find, and even printed off a list of shrines and checked them off, but cannot figure out which I'm missing. Any help is appreciated
  2. J

    SSHD Help haunted restroom side quest won’t start???

    So i just bear girihim and claimed the true master sword and i have been going back and forth trying to finish the haunted restroom sidequest for some time now. According to every walkthrough I’ve looked at I should have been able to finish this one by now, I’m doing everything right speaking to...
  3. skull kid skree hoo

    MM-3DS yo i need advice

    hi yes hello, i need advice so I want to play mm (3d), but i'm kinda procrastinating on it because the time limit really daunts me. I'm a new Zelda player (I literally just beat OoT yesterday, so I'm still a newbie), and as far as I've heard, Majora's Mask's a big whopper of a game. However, I...
  4. C

    Breath of the Wild Missing a three korok seeds...

    I have recently begun playing the Zelda Breath of the Wild again after purchasing the DLC packs. I am missing three korok seeds and was hoping someone could give me easy advice if the interactive map might be missing a few seeds. I have been repeatedly over and over the map. Trying to find...
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