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  1. R

    MM-N64 Keep losing save data after turning off system

    I've had this copy of Majora's Mask for about a year but this is the 1st time in a while I've played it. When I opened it up it had no save data. I played up until I learned the song of healin and then saved at the owl and turned off the N64. But when I started it up again my save file was gone...
  2. areasell

    Spoiler Skyward Sword Door Glitch

    So I'm trying to play all of the zelda games in order of the timeline at the moment and am currently at the fire sanctuary in skyward sword. This part of the dungeon. . I'm just going along doing my stuff and then the door warp thingy isn't connected to the door! How did this happen? If I...
  3. DarkLink182

    LTTP Fountain Boomerang Glitch

    Hi guys! I'm completely new here to this forum, so I don't know if this is the right place for this post. But last week I was doing a Twitch stream casually playing through ALTTP and I stumbled upon a Boomerang glitch that I'd never seen before. I have a video of me discovering this glitch, but...
  4. S

    Breath of the Wild Shrine didn’t give me Spirit Orb. Possible glitch?

    I killed the guardian in the Muwo Jeem Shrine. After picking up the loot dropped by the guardian I proceeded through the gate that opened upon defeating him. When I walked through the chest was open and the monk was not at the top of the stairs. It was as if I had already beaten this shrine...
  5. R

    Breath of the Wild Has anyone ever been able to clip into Maz Koshia shrines?

    I'm playing through BOTW with no blood moons and no towers, which means I can only get into shrines by clipping. After getting the Obliterator, I can't seem to clip into the shrines for Maz Koshia. Wondering if anyone has ever done it before... https://youtu.be/stBp33O2whQ?t=125
  6. S

    Skyward Sword Continuity Error?

    Wrong place for this post? Idk. I made an account just to post this. So what I noticed is that there's a box/crate thing in Skyloft that changes colour at some point in the game. It's the one that's just east of the stairs to the goddess statue- right next to Piper's house. At the beginning...
  7. rosysoprano

    Breath of the Wild Help! Dragons have Vanished from file!

    So, here's the thing... There are absolutely no dragons on my file. Anywhere. No dragons spawn period, no matter what I try. Has anyone ever had this happen before? I'm ridiculously frustrated - how can I get them back in my game? Here's what I've tried so far: 1. Re-entering all spawn regions...
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