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fire emblem

  1. GoronGainz

    Fire Emblem Thoughts on Support Conversations?

    Do you enjoy this aspect of the Fire Emblem series? Any memorable supports you enjoyed? or seeing 2 characters interact that you found entertaining? Any characters you wished had interacted? What are your general thoughts & feelings regarding them?
  2. GoronGainz

    Fire Emblem Fire Emblem 3 Houses: Build your house

    Build your own class from the students of Fire Emblem 3 houses. You can pick & choose members from any of the 3 houses to form your own. Whether you pick people who'd be useful, fun to hang out with or strong is entirely up to you. Rules: No members of the Church of Seiros/Faculty members...
  3. GoronGainz

    Fire Emblem Classic or Casual? (Fire Emblem)

    I know there are some fans of Fire Emblem that don't care for the casual mode in the newer games thinking that it takes away from the experience of the older games. But I've seen & heard some of these fans say that if one of their favourite/most useful character dies they'd just reset the...
  4. DekuNut

    Sign Ups Mafia Emblem Gaiden: Sign-Ups of Valentia

    Duma and Mila. Those names are the history of Valentia. The two gods who, after being banished from their homeland, came to Valentia to build a world of their own. Today, the descendants of their blessed heroes still sit on the thrones of Rigel and Zofia, while the gods themselves sit within...
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