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  1. Hero_of_Termina

    What is your favorite non-Master Sword blade?

    Link is one of the greatest swordsman in fiction, and his trusty Master Sword is one of the most iconic weapons in gaming. But Link doesn’t depend on the Master Sword…in fact, he has a lot of swords, like the Four Sword, the Magic Sword, the Phantom Sword, and not just legendary blades, like the...
  2. Echolight

    What is Your Favorite thing about Your Least Favorite Zelda Game?

    Most of us have a that one Zelda game we think is bad for for more than one reason. Some may think its dull, others completely detest its existence. But most games have at least a few positive aspects. What is your favorite thing(s) about your least favorite Zelda game?
  3. Echolight

    What makes a good show/book/movie?

    What are some things that always make shows/books/movies great? What attracts you to new shows? Whether certain character types, or plots, or maybe certain writing or filming, what makes your favorite media good to you?
  4. Echolight

    Favorite gifs

    Post your favorite gifs here
  5. Echolight

    What race would you want be?

    Zora? Rito? Gorons? Kokiri? What race would you like to be? Why? I would like to be the Zora, specifically the zoras in BotW and TP. They just have such a beautiful and calming home. I love water, it calms me and I love to swim in it, very relaxing. Also, I just think Zora are very beautiful...
  6. toonlink

    Favorite Aspects/Genre/Things In Anime?

    Just as the title implies, I wanna know what you like in anime. Perhaps you like slice of lifes? Maybe you enjoy the animation in cool sword battles. Or do you enjoy slow burn romance? Neko Girls? Whatever it is, I wanna know, and know why! As for myself, I quite enjoy big sprawling Sci-Fi...
  7. Stormageden747

    Favorite Video Game?

    Why is this not a thread? The tile explains it all. What is your favorite video game? My favorite is BotW. I love the combat, story, and the open world. It's by far my most played game. Just that story though I love it, but so many hate it. :suspicious:
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