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  1. S

    Wondering about the name of a Zelda fanfic I’ve forgotten the name of?

    The story seemed Kafei/Link (Kafei is from majoras mask) and last I saw it before it was deleted it was unfinished and the summary from what I remember was about an out of character adult Kafei living in stock pot inn with Anju and being skeptical about what is so special to Anju about the...
  2. CreeperMaster343

    Oh look, I have another story, this one is a Link x Navi High School AU, 'How things change'

    Oh look, another story from me, I really seem to be getting the ball rolling. Though it is my first multi chapter story. Summary: Link and Navi, best friends since they were 10, now having started High School have to navigate many different things, including bullies and popular kids, and...
  3. CreeperMaster343

    Fairy of the Wild, BOTW AU, Sequel to A Fairy through the Ages (Planning Thread)

    I have started to plan the sequel to A Fairy through the Ages, and if you do not want to be spoiled on some of my ideas then don't read them, but if you don't mind I would greatly appreciate some feedback on what I have planned so far for my story. FYI I am aiming for about 3 - 4k words per...
  4. Echolight

    Taka's Tale

    Chapter One: Golden beams of pure light shone across the savannah as dawn broke. A lion, followed by his mate and two cubs, confidently strode through the tall, tan grass. One of the cubs slowed down, to be beside his mother. That cub was slightly smaller than his brother, and often was found...
  5. MattWrites

    Breath of the Wild | Book One: Awakening

    "Vah Medoh" by ArtsyShionai Wherever Teba looked, he saw chaos. Plumes of smoke rose from recently quenched fires that marred the wooden platforms and staircases spiraling around the single, narrow mountain spire on which Rito Village was built. Feathers drifted lazily on the heated air...
  6. T

    Breath of the Wild Novelization

    This is the prologue to my ongoing Breath of the Wild novelization. I wanted to share it, in case anyone is interested in reading. I've been regularly posting it on Fanfiction.net and Archive of Our Own for the last month or so--I've got about nine chapters up so far, plus the prologue. I've...
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