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fan art

  1. Mima_sama

    Mima draws things

    I finished this drawing today (9/30/22). I wanted to make my own avatar, but wound up with a pretty nice piece in general. I guess I'll post in this thread whenever I have something new to share.
  2. Ricardo Paez

    Zelda Reimagined/remake Project

    Hello guys! My brother and me are making a project about reimagining Zelda rooms from older games. Is not all about the graphic fidelity but about the concept, for this all the 3D assets are done from scratch to match the desired design and concept. (We don't have any super powerful computer so...
  3. S

    Breath of the Wild Made some BoTW music while staying home these days..

    Hi guys! I’m a fellow fan of BoTW. Because of having to stay home these days, I have been making some fan art to express my BoTW love. Hope you guys enjoy them! And let me know which one you like! Korok Forest: https://youtu.be/iq_In0parLs Kass’ teacher’s song: https://youtu.be/8CLFSKbDRWs...
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