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  1. Link&Midna

    Ranking all the Twilight Princess dungeons

    Most of this was written a few months or so ago but it read like I was on crack when I wrote it, so I've retyped it in a readable fashion. Since I figured I should actually contribute something game related to this place, I’ll be ranking the TP dungeons and talking a little about my personal...
  2. The Bread Pirate

    How Should Dungeons Be Fixed In the Sequel?

    I'm sure people have brought up BotW2 dungeons before, but I wanted to share my two cents worth. I made a video for this subject, but the summary is this; BotW2 should make dungeons feel like a more natural part of the world by using overworld elements in dungeons and by using dungeon elements...
  3. Wazurau

    2D Zelda

    Idk about you guys but, I REALLY want another official 2D Zelda game. But like in the style of Link's Awakening, A Link To The Past, Oracle of Ages/Oracle of Seasons. Just because I love the dungeons so much. No other dungeon designs (especially 3D Zelda or any modern like "2.5D" games) feel the...
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