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breath of the wild 2

  1. RamboBambiBambo

    Breath of the Wild What Timeline do you believe BotW takes place in? What details in the game make you come to this conclusion?

    Many of us have been bickering about it since the game came out, and Nintendo seems to not want to give a straight answer. So I figured I should ask what timeline you guys think the game takes place in. Is it the Adulthood Timeline, the Downfall Timeline, the Childhood Timeline, or perhaps...
  2. Tingle Believer

    Neither Link Nor Zelda Will Be the Main Playable Character in BOTW2

    Most people think BOTW2 is going to have either some element of co-op, or at the very least two playable characters (Link and Zelda), but I believe neither of them will be playable. You see, I have cracked Nintendo's secret code! Let me explain: BOTW2 is likely to be released in 2021 2021 is...
  3. NOMED2111996

    Deku Scrubs in BoTW 2

    Do you guys think Nintendo should bring back Deku Scrubs? If so would you like them to be enemies or more of a civilized race like in Majora's Mask?
  4. The Bread Pirate

    How Should Dungeons Be Fixed In the Sequel?

    I'm sure people have brought up BotW2 dungeons before, but I wanted to share my two cents worth. I made a video for this subject, but the summary is this; BotW2 should make dungeons feel like a more natural part of the world by using overworld elements in dungeons and by using dungeon elements...
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