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  1. G

    Breath of the Wild Here is a great botw documentary/theory!

    Here is a great botw documentary/theory! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mNPTGQGe9RU&t=2077s Credits to Nintendoblackcrisis.
  2. Echolight

    Hidden Melodies

    Breath of the Wild has many hidden melodies from past Zelda games. Some are hidden quite well, such as the house theme. Others can be easily found, like Dragon Roost Island. But they both are there to connect BotW to other games and make the player feel nostalgic. It's also just fun to find...
  3. Tingle Believer

    Neither Link Nor Zelda Will Be the Main Playable Character in BOTW2

    Most people think BOTW2 is going to have either some element of co-op, or at the very least two playable characters (Link and Zelda), but I believe neither of them will be playable. You see, I have cracked Nintendo's secret code! Let me explain: BOTW2 is likely to be released in 2021 2021 is...
  4. The Bread Pirate

    How Should Dungeons Be Fixed In the Sequel?

    I'm sure people have brought up BotW2 dungeons before, but I wanted to share my two cents worth. I made a video for this subject, but the summary is this; BotW2 should make dungeons feel like a more natural part of the world by using overworld elements in dungeons and by using dungeon elements...
  5. Echolight

    Do you want link to have an instrument in BotW 2?

    (Az gave me inspiration for this, so, thanks Az! ❤️) So, I think if he had an instrument in BotW 2 would be very nice. I don’t think I was particularly disappointed when he didn’t have one in BotW, because I was just so amazed at the world I saw before me, and being able to do all this stuff...
  6. Echolight

    Should Link be Playable??

    We are all really excited about the upcoming game, botw 2. But, who will be the protagonist in the game? Link, or Zelda? I personally think both, but some people want only Zelda to be the playable protagonist and Link not at all. What do you think, should Link even be playable?
  7. Siphonix

    If you could add ONE item to BOTW2, what would it be?

    Alright everyone, I’ve thought of this, and personally, I would want either the Lens of Truth, or the Iron Boots. HBU?
  8. GrooseIsLoose

    New runes that you want to see it BotW 2

    We all know there were cool gears in all Zelda games. But in BotW we had Sheikah slate with runes instead. However I think it will be reset at the beginning of the game(otherwise Link would be overpowered). So what runes would you like to add/delete? Instead of stasis there should be a clock...
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