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  1. Echolight

    Best version of Hyrule Castle?

    What is, in your opinion, the best version of Hyrule castle? I will have to go with BotW’s rendition. The music that plays is very fitting for the ruin-like and somber atmosphere, and the design is great. I also like how you can see Hyrule Castle from almost anywhere in the game, always...
  2. The Bread Pirate

    The TOTALLY Best Food In Breath of the Wild!

  3. HenrikoMagnifico

    Tri Force Heroes The most beautiful Zelda song?

    Hello! I've been making lists of my favorite VGM for years, and I've finally concluded which song in the Zelda series is the most beautiful (in my opinion). It was really hard to decide, and I was going between Zelda's Lullaby and Song of Healing - until I finally decided. The result was...
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