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  1. Fun Link

    Tears of the Kingdom Ember, charged and frostbite armour attack bonuses

    sry do these armours provide a flat +damage% in their respective weathers or just a charged attack/combo bonus? it would be really cool if you could stack it with a +3 attack bananas meal, and maybe use a light scale trident fused with a silver lynel horn and have the water sage attack bonus too!
  2. WriteItandWeep3

    Best Armor in DST

    Hello. I'm new here and it's nice to meet you all. I don't know where to put this thread since I can't find the Don't Starve forum so I'll place it generally here. I hope people don't mind if I share an article. It's legit, I promise since I wrote it. Basically, it's an article about the best...
  3. John King

    Breath of the Wild Pivot table for farming and selling decision making

    Hi all, this is less of a question and more of something I have to offer. When you get to a certain point, and you're trying to farm to upgrade all of your armor, or early on you're trying to decide if you have enough of something to start selling it, it can be kind of hard to know what you'll...
  4. D


    it took me awhile to figure this out, but if you spawn/drop an amiibo in a specific location, the chances of getting the exclusive amiibo are almost 100%. Here’s an example: You have the Ocarina of time Link, Zelda, or Majoras mask Link and have been grinding and spawn scamming for hours. Maybe...
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