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  1. Echolight

    Rate the Anime OP / ED Above You

    I'll start!
  2. GrooseIsLoose

    Crunchyroll comes to switch

    Took forever, but finally. Got informed by @A Link In Time
  3. GrooseIsLoose

    Favourite op, ed and sound track?

    Some of my favourite ops are: 1.Unravel from Tokyo Ghoul and Mukanjyo from Vinland Saga both have the first place 2. Dorohedoro 3.Crossing field from Sword Art Online 4. Guren no Yumiya, Sasageyo and My war from AoT My favourite eds: 1. Drown from Vinland Saga 2. Danganronpa ed 3...
  4. Archer

    Devil May Cry voice actor Brad Venable passes away

    Last night the Voice Acting community mourned a very shocking and terrible loss. Brad Venable died last night of unannounced causes. Venable was credited as the voice of Griffon from Devil May Cry 5, Byro from Fairy Tail, Clay as he appears in Pokemon Masters, and Scratchmen Apoo from One...
  5. Echolight

    Watch Anime Together

    I have a few anime shows we could watch together. We’ll watch one episode every day then discuss how we liked it back here. Discussion Such as: - how do you like the characters so far? - Which character is your favorite, why? - Do you like the plot? - who is your least favorite character? -...
  6. Echolight

    Which Zelda game would you want to be made into an anime?

    We already have Legend of Zelda manga, but what about anime? What Zelda game would you want to be made into an anime the most? Do you want a giant series of anime covering all the games in timeline order, or something else? I feel like Twilight Princess would make a great anime to me. I don’t...
  7. GoronGainz

    What are some of your favourite anime openings?

    A good opening can set the mood for the episode/arc your about to watch. Musically, visually or both. What are some anime openings you just can't skip?
  8. GoronGainz

    Danganronpa: Favourite Characters?

    Whether it be from the game or the anime. Do you have a favourite character from the Danganronpa franchise?
  9. D

    Spoiler The Big Problem with the Pokémon Anime - An Essay and a Rant

    Contents I. Introduction II. I Wanna Be the Very Best, Like No One Ever Was III. The Long and Winding Road IV. His Name was Tobias V. You're Such a Little Kid! VI. You Really Are an Amazing Person VII. “Kalos League Victory! Satoshi's Greatest Decisive Battle” VIII. To Be Continued: The Cycle...
  10. toonlink

    Favorite Aspects/Genre/Things In Anime?

    Just as the title implies, I wanna know what you like in anime. Perhaps you like slice of lifes? Maybe you enjoy the animation in cool sword battles. Or do you enjoy slow burn romance? Neko Girls? Whatever it is, I wanna know, and know why! As for myself, I quite enjoy big sprawling Sci-Fi...
  11. Kylo Ken

    Favorite irl anime moments

    Moments in reality that are like a anime. Post 'em. Or just funny anime ****, I don't really care.
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