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  1. Jimmu

    SSHD Skyward Sword HD Amiibo Support

    According to the Nintendo eShop listing on the Switch, Skyward Sword HD will have Amiibo support (source). Are you happy or upset about this, and how do you predict that Amiibo will be used in the game? Will we see any new amiibo, like perhaps a Loftwing? (or a Groose with his pompadour...)...
  2. Stargonaut

    Breath of the Wild Divine Helmets

    I've been trying to get the Amiibo Divine Helmets before fighting the blights but I've been doing the time skip thing to do it faster instead of waiting each day but I'm on my 25th try and no dice, on my main profile I got them on somewhere between 2-10 tries anyone know whats going on or should...
  3. D

    What if Smash Bros had Zelda Assist Trophies Amiibo?

    Don’t know which thread to post this under ,but I think this will do. https://m.imgur.com/gallery/pX9fAnn
  4. D


    it took me awhile to figure this out, but if you spawn/drop an amiibo in a specific location, the chances of getting the exclusive amiibo are almost 100%. Here’s an example: You have the Ocarina of time Link, Zelda, or Majoras mask Link and have been grinding and spawn scamming for hours. Maybe...
  5. F

    Breath of the Wild Can't initiate amiibo rune

    Hey there, I started using amiibos when I was pretty far into the game, but now my husband is wanting to use them for his game. The problem we are having is that when we try to turn on the option to use it it just says "don't use amiibo". It says it's too early in the game to use it but we've...
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