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age of calamity

  1. CreeperMaster343

    Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity DLC Thread

    I think it is definitely time for this. So what do you hope for from the DLC, Purah and Robbie probably being a given.
  2. TheHeroofTime

    Hyrule Warriors SPOILERS Age of Calamity Story Theories (demo)

    SPOILER WARNING: This thread contains major spoilers for the Age of Calamity demo that released yesterday. If you haven't played it yet or want to wait until the full game comes out, please read no further. The demo for Age of Calamity came out yesterday, and as those who have played it know...
  3. GoronGainz

    BOTW/AoC: Which race has the strongest army?

    Been thinking about BOTW & AoC lately & got contemplating if all the races fought against each other, who would come out on top? They've all got different weapons, strengths & weaknesses. Assuming they have similar numbers & are fighting on an even battle ground with neutral weather. How do...
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