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  1. Link12

    Does Anyone Here Use Pokémon Showdown?

    I use showdown and love it!
  2. Link12

    Do You Believe in Ghosts?

    I have recently watched insidious chapter 2 and paranormal activity, my thoughts through the movies were hmm I wonder what different people believe about ghost, angles, and demons etc. As for me I don't really believe in ghosts but I do believe there are angles and demons out of my own...
  3. Link12

    WW-Wii U One of the Worst Final Bosses in the Series

    Ah true it was a better since of accomplishment instead of stab Gannondorf until he dies, but when I first got to Gannondorf it was hard for me. As I kept on rebeating the game it became easier and easier. Now do not own ww hd so I don't know weither or not Nintendo made the game easier seeing...
  4. Link12

    Would It Be Cool if Zelda Dungeon Made an App?

    Ah yes :lol: we defiantly don't have funds!
  5. Link12

    Does the Future Scare You at All?

    Yes I find it scary because soon I will be am adult and I fear that I will screw up in the world
  6. Link12

    Happy Mother's Day (in the USA)

    That's nice I bet your mom really enjoys that!!
  7. Link12

    Happy Mother's Day (in the USA)

    Cause no matter what women always love perfume :lol:
  8. Link12

    Happy Mother's Day (in the USA)

    Simply and classic. I like it!
  9. Link12

    Happy Mother's Day (in the USA)

    Happy Mother's Day!! How did y'all celebrate Mother's Day? Our family bought mom some blueberry bushes since she love gardening!
  10. Link12

    Why is Homosexuality a Problem?

    I couldn't agree more!! Believe me I have a lot of homosexual and lesbian friends but I do not hate them in anyway what so ever! Like juicej said "love the sinner hate the sin" I can not point out a homosexuals sin because I have sinned and in Gods eyes a sin is a sin no matter what it is! What...
  11. Link12

    Pride in Your Nation

    Ya I mean I couldn't have said it better than the animal farm explanation you just gave. In the book the animals overthrow their "higher power" and come up with a form of government ie. communism this government works out for a little bit but eventuality is destroy by over powering people! I...
  12. Link12

    Pride in Your Nation

    What if I am a poor man and want to move up in the world for the sake of my children so that they can have a better life? I can not because communist theory dictates that everything is equal for everyone! Let me ask you this of a kid who loses at a soccer match wins a medal because God forbid...
  13. Link12

    Which Classic N64 Game Are You?

    I got ocarina of time!!:cool:
  14. Link12

    Pride in Your Nation

    My point exactly!! That is what I am trying to say by we are a bunch a lazy pansies that don't get off their a** to do something! No offense to your brother. Socialism and is the step before communism so in a way they do go hand in hand.
  15. Link12

    What is Your Mood at the Moment?

    Meh could be worse!
  16. Link12

    Why Do You Love Video Games?

    That's a good reason
  17. Link12

    Your Favorite Pokemon Game

    Gold and silver!!
  18. Link12

    What is Your Thought on "Ash's Coma" Theory?

    Ya this is true. Honestly I haven't watched a whole lot of the new pokemons so I wouldn't know that much about how it would imply to them. I just thought it was an interesting theory on how it could maybe fit in and wanted to know people's opinion about it :lol:
  19. Link12

    If Zelda MM is Remade, Should It Be Realistic or Cel-shaded?

    I would like cel shaded but, I think it would be cool to see mm in a realistic art style!
  20. Link12

    Do People Guess Your Age Correctly?

    No they think I am 18 when I am actually 16
  21. Link12

    Would It Be Cool if Zelda Dungeon Made an App?

    Ahh ya /: that is a very unfortunate!
  22. Link12

    Pride in Your Nation

    I can see where y'all's opinions are correct, but to me it just seem like what I stated above. On the communism definition to me that lines up with Obamacare where everyone is forced to have insurance and if you don't you pay a penalty. Well what if once I turn 18 and don't have money for insurance?
  23. Link12

    Pride in Your Nation

    I don't know how it is where you live but where I live people who are perfectly fine to work are abusing wel fare. I say we are pansies because people are taking free hand outs by the government and not getting off their butts and making a name for themselves. America is becoming a communist...
  24. Link12

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    Back in black-ac/dc
  25. Link12

    Favorite Creepypasta

    Hmm I will have to check these ones out! Another question do y'all listen the Creepypasta narrators? I listen to some ordinary gamers and mr. Creepypasta
  26. Link12

    Favourite Disney Movie~

    Lion king!! It's wayyyy better than all of this frozen nonsense!!
  27. Link12

    What's Your Fandom Pet Peeve?

    Over exsive fan girls
  28. Link12

    Is Islam an Evil Religion?

    No I don't think they are bad all evil people I think people have a brain and sometimes they lack using it no matter what religion you belong to.
  29. Link12

    Pride in Your Nation

    This man speaks the truth
  30. Link12

    Questions You Hate Being Asked

    Why don't you play basketball? (I'm 6'3) What are you going to do for college Why do you do ballet isn't that a woman's sport (that one frustrates me)
  31. Link12

    Would It Be Cool if Zelda Dungeon Made an App?

    I'm sorry to hear that :(
  32. Link12

    Pokemon: Hunters

    ((Ya sorry :( ))
  33. Link12

    Pokemon: Hunters

    Piplup barely hears her. He deicides to turn around and receives this mysterious persons help.
  34. Link12

    Pokemon: Hunters

    "Oh ok" says the sadly little Piplup as walks away "sorry for bothering you guys." As he walks a ways a way he screams "Is there anyone who can help me?!?!"
  35. Link12

    Pokemon: Hunters

    ((Omg guys I'm so sorry I didn't know this was going on!! This is my first rp so if I screw up please tell me if do!! I don't know if I will be any good at this but I'm going to try!!)) A little Pinplup who had some cuts and bruises walks into the cave. "Hi guys I hope I'm not intruding on you...
  36. Link12

    Rate the Last Movie That You Watched

  37. Link12

    Pride in Your Nation

    I have very little pride in America. It seems like we are a bunch of lazy people who can be pushed around. In the 50's we used to be a force to be reckoned with now we are a bunch of pansies.
  38. Link12

    What is Your Thought on "Ash's Coma" Theory?

    Oh yes I did forget about that my bad! :lol:
  39. Link12

    What is Your Thought on "Ash's Coma" Theory?

    Well I mean we but by now I'm sure the could have heard of the theory by now, but I could be wrong.
  40. Link12

    Would It Be Cool if Zelda Dungeon Made an App?

    Ahh ok interesting!
  41. Link12

    Stupid Things You Were Scared of As a Child

    Stuff under my bed and the dark!
  42. Link12

    What is Your Thought on "Ash's Coma" Theory?

    This is true! But to me it seems like the pokemon audience are in there 16-26 year old range so I feel its a bit useless to be targeting 10 year olds It is sad but to me it explains why Brock acts the way he does and why all the girls seem not to like ash very much with the exception of dawn
  43. Link12

    What is Your Thought on "Ash's Coma" Theory?

    For those who don't know what the theory is I shall explain in in a short synopsis. In the first episode of the pokemon anime ash is struck by lighting and see what could possibly be a ho oh. One of ho oh's pokedex's entry says something along the lines that whoever sees this pokemon is...
  44. Link12

    General Zelda Can Zelda Work in Other Mediums?

    No it wouldn't work simply put. Zelda is loved by many people and if you did any of those things you would make people very mad! The problem with making a movie is that which zelda do you use? I believe there is a z-talk that covers this question in depth. Din and Rish go over it very well and I...
  45. Link12

    Zelda Art Zelda Link Hat Crochet! DIY Tutorial

  46. Link12

    What's Up

    How are y'all doing? I'm doing fine!
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