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  1. Link1017

    How Do I Tell?

    Hey havent been on in awhile but I'm better now and back and in need of help? Ok so I've been dating this girl for a year and 7 months, and we are very.committed we've been.all the way and back? That's beside the.point though, A few nights ago i attended a party on which I got wasted and I...
  2. Link1017

    My Health Class Report on *Masturbation*

    Hey fellow ZD well I'm doing a report or survey I guess on masturbation. 1) How many of you masturbate? 2) If you do what makes you want to? 3) Does it make you feel any different?
  3. Link1017

    Going Behind Your Parents Back?

    OK so me and my family friended. These really nice people and were friends for a year and my mom and the girl we met got in a fight and me that girl and her husband became really good friends and now my parents don't want me talking to them and I can't just forget them cause I miss them so much...
  4. Link1017

    Ocarina of Time Just an Idea!??

    So I was thinking that instead of making Oot. For the 3Ds they should have redone it like the same way but made it for Wii. So then Nintendo for the 25 Anniversary could have made like a bundle thing of Oot. And Skyward Sword together and sold it for Wii..... besides who wouldn't want to play...
  5. Link1017


    OK I need help my little cousin is hitting puberty and I have caught him doing things in his room if you know what I mean. What should I do it's always basically me and him home together. So should I talk to him about it or what. He does it a lot and I know it's natural and all guys do it. Do...
  6. Link1017

    A Social Network??? Maybe

    Idk if this is in the right forum but I think it is. My dad made a North Al. Fishing Forums site. Then turned it in to a social network for fishermen only called Fishlife.net when he made fish life he made it much like Facebook and its awesome. Well I was thinking would it be a good idea...
  7. Link1017

    Why Doesnt Link Ever Have Parents...?¿

    Well this has currently come to my Attention.... Ive played every zelda game made and sold and Link never has Actual Parents. He only has Grandparents Like his Grandma from WW.... So is this a coincidence or just something never thought about ...Seems a little weird to me.
  8. Link1017

    Be Who You Are!....No Matter What!

    Ok just wanted to put this out there. I strongly believe that people with low self esteem are just afraid. I think its all in there mind cause they probably are growing up in a negative environment. My family has tried there best to ruin me but I fought for what I believe in and I am now...
  9. Link1017

    Who is Your Favorite Singer/Band??

    Hello there me again this time I wanna know what everyone's favorite singer it band is today. I wanna know why and if they are inspiring to you at all.
  10. Link1017

    Interacial Marriages Bad or Good

    Well I am wondering on what you guys think about interacial marriages. I do not care about the interacial marriage or dating but I do think it is weird when I see a black man and a white girl together. It doesn't bother me as bad when its a white man and black girl but my brothers and family...
  11. Link1017

    Zelda Dungeon Android App

    Im not sure if this is in the correct forum but I think it is. Who all thinks it would be amazing if there was a zelda dungeon Android app or at least a mobile site for zelda dungeon for people like me who use there Android to get on. I have a HTC Droid Incredible By Verizon and my phone is...
  12. Link1017

    Endangered Species Act of 1973

    I had to do a report on this act and I wanna know what yall think about it. The Endangered Species Act of 1973 was signed into law December 28, 1973. Due to economical growth. Of course its the humans fault that animals now a days are becoming extinct and endangered. How many people agree...
  13. Link1017

    Should I Feel Awkward

    I need the Zelda Community peoples Help Please. The other day I was watching tv and babysitting my little Brother he is 11 now and he asked me what puberty was cause some kids were talking about it at school. I was shocked cause he asked me and not my parents so what do yall Think I should...
  14. Link1017

    Is Zelda to Easy?

    Hey to all again, I have been thinking and I rarely ever die on any Zelda game. This made me think is Zelda to easy to play. I mean the puzzles hardly ever change in them, and the monsters crack me up cause they are no challenge. So what do yall think cause i think nintendo should really...
  15. Link1017

    Zelda Maybe Racist....(caution for Easily Offended)

    Does anyone else think that zelda may be a bit racist. I see this because ganon is Black or (african gerudo), but he is obviously not white, but he is the only actual human in the game that dies. Who also thinks Nintendo should have paid more attention to that. FYI: Im white not racist have...
  16. Link1017

    Symbolism a Load of BS

    Hey to all of you. I would like to know what you think of symbolism if you believe in it or not. Definitions of Symbolism: –noun 1. the practice of representing things by symbols, or of investing things with a symbolic meaning or character. 2. a set or system of symbols. 3. symbolic...
  17. Link1017


    Ok I need a little bit help here. I have been wanting to try some new games on the Wii or Playstation 3, I have yet to find one that looks interesting. I am considering Red Steel for the Wii but i cant find the first one to play. I have considered many for the Ps3 but not sure on that one...
  18. Link1017

    Whats the Difference??

    Hello to all, I am wondering whats the difference between a Gibdo & a ReDead.? I know the ReDead is suppose to be a zombie or whatever but why is it also not just a Gibdo. They clearly do the same thing in Zelda so why do they have a different name. Am I missing something here does anyone else...
  19. Link1017

    Adventure of Link Whats Was Nintendo Thinking

    ok well im sure most of everyone has played the adventures of link...what was nintendo thinking this game is horrible...who agrees....i think they should have just made it the same way as they did the first zelda but no they made loike this mario thing out of zelda.....so i wanna know how many...
  20. Link1017

    A Link To The Past :)

    who all has beaten alttp...this game was very funny and i have played it about 2 times now havent played it inm awhile but none the less who all hass beaten this game what did you think and are there things that you would change about it if you could...
  21. Link1017

    Cartoon Or More Realistic

    So we have seen the trailer for SS and it is a bit cartoony....it is like a mixture of the WW and TP....i think nintendo should have kept on going for a more human real life look for the graphics...instead they went with a cartoon....i belive it may have been cause toon graphics are easier and...
  22. Link1017

    Ungrateful People

    Does anyone other than me have a family that hates Zelda....if so does it bother you that they don't see the time and thought and imagination that nintendo puts into Zelda if anyone else has a family like this please let me know
  23. Link1017

    Ocarina of Time Weird Post

    so are the links in different zeldas decendants of the original link or grand kids or are they children or just the next in line....i wonder because it never tells you if link has kids...and he only grows up in one game and its the oot....why dont him and zelda have children they could make a...
  24. Link1017

    Ocarina of Time 3 Heart Challenge

    Ok so i know the 3 heart challenge is apparently suppose to test a zelda players skill but whats the point you wastet you time going through an entire game with 3 hearts...maybe its just me but i think that the challenge is a waste of time i mean you dont feel no more accomplished after you beat...
  25. Link1017

    Ocarina of Time Is Oot Out of Date or Wil It Ever Be

    Well its obvious that oot is definatly one of the best zeldas ever.....its always being talked about being praised for amazing scenery and extravagant places...the dungeons were awesome....the monsters and battles could have been better....but still it was amazing.....and who all is excited...
  26. Link1017

    What Does Zelda Mean to You

    well as we all know zelda is a game of many things such as (action,humor,suspense,thriller,random,and maybe a lil dumb sometimes)....but has a player why do you play zelda what keeps you interested and what would you do if it were discontinued in America... leave comments or reach me at...
  27. Link1017

    Should SS Have New Items What Would You Like to See

    Well all they have told us isthere will be a whip like in the ds zelda game...and some kinda beetle like weapon....and then the usual....would you say nintendo is being lazy by not actually thinking of many new items....or are they just out of ideas all together....what kinda cool items would...
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