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  1. Link12

    Do You Believe in Ghosts?

    I have recently watched insidious chapter 2 and paranormal activity, my thoughts through the movies were hmm I wonder what different people believe about ghost, angles, and demons etc. As for me I don't really believe in ghosts but I do believe there are angles and demons out of my own...
  2. Link12

    Happy Mother's Day (in the USA)

    Happy Mother's Day!! How did y'all celebrate Mother's Day? Our family bought mom some blueberry bushes since she love gardening!
  3. Link12

    What is Your Thought on "Ash's Coma" Theory?

    For those who don't know what the theory is I shall explain in in a short synopsis. In the first episode of the pokemon anime ash is struck by lighting and see what could possibly be a ho oh. One of ho oh's pokedex's entry says something along the lines that whoever sees this pokemon is...
  4. Link12

    What's Up

    How are y'all doing? I'm doing fine!
  5. Link12

    Would It Be Cool if Zelda Dungeon Made an App?

    I think it would be nice if ZD made an app for iOS and android! It could help get more news out and would be another way to get their name out!! Let me know what y'all think comment blow!
  6. Link12

    Favorite Creepypasta

    Mine would be "the cellphone game" and "Godzilla nes"
  7. Link12

    Thoughts on New Remake

    I thought it was a joke at first to be honest
  8. Link12

    Why Do You Love Video Games?

    Why do you love video games? My personal reason and I'm sure many will agree,is that video games are an escape from reality. If I have a bad day I can turn on a video game (typically zelda or pokemon) and instantly feel better!
  9. Link12

    Favorite Doctor Who Episode/Most Recent Episode You Have Watched

    Mine would have to be "blink" and last episode was Season 4 episode 2
  10. Link12

    Dear Agony

    ok me and a band member came up with this its called dear agony lol Verse 1 Get me through this pain Give me peace in this torment to stay Save me from this misery Dear Agony ohhhh Dear Agony Chorus I can't live, I can not die Talking to myself inside this holding cell...
  11. Link12

    Spoiler Majora's Mask What I Think Happened

    Ok I decided to make this thread just cause i was bored:lol:. Anways Im pretty sure you guys are familar with the whole waiting seven years of "sleeping i think it was in oot. Well in those "seven years" Link could have been dreaming about termina. In my mind this make sense. Let's think he had...
  12. Link12

    Majora's Mask's Mask

    I started this form because I was wondering what would happen if Nintendo used different main character mask.
  13. Link12

    Strong Pokemon in Pearl,diamond, and Platium

    Hey link12 here. Lets see the strong pokemon I use include: celbe,daialga,gratina,heatran,zapdos, and charizard. If this already post tell please. I would also like to know your top 6 in pearl,diamond,and platnium.
  14. Link12

    Avatar/profile Picture I Made

  15. Link12

    My Opinion on The Art of Skyward Sword

    Hey it's Link12 here and I will be talking about what I think of Skyward Sward.Ok now to the point! I think they are very good and have a mix between Wind Waker and Twilight Princess. Nintendo went into the right Direction with the Art,The art is not to cartoonish and not to well gag and...
  16. Link12

    What is Your Favorite Song

    whats your fav song mine is Bille Jean by Michal Jackson
  17. Link12

    The Legend of Zelda Timeline

    Hey Link 12 here and what im going to talk to you guys the Zelda timeline theroy.I think everyone knows about the timeline and if you dont......??? It is were timeline splits into two parts after Ocarina of Time one part is of your childhood and the other timeline is about your adulthood.Ummm if...
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