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  1. AwdryFan1997

    Boo's Pizza II: More Toppings

    It's not Van Halen without Eddie Van Halen, but I guess it is Boo's Pizza without Dark Boo. Following Dark Boo's sudden retirement, we decided to pull an Altonia Files and start a new thread. So, yeah. Well, this is a moot point now, isn't it? RULES: 1. No godmodding and powerplay, and while...
  2. AwdryFan1997

    Smash is for the Casuals: A topic on the design of the Smash series and how people miss the point

    Super Smash Bros. Melee was designed for the casual market. Those who played Melee discovered numerous glitches and whatnot, and began playing competitively. Super Smash Bros. Brawl attempted to destroy the competitive scene, however failed, due to the birth of mods such as Project M...
  3. AwdryFan1997

    Debates regarding "best vs. favorite"

    Don't want me to derail the Villains thread? Alright, here you go, here's where I can praise Chrono Trigger for all of eternity. Satisfied? (Wow, I was a ****ing pissbaby, wasn't I?)
  4. AwdryFan1997


    @mαrkαsscoρ asked for a discussion thread about the Star Wars villains, so here it is. I'll leave it with this: Rise of Skywalker was pretty dumb, in retrospect.
  5. AwdryFan1997

    I've never played a Pokemon game, but I want to begin. Recommendations?

    The title says it all. I hate the anime and the card game. And I don't want to support modern Game Freak. So... where do I begin?
  6. AwdryFan1997


    Villains in media are often what define the franchises they come from. There's the good ones and the bad ones. One of the main qualifications for a good villain is motivation. What does the character seek? If the motivation is "because they're evil", then, well, that's a pretty lame antagonist...
  7. AwdryFan1997

    After BotW2

    I sincerely hope that the next Zelda game after BotW2 isn't set in the BotW era. I say that as a fan of BotW and as someone eagerly anticipating BotW2. The point is, there's only so much you can do with the apocalypse idea. Breath of the Wild 2 is already stretching those boundaries. And Age of...
  8. AwdryFan1997

    Trim the fat

    It's time to determine who should be cut from the roster in the next game. Here is my idea of who should be cut for a minimalist roster. Note that I'm only doing first party characters, since third-parties hang in the balance at all times. In order of appearance: Sheik: Has not appeared in a...
  9. AwdryFan1997

    Old people playing BotW

    Nintendo's "back", with a modernized version of their Wii marketing strategy. The Switch is on its way to overthrowing the PS2 as highest-selling videogame console of all time. And all of this is ignoring Nintendo's disgusting business decisions lately. Recently, many ZD users have had the...
  10. AwdryFan1997

    The Bitro-Sizian Roleplay

    Who gets up at 3:00 AM to post a roleplay thread on a forum? OH BOI 3 AM After the Jimbo art I posted in the Megacomic thread, I've become even more interested in filling in the history of my fictional country of Bitro-Sizia. So, I'm creating this roleplay to let you fill in the blanks. We...
  11. AwdryFan1997

    Happy twenty years of Wikipedia, I suppose.

    I'm not a huge WIkipedia guy, but hey, it's a pretty important occasion.
  12. AwdryFan1997

    The 2021 U.S. Capitol Terrorist Attacks and other violent reactions to the 2020 U.S. Election

    https://www.nytimes.com/live/2021/01/06/us/washington-dc-protests The U.S. Capitol is currently under siege by rightwing radicals attempting to undermine President-elect Biden's legitimate victory. I created this thread as a means of discussing this terrible tragedy and other similar events...
  13. AwdryFan1997

    Megacomic by AwdryFan1997

    I will answer all questions, you just need to ask them. There's probably gonna be a lot...
  14. AwdryFan1997

    AwdryFan plays and complains about Final Fantasy III and asks for audience participation

    So I decided to go back and play Final Fantasy III (originally released in Japan as Final Fantasy VI), a game which I played a long time ago and absolutely hated with every fiber of my being. Is it as bad as I remember? No, but it's still nowhere near as good as Chrono Trigger. First off, the...
  15. AwdryFan1997


    Here, a thread where we can talk about the #FreeMelee movement without flooding the chat. You already know I support it wholeheartedly. Have your heated debates below.
  16. AwdryFan1997

    Sing a Song or Something

    Since Ping Wars' destiny was fulfilled, I'm moving my many genius ideas here. I don't know if this has already been done, but basically, type out the lyrics to a song, one word at a time. I'll start: Somebody
  17. AwdryFan1997

    Hotel Jimbo

    Being a former car washer, I decided to make my own roleplay. (Rules are under review, OG rules are preserved here) =============================================================================================== The basic premise is that my original character Jimbo is now the sole employee of...
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