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  1. bradley

    New Spider-man Trailer

    I am curious to what everybody thinks about the trailer for the Spider-man reboot. Here is the trailer. http://www.youtube.com/embed/FWP8TdXdFZg?rel=0&hd=1 I think they are trying to go the Batman Begins route with this film by creating a darker, more realistic version of Spidey. The Raimi...
  2. bradley

    Majora's Mask Majora's Mask 3D Campaign

    Hello, I am trying to start a Facebook campaign to get Nintendo to greenlight a 3DS remake of Majora's Mask. This will in a sense be similar to Operation Rainfall. Eiji Aonuma recently sad if there was enough support from fans, then Majora's Mask 3D would be a possibility. Here is the Quote...
  3. bradley

    General Modern Scope of Wii U Zelda

    From the Zelda tech demo for the Wii U that was showcased for the Wii U at E3, we know graphically what the Wii U will be capable of. This thread is about the scope of the game. Judging from the quotes about Skyward Sword, we know it will be a denser Zelda game than the more recent Zelda games...
  4. bradley

    General Modern Wii U Zelda Ideas Thread

    I have an idea on how to incorporate the Wii U controller into Zelda while still keeping the 1:1 motion controls and I would like to hear your opinions on it. Basically the Wii U controller would be used as a shield, strapped to your left (or right?) forearm with some accessory created by...
  5. bradley

    My Thoughts on the Official Timeline

    We all know about the official Zelda timeline. For most of us, figuring out the official timeline is what we seek to achieve when theorizing. I think too often people tend to speculate too much when creating their timeline theories, by trying to cram them all into a single split timeline. Here I...
  6. bradley

    Mark Your Calendars

    Nintendo has officially stated the day that they will reveal the release date of the Nintendo 3DS, and that day is....... SEPTEMBER 29! I am very excited and hope that they announce an early release for the holiday season, if they announce the U.S. release date. There is also a rumor that the...
  7. bradley

    Swimming Across the Great Sea.

    Just for fun, has anyone ever thought about how long it would take if you could actually swim across the Great Sea. I know its not possible but it take like 10 minutes or more to sail across with the King of Red Lions and the limited swimming you can do is probably one of the slowest forms of...
  8. bradley

    Link's Awakening Help In Fire Rod Room In Turtle Rock

    Hello, I am playing Link's Awakening and I am stuck in Turtle Rock. I just beat Blaino the boxer and the treasure chest in the next room is blocked off. Here is a screenshot of it. I cannot figure out what to do. If you know of anything I missed, please tell me. I have looked all over the...
  9. bradley

    Bradley's Art Thread

    This is my art thread with all my siggys and other various art I have posted on this site. Hope you like them and I do take requests. Siggys Arkvoodle's siggy. My first siggy. Zelda64. The font is called Incantation. Siggy for zelda_16. Definitely not one of my greatest works. I just...
  10. bradley

    My Zelda Timeline

    First, I want to note that I am a linearist. If you have any problems with the fact that my timeline is linear, please post them on this thread. Any other problems you see with it, post here. So here is my timeline...
  11. bradley

    Spoiler It Looks Like Us Fanboys Got What We Wanted

    This game is looking like its going to please the fans by giving them what they were looking for. What we know so far: Amazing emphasis on the story - Not just on the game but on the entire series. It will answer a question many fans have been asking: How did the Master Sword come into being...
  12. bradley

    Zelda Art Skyward Sword Box Art

    I created some custom box art for Skyward Sword. There are two images which I have posted on this thread. I used existing artwork to make the box art. I would love your feedback. Please tell me what you think. I also have linked the ZIP with the PDN files (for use with Paint.NET, might work...
  13. bradley

    Any Bad Zelda Games (Excluding CDi)?

    Has anybody on this forum played any Zelda games that they didn't like? The Phillips CDi games don't count because they were not released by Nintendo.
  14. bradley

    Spoiler Skyward Sword Link = Gustaf?

    I don't know whether this will take place before or after The Minish Cap but in MC King Gustaf had saved Hyrule from evil long ago. From what we already know about the story of Skyward Sword, Link lives in the clouds in a place called Skyloft, and he finds out that the world below is ruled by...
  15. bradley

    Official Trailer at E3 Site

    Here is the official trailer for Skyward Sword. http://e3.nintendo.com/wii/game/?g=zelda The page also has some good screenshots. The graphics look very nice and very detailed for a cel-shaded game.
  16. bradley

    3D Zelda

    If 3D turns out to be more than just a gimmick this time and it actually catches on like it seems to be doing now, do you think that Nintendo will create any of their future Zelda games on the next console (3DS doesn't count) in 3D?
  17. bradley

    New Play Control for Wind Waker

    I can't believe Nintendo never thought of this. They should have released Wind Waker on the Wii along with the rest of the New Play Control series. In fact, Wind Waker has more elements that could utilize motion control than Twilight Princess did. Eg. Wind Waker controlled using the Wii remote...
  18. bradley

    Favorite Handheld Zelda Game?

    Which of the Zelda handheld games for Game Boy/Color/Advance/DS is your favorite?
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