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  1. Hero of Hyrule

    Spoiler Confusion in Skyward Sword?

    Hey, Zelda Dungeon. Guess who just finished Skyward Sword? Yup, the Hero of Hyrule. But, I'm somewhat...confused. Now, I'm confused on a couple things, and I was wondering if I didn't catch something, or if there wasn't any in-game explanation. The first thing I'm confused on is the Master...
  2. Hero of Hyrule

    Miyamoto Confirms Remakes of Past Nintendo Titles?

    Personly, when I got onto ZD, and saw the article Miyamoto: A Link to the Past Remake?, I immediately said, "Oh, crap." I'm pretty sure at least 50% of ZD agrees with Axle the Beast when he says that he doesn't want remakes, but new games. Also, when he says that each Zelda has it's own style...
  3. Hero of Hyrule

    General Modern Zelda 25th Anneversary?

    At the recent GDC, Itawa showed the Zelda 25th Anneversary logo and said that Nintendo is working on something that will excite Zelda fans. And then in an interview with IGN, Reggie Fils-Aime said that what Nintendo is doing with Zelda for it's 25th will be different than what they did for...
  4. Hero of Hyrule

    Which Game Comes First for You in the Zelda Timeline; Why?

    Which Zelda game comes first for you in the timeline? I voted for OoT, but I know SS will replace it, IMO. For me, I have been a pretty firm believer that Ocarina of Time was first in the timeline, about to be replaced by Skyward Sword, but if the character that we've seen in the new Skyward...
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