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    Hello all, I looked around for a previous gun thread but it looks like the last time we brought the topic up almost three years ago. I hope the mods don't mind that I made a new thread instead of reviving an old one. Anyway, I recently bought a gun, I'm interested to know how many of the...
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    2016 - What are you thankful for?

    Hi everyone! For most of us Thanksgiving is right around the corner. I figured it might be a good time to share what we're thankful for. It can either apply for this year alone or something you're thankful for in general.
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    Favorite part of the forum?

    So I did a search and I didn't find a thread like this. Merge if needed. So what's your favorite part of the forum? Is it a certain subforum? Do you love the SB? Are you such a Zelda fan that no other forum will do it for you? Do you have friends here that you can't abandon? I like the...
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    Your personal aesthetic

    What is your fashion sense? Do you like to dress to any particular style? I work in a bank so my clothing is mostly corporate standard. But in my free time I like a gothic-hippy look. Tie-die, peace signs, and feathers mixed with rich blacks, reds and metals.
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    Breakfast, lunch or dinner?

    So, which is your favorite meal and why? My favorite is breakfast, because it's the most important meal of the day.
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    Favorite anime genre?

    I'm a sucker for magical girl anime. I also really like sci fi, fantasy, some drama and romantic comedy.
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    What do you miss about high school/primary school, whatever?

    Added primary school and whatever because I know not everyone here is out of high school yet, or even in high school, or perhaps have no fond memories of either and miss college or whatever. So! Now that you're out of [insert type of school here] what do you miss about it, if anything? I...
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    Hair length

    How long do you keep your hair and/or your beard (if applicable)? What hair lengths do you find attractive? Do you have different preferences when it comes to males and females? My hair is currently past my shoulder blades, and I'm letting it grow to the small of my back. Once it's to my...
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    Masturbating in Public

    This came up in the Lying About Masturbation thread. I live in the city, and see public masturbation more often than I'd like (and I would never publicly masturbate myself). An article linked by The Joker is aligned with my views- if the masturbating party isn't staring at anyone in...
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    Sex Before Marriage

    I believe that everyone should have at least some sexual experience before marriage (unless the person can, with 100% certainty, say that they are completely asexual), most importantly with the person they plan to commit themselves to. Being intellectually and physically attracted to...
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    Jack of All Trades or Master of One?

    Apologies if there has been a thread like this before, but a quick search didn't come up with anything. I'm curious, ZDers. Would you rather be moderately good at a lot of different skills? Or would you rather be an expert in one?
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    Taking Responsibility.

    Did a quick search and didn't find another topic for this. Do you take responsibility for your actions? Always? Sometimes? Or do you like to dance around the consequences? Also, do you think people these days are less likely to take responsibility now than they did in the past? If you...
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    I Love Everything About You

    Something we hear quite often in the media. I'm curious- how many of you, when you find that special someone, want them to love everything about you? Or, is it something that doesn't matter to you as much? Personally, I'm ok with my boyfriend not loving everything about me (he says he...
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    Lying to Kids?

    So, I thought Dan asked actually a pretty good question: What do you think about parents telling their kids about Santa Clause? The Toothfairy? The Easter Bunny? All accepted lies. Do you think it's right for parents to lie to their kids for the sake of entertainment? How about lies of more...
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    Religion, Theology, or the Nature of the Universe

    Tell us your beliefs! As much or as little as you wish to share. I'm an agnostic (and arguabley) pantheist. I believe that we are the universe experiencing itself. I guess you could also say, that I believe that we are god experiencing itself. A favored tale of mine will hopefully shed...
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    Greatest/Favorite Places in Gaming.

    So, what are some of your favorite places in gaming? My number one favorite is Earth Song Falls from the Maraudon dungeon in World of Warcraft. Another is the Eversong Woods, not only for how it looks, but also the haunting and beautiful music that plays in the area...
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    There are many different types of sexuality, some many of you may never even heard of. So, what would you consider yourself to be? Is it something you can firmly say you are, or is it only the title that, for now, seems to be the only thing that fits? Has your sexuality changed over the...
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    Relationships, Gifts, and Going Out.

    I'm curious how everyone handles the situation of going out or accepting gifts from friends and those who could potentially be more. Personally, I have a few rules: The gifts I'll accept from friends depend on my relationship with them. If it's a friend I know is interested in...
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    So, what do you all think of the "friendzone"? Have you ever been "friendzoned"? Is it just a pathetic excuse? Does the "friendzone" even exist?
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    -- --- .-. ... . -.- --- -.. . --. .- -- .

    Welcome to the Morse Code Game! The rules are simple. Decode and post the previous message, and leave another message of your own! (in morse code, of course) Do not post any inappropriate messages, please! And nothing you can't decode yourself if everyone gets stumped! I'll begin. **Edit...
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    What Do You Want for Christmas? What Are You Getting for Others?

    I only want two things- From my family, a drawing tablet. From my boyfriend, a crystal necklace. So, what do you all want? Do you have a big list? Also, what are you getting for other people? I tend to give a lot more than I want to receive, so my list for this is quite a bit bigger...
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    What Are Your Life Goals?

    Title says all! My goal is to either a) become a librarian in a small suburban town, b) get married and work only part-time (perhaps as a librarian...) so I can be home to cook and clean house or c) become a stay at home mom who home schools her children. Or maybe all three. Anyway, what...
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    SAO RP

    Rules: No godmodding (I'll approve characters, and give suggestions on how to balance.) (I'll see whether we can add PvP and PK, but for now- no PKing) If you know you'll be away for an extended period of time, you may return to town and "log out" or "idle", or allow whoever's in your party...
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