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  1. AllieHaxorNova

    The 'ANNND THEEEN...' Role Play!

    So hey guys Allie here again. And I just thought I'd bring something back that we haven't had in a while. Some of my older friends might remember this. The role play is based off of this video here: And the rules are really simple! You can write anything you want, anything at all, but you...
  2. AllieHaxorNova

    General Art PhotoShop and Other Artsy Things

    Hewwo guys! Aleks here and you know. Now that school started, I have a computer class. And we use PhotoShop. So I'm gonna post all my work. And once the class is over I hope to actually use Gimp so I'm able to still make stuff. So I hope you enjoy :3 Wallpaper I made for my boyfriend and...
  3. AllieHaxorNova

    General Art The ZD Akatsuki Adventures [Book] OFFICIAL Thread OωO

    Hey guys Aleks, more known as Sasori here! And today I give you the official story for the ZD Akatsuki groups very own book! This book is recapping all over our greatest and funniest moments! Anyways I'm writing this on Wattpad. No need to make one though, all you have to do is read it and send...
  4. AllieHaxorNova

    The Last Of Us Role Play - Sign Ups!

    Hello people! Aleks here! And today I would like to bring you the first The Last Of Us Role Play (don't worry, I checked the forums before I started to make this thread.)! Now I am actually glad no one made this before! The Last Of Us is my all time favorite game (even more then Assassin's...
  5. AllieHaxorNova

    General Art Ezio's GIMP Stuff

    Hellow there ZD! I just wanted to sya I'm finally working with GIMP! I know my work isn't good enough, but I'm practicing! I want to get good so some day I can take requests! For now, I'll stick to just working on my Gimp skills! Here is my first siggy: More to come ^^ EDIT: I don't...
  6. AllieHaxorNova

    The Chibi Adventures... REVIVED! (RPG)

    Haha The name says all! This is the RPG thread! In case you haven't signed up go here: http://zeldadungeon.net/forum/f112/chibi-adventures-revived-sign-ups-32526.html When I get at least 5 people the RPG will begin :D!
  7. AllieHaxorNova

    The Chibi Adventures... REVIVED! (Sign Ups)

    Hiya weirdos ^^! Ezio here with some very exciting news. If any of you remember my really old rpg thread called 'The Chibi Adventures' I decided to bring it back with a whole new thread! Lets start with some easy-to-follow rules o3o... 1. Must sign up here before you can join. 2. Must have a...
  8. AllieHaxorNova

    General Art Shiba's Derping Awesome Art Thread <3

    Aloha! Shiba here... again XD! And since I am a FREAK about art I thought I'd make a thread so I can post that art. I already Have a deviantART but I thought it was I time I share my work with the AMAZING ZD! YAY! <3 So here is so simple artwork I made: That's me in a school outfit...
  9. AllieHaxorNova

    General Art My Funny Stories From My Life

    Hey ZD! Shiba here again. And I wanted to make a thread on funny things that happened in my life. Well I'll put some of the ones I find most funny! I will post/update this thread when I have a new story/stories. Well here are some stores I must tell you guys...
  10. AllieHaxorNova

    "Assassin's Story" Sign Ups

    Ohai! Shiba here! I know I haven't posted in forever but oh well! I'll start by posting sign ups for my new Fan-fic book series. Assassin's Story I'm starting with book one wich is called The Adventure Begins. Its based on my anime self, Shiba Uchiha and her life. Its gonna have all kinds of...
  11. AllieHaxorNova


    First off sorry if someone has a thread on this. But I made this thread to talk a out Invered Zim's best character, Gir!!! So post anything you like about Gir. Like jokes, quotes, videos, songs, even his funny moments or why you like him. This is his thread so post away, and have lots Of fun...
  12. AllieHaxorNova

    General Art King and Queen of the Pirates (Me and Luffy's Story) [anime Fanfic]

    Ok first before you mods go yelling at me for to many fanfics I'm just gonna say that I have this one planned out before I made the thread. So please enjoy, comment and all that fun stuff:). Oh and if you see any typos please tell me. I'll to my best to fix them but it's sort of hard because I'm...
  13. AllieHaxorNova

    Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts?

    Ohai Shiba here. I had this question that has been bugging me for a while. What game is better, Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts? I honestly like them both. Each game has a good story. Buy what do you guys think?
  14. AllieHaxorNova

    The Darkest Souls (Bleach Fanfic) ((sign Ups))

    Hey Lady Shiba here. Well this is my first sign up fanfic. Its baced off of the anime Bleach. Now before I give a summary of the story I'll tell you what you need to sign up. All you need to do is the following. Give your character a name, age (10-40), gender, sword and it's name, swords...
  15. AllieHaxorNova

    IPod Apps

    Hey guys Miss Atsuma here. And today because I'm or was supoust to get a new iPod. What apps do you recamend? And do you have any soacil apps i could try to find you on. Well tell me wha you come up with. And if I put this thread in the wrong place I'm truly sorry. Thanksies Miss Atsuma-kun~
  16. AllieHaxorNova

    Spirit Tracks Sand Temple Boss

    Hey Ammy here. OK So for a long while I have been stuck on the Sand Temple boss in Spirit Tracks. I feel like I'm missing something. I know how to beat it. And just when I get the bolder on the thing that throws it at the boss another bolder come along and crushes it. And I take damage. And...
  17. AllieHaxorNova

    Our Little Adventure with the Akatsuki and Other Naruto Things ^-^

    Ok so my friend and I were just role playing in our VMs then he said we should make this into a story role play thread. So it is a Naruto based game. You can make up your character or be anyone from Naruto. Sorry no other animes this time! Ok now for the rules. 1. Have a clean language 2. Up...
  18. AllieHaxorNova

    Okami or Zelda?

    Hey guys! Starw Hat Ammy here. And this question has been bugging me for a long while. What game is better, Okami or Zelda? I think Okami is better. But I love them both in the end. So tell me what do you think?
  19. AllieHaxorNova

    General Art Ammy's Avy and Siggy Shop

    Hey guys Ammy again! I have been working with Mybannermaker.com for a while now and the stuff I make is coming out really good. So I will take requsets. But for now here is some of my work. This is my very first siggy. I made it to kinda test the stuff out. This is my second one...
  20. AllieHaxorNova

    General Art A New Dawn (One Piece Fanfic)

    Hey guys Ammy again! I was going to start posting this fanfic I made on the anime One Piece. It has most of the One Piece Characters and some of my own including myself. Well here's chapter one. This is my very first fanfic EVER. So I hope I do good. And if you have tips I'm cool with that...
  21. AllieHaxorNova

    The Chibi Adventures

    Hey guys! I hope I'm not taking anyone's ideas or posts but i came up with an awesome idea for a RPG. All you need to do to play is make a character. You can make it up or take it from some other anime. All you need to do is have a name, gender, age ( 6 through 16 please!) what he or she looks...
  22. AllieHaxorNova

    The AND THEN Adventures

    Hey Guys Toushiro here and my friend LinkLover and I came up with a awesome game. It was based off of this video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-ja-M2rqQU&feature=player_detailpage So we made a game about it called the AND THEN adventures. So All you have to do is post something really random...
  23. AllieHaxorNova

    War Over Stupid Random Stuff

    Hey guys, L here and I thought I would start a thread about a war over stupid random things. It was Celeboy and I idea. We came up with it from two other threads we were posting to. Those two game are King of the Hill and take the cookie! o I'll start us off with MY MNT Dew. It's mine!!!!
  24. AllieHaxorNova

    Anything That YOU Think is Funny About Death Note (videos, Picturs and So On)

    Hey guys Ryuuzaki here! I thought i would start a thread about funny anything about Death Note :). I'll start off with this video i found about Light. it is his so called new LOL (laugh out loud XD). Enjoy O.o XD!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0TUpm5h6LDQ&feature=player_detailpage and this next...
  25. AllieHaxorNova

    Warrior Cat RPG (sign Ups and Game)

    Well I'm making this thread because I know some people LOVE the books, just like I do. SO here is where we can do a RPG of it. The clan that we play as is ThunderClan but if you want you can be in the other clans as leader or whater you want.We are the four wild cat clans watched over by...
  26. AllieHaxorNova

    Goku's Avy Shop

    Hey its goku. I started my own avy shop today.... and if you havevay requests I can do that but its abyss only but ill take any requests so just come by and then tell me your request and then tell me your email and ill get your avy to you asap :)
  27. AllieHaxorNova

    What Temple Boss and Music do You Like?

    really hopei didnt steal this from anyone but what do you think ish your fave boss and his music for his temple?
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