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  1. DarkLink7

    Manga Discussion (Spoilers)

    Only participate if you've read the manga or don't care knowing what's gonna go down.
  2. DarkLink7

    Anime Discussion (Possible Spoilers)

    Title says enough.
  3. DarkLink7

    Scouting Legion base

    *walks in with some hot cocoa* Just a free space to act/RP like you're at the base, canon characters welcome, but more meant for members to bond.
  4. DarkLink7

    So Ist Es Immer SU

    Got the idea from a song that shares its name. It also is sorta based off of the Attack on Titan OVA "No Regrets". In the land of Südlington, the capital city Vermögen has a dark secret. It never revealed it to the rest of the small kingdom, but beneath it lies a city. A city where there is...
  5. DarkLink7

    To Boldly Go RP SU

    These are the voyages of the Starship Pegasus. Unlike the Enterprise, this is only a 3 year journey across the vast galaxy, in search of new life. There is no definitive plot, only short arcs like episodes of the show. I will play the captain, and the_miserable will be my first mate or...
  6. DarkLink7

    Twilight Princess RP

    (SU here: http://zeldadungeon.net/forum/threads/twilight-princess-help-and-eventual-su-thread.51182/) Midna is on her horse, rounding up the goats, Link with her. The job is long and tedious, since sometimes the boats rammed them off their horses. "It's about this time 20 years ago I went on my...
  7. DarkLink7

    Twilight Princess Help and Eventual SU Thread

    So I would really like to do a TP RP but I am unsure on plot. I'm thinking either RP the game with different characters (aka Link doesn't exist) or whether to do the next generation or so. Like Link and Ilia's kid or grandkid. Help?
  8. DarkLink7

    Weekly Sunday Requests

    so this is an idea I got from my dad. I would like to ask for prayer requests. This is a serious thread, but I don't find it enough to put in the MD section. Prayer requests are for everyone, even if you don't believe. These include personal problems, like sicknesses or crises. It can be...
  9. DarkLink7

    What Sounds Calm You Down?

    So whenever I need to clear my mind or calm down, the sounds of rain and t,he ocean help. What about your? What sounds mellow you out?
  10. DarkLink7

    Golden 7 RP

    ((Verdéytah is still open.)) Felix smiles as he finishes up the final touches of the torches. He's about to perform a show in the city of Famalinar, a larger city by the shores of Vankyar Lake. He lights the torches with a waves of his hand, and removes his tunic, showing a muscular torso. He...
  11. DarkLink7

    Golden Seven SU

    So this is a remake of the "Seven Elements" rp. I'm posting a new sign up for prevention of confusion for me. Seven Elements SU The land of Sylynar is in turmoil. It's been seven years since peace was restored by Viper Aldánya and her husband Mykæl. They are now king and queen, a just couple...
  12. DarkLink7

    Tales of Chorus

    "Lucio... Lucio no!" Arianna hangs on, the dragon upside-down, her barely hanging onto the saddle. "Luciooooooo!" The island of Chorus consists of a bustling town in the center, with farms and fields around it, a couple forests here and there. The dragon academy is on a more remote part...
  13. DarkLink7

    Dragon Tamer SU

    Soooooo another on-the-fly rp, but I think this'll be fun for How to Train Your Dragon fans. Although it's not meant to be based on it. A new academy has opened on the large southern island of Chorus, one that lets you choose and train your own dragon, a four year program. This is your time to...
  14. DarkLink7

    Mythos RP

    "My Lord!" An Arctic elf, servant of the Ice Queen, kneels before Lord Friedrich Lanchester. "My lady is ready to supply you with the troops you need." "Excellent." His green eyes flash as he smiles. "Send word that they are needed." __________________________ Felix is in a large city, giving...
  15. DarkLink7

    Mythos SU

    In the magical land of Mythos, imagination comes to life. Every race in imagination, such as dragons, faeries, pixies, daemons, werewolves, vampires, elves, and every other fantasy race, live there. Magic is abundant, in every cell and organism that roams the land. They fight with that magic...
  16. DarkLink7

    Pokemon Reborn

    ((X&Y rp 2.0: http://zeldadungeon.net/forum/showthread.php?t=47570)) Vivian was running, a wave of darkness behind her. She has to get away! She runs as fast as she can, but she trips and falls, the wave crushing her... She jolts awake, panting heavily. She looks around, then sighs in...
  17. DarkLink7

    Seven Elements RP

    Felix sighs and runs a hand through his hair. He sat by his fire, the flames green, and looks around. It's been a long day. He's run from the authorities, then got a bad cut which he healed with fire, and now his birthmark on his arm is burning. He almost killed three people, and burned four...
  18. DarkLink7

    Seven Elements SU

    The land of Sylynar is in turmoil. It's been seven years since peace was restored by Viper Aldánya and her husband Mykæl. They are now king and queen, a just couple. But the goddesses have vanished. They are nowhere to be seen and the world is dying. The cause must be found. Nepti- water...
  19. DarkLink7

    Red Vs Blue SU

    So, this is an rp based off of the YouTube series by RoosterTeeth, Red vs Blue, based on the Halo games. This will go through Project Freelancer (seasons 9 and 10), but there is also the Red and Blue teams, although they won't be the ones in the show. You can choose a Freelancer, canon or your...
  20. DarkLink7

    Pokemon X&Y RP

    "Sky, calm down!" Vivian says to her energetic Noivern. The Pokemon just shakes his head and eats another berry. "Those are for selling!" She is across from a café, trying to sell her berries, her many Eveelutions playing around her, her Noivern perched above the stand, her Vivillon on the...
  21. DarkLink7

    Pokemon X&Y SU

    SIGN-UPS CLOSED. This takes place sometime before the games, Team Flare not even a dream. The Kalos region goes on normally, full of Pokemon and trainers hoping to be the best, training to be the champions. But then things go horribly wrong. First its plants, the grass and flowers and trees...
  22. DarkLink7

    Minecraft RP

    ((SUs are open still.)) Evangeline, known as Evan or Nightrain, grins as she slips back to the woods, away from Nightstar, the city she had showed up human by. It was strange... she was an Enderman, last she knew, then she was human when she had tried to near the city. The good thing is...
  23. DarkLink7

    Minecraft SU

    A strange phenomenon has happened in the world of Minecraft, in a town called Nightstar. It's in a deep valley, and the moon always shines bright, even in cloudy weather, which seems to be the cause. The light of the moon has infected six monsters, and turned them human. These six need to find a...
  24. DarkLink7

    KI: Army of Darkness RP

    ((Two spots still open)) Dark Pit sighs as he lazily scouts, bored. He hates his new "job", but he had a debt to repay. Pit had saved his life... and he needed to work off that debt. He sighs once more. He taps his Silver Bow, wondering if this will finally be the time when he can fight...
  25. DarkLink7

    Kid Icarus: Army of Darkness SU

    Hey there. I'm Captain Dark Pit of Palutena's army. It's been about five years since Hades was defeated. What happened to my.... lighter... side, Pit? We... don't know. We suspect he's been captured, after vanishing after a scouting mission. When I say "we", I mean I. Palutena knows, of course...
  26. DarkLink7

    Sign of the Stars RP

    ((Sign-up here: Sign of the Stars)) "Hiya!" Shia'na slashes her sword, clanging against another spirit's. She is fighting a dark spirit. The opposing spirit looks very Vampiric, blood red eyes and fangs and all. He laughs. "Such a weakling, spirits of angels are. Such a shame that you must...
  27. DarkLink7

    Sign of the Stars

    SIGN UP CLOSED!!!!!!!! The Heavens are falling, the Underworld is rising. Humans are finding their spirits as independent people. The worlds are in chaos, and the culprit is a Dark sorcerer named Zhak'Kahl. Only you can stop him and restore order to the Physical and Celestial planes. It is...
  28. DarkLink7

    Fire Emblem Roleplay

    Emeras was traveling along the main Avenian road, going from Avetol, the main castle of Avenia, to a smaller, outlying town. He was on foot, Elritica at his side. She was smiling and happy as always. "So, Mr. Emeras, do you think we'll find any trouble? I have some hexes ready. Like one that...
  29. DarkLink7

    Fire Emblem Rp Su

    Well, I'm interested to see how this will work.... SIGN UP CLOSED!!!!!!! The land is Avenia. A dark shadow has crept across it, and the Heir of Avenia, Emeras, is the only one who can stop it. But he cannot do it alone. Name: Age: Gender: Class: Appearance: Weapon: (Axe<sword<lance<axe...
  30. DarkLink7

    Pirates of the Caribbean RP

    ((You may still sign up.)) The Shadow Diamond was sailing, approaching Triana, a town known for its mines. Amelia Vega smiles a small smile, imagining the loot in the town. "Now crew! We have to be silent, we have to be cunning, and if anyone raises an alarm, leave no men alive. Spare the...
  31. DarkLink7

    Pirates of the Caribbean Sign-Up

    Random idea that came to me this morning that sounded fun, so why not? There are basic positions on the ship: captain, first mate, crewman. All cannot be captains/first mates, so I'll need some variety, but every ship need the pair. On your ship, though, you can be both captain and first mate...
  32. DarkLink7

    Ranger Corps.

    "Welcome to the Ranger Corps. Gathering!" Will calls out cheerily to the mass of Rangers at the table before him. His smiling face and shining brown eyes are visible, hood down. His wedding ring also glistened in the sunlight, his gloves off. "Well, before we start, I have some big news. Alyss...
  33. DarkLink7

    Ranger Corps. Registration (SU)

    Hello! I am Will Treaty, current commander of the Ranger Corps. I am wondering if you are interested in joining the Corps. There have been some revisions to the rules, the newest and most drastic being that women can join the Corps. My friend Evanlyn, or Princess Cassandra, showed me that women...
  34. DarkLink7


    Um.... Storm's making a new Order of the Silver Wolf. He's taking 5 people. Anyone interested?
  35. DarkLink7

    Kid Icarus: Uprising: The Hidden Army Re-try

    ((I will still take people if they wish to join. This starts AT CHAPER ONE in game-sense. Medusa has just been risen again, and our OCs, unless you're Pit, Palutena, or Medusa, have just heard the news. Viridi's people can say things, they'll just keep themselves hidden. OCs, choose your...
  36. DarkLink7

    Kid Icarus: Uprising RP Re-try

    Okay, so I tried and failed before.... SPOILERS FOR ALL KI:U NEWBIES!!! Medusa has risen again. Palutena has sent Pit to take care of her, but a small group of angels is forming. Dark Pit is also on the loose, causing destruction, but has no alliance. But later they learn of Hades, after the...
  37. DarkLink7

    Skyward Sword Is Ghirahim Fabulous?

    Well, I made this based off of a fanclub. Is Ghirahim exeedingly fabulous, or is he lame? If fab, then what's your faveorite part about him? If lame, why is he lame?
  38. DarkLink7

    OC Roleplay

    "Hello, my name is Viper Aldánya, an OC of DL. Here's where all the OCs can come and chat or hang out. I'm looking forward to meet you all."
  39. DarkLink7

    General Art My Zelda MineCraft

    Well........ I have a MineCraft where I make my own version of different dungeons...... Please, don't be rude/mean. Gerudo Fortress
  40. DarkLink7

    General Art DL's Works of Boredom

    Um..... hi. I draw when I get bored, sometimes. Well, I got bored a while ago, 2012 spring.... and I drew this: If you like, I'll give more. They aren't all Zelda, but I have a lot of LOZ drawings..... :embarrassed:
  41. DarkLink7

    Kid Icarus RP

    Skyestar flew through the sky, Dark Pit at her side. Her bow was drawn, firing, hurting Medusa's army, and causing destruction.
  42. DarkLink7

    Kid Icarus: The Hidden Army

    SIGN UP CLOSED Medusa has risen again. Plautena has sent Pit to take care of her, but a small group of angels is forming. Dark Pit is also on the loose, causing distruction, but has no alliance. All you need to know is Pit, Palutena, Medusa, and Dark Pit. The enemies are SSBB Subspace...
  43. DarkLink7

    It Could Be Worse...

    This was inspired by Spirit of Rutela's thread. I thought it would be fun as a game. Rules: a poster gives 2+ things that could be worse about the Zelda series. The next poster takes one of those things and says something that could be worse with that post, along with some other things ect...
  44. DarkLink7

    "Trainers" RP

    Rai sat on the roof, the full moon high in the sky. his white hair blew in his face, but he didn't notice. Everything's different now... I can't give nightmares like I used to... I don't want to. Humanity changed my mind... and gave me a soul... He sighed, and watched as the moon started to go...
  45. DarkLink7

    Pokémon "Trainers" SU

    SIGN UP CLOSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ((If you are interested, PM me.)) A strange phenomenon has occurred: certain Pokémon have become human! This RP is about those Pokémon's adventure. The have the powers and certain looks of their other form: Leafeon would still have ears, a tail, that little swirl...
  46. DarkLink7

    What Are You Thankful For?

    Well, Thanksgiving is coming up in America, and it made me think of this: what are you thankful for? I'm thankful for family, friends, my country, and my faith
  47. DarkLink7

    Zelda Art Twilight Princess Lilah's Version

    Prologue All was dark. I can't see anything. Wait... Light! I ran to the light, only to be horrified. I saw Link in a spiked cage, bruised and bloody. He wore a strange green tunic I've never seen. I screamed his name, but he didn't respond. I froze in terror as a strange creature walked...
  48. DarkLink7

    Hylian's Creed Re-try

    Far above in the clouds, in the City in the Sky, Shade sat by her friend, a monstrous dragon named Argorok, scratching his scales, humming. She had no fear of monsters, technically one herself.
  49. DarkLink7

    Hylian's Creed Sign-up Redone

    redoing Hylian's Creed. ELEMENTIC AND STORM MUST SWEAR THEY WILL NOT TAKE OVER. And NO Okami crap. Please. It confused me. I think we are full.... sorry rest... except if you were in it before and you want to join again
  50. DarkLink7

    What Would Your Fairy Be?

    i dont know if this has already been asked, but if you had a fairy, what color would it be? :fairy:
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