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  1. SheikahWarrior


    Does anyone have a Last.fm account? I think it would be interesting for the ZD community to add eachother on there so we can keep track of eachother's musical tastes :party: For reference, my account is >>HERE<<
  2. SheikahWarrior

    General Art SW's Crud Shack

    Howdie guys. Just thought I'd post a few pictures that I'm working on, since I've been knuckling down and studying anatomy and lineless painting recently. That first pic.. I really need to sort out the eye shape and nose length. Second WIP- Artistic nude, nothing too "OMG THINK OF TEH...
  3. SheikahWarrior

    Google Searches That Make You Look Like a Madman

    We've all gone off on some tangent during our time online and ended up with random things in our internet histories that are seemingly completely unrelated. While browsing through my Chrome history I found the following from the same day: "Charles Manson" "Haemophilia" "what happens if you...
  4. SheikahWarrior

    General Art The Reds and the Blues

    (Note: This s just something that has been in my head for a while. As much as this looks like it, this is not a one-shot :)) Red. Blue. Red. Blue. …....... There are no races. No genders. No classes. Nothing making any one person different from the next. Nothing but red and blue...
  5. SheikahWarrior

    I Bet You Haven't Heard..... (Sign Ups)

    Just a random game I thought of. In the game you will have to say 'I bet you haven't heard of the.....' and post a picture of it. The thing can be from a game, TV show, or movie. There will be an order to post. If the next person in the list has heard of the thing you posted you are out of the...
  6. SheikahWarrior

    General Art Fear

    Just something I whipped up for literacy, thought people might be interested in seeing it :hmm: The feeling is there when I wake up. It was there when I was asleep. The feeling never leaves me. I want to stay by myself. Alone. No contact. There's nothing to be afraid of in isolation...
  7. SheikahWarrior

    The War of Edithal- Sign Ups

    I need characters for my story. The characters are either Elves or Demons (There are different types of elves- Water, Forest, Fire, Spirit). The roles I need are- (You do not have to be one of these roles, you can make up a role) Best friend of the main character (Must be an elf) The demon...
  8. SheikahWarrior

    Triforce Quest

    At the start of the game all of the races are against eachother, but as the game goes on the races can make/break bonds or declare war with eachother. Each race has a leader who will make final decisions on wars/friendships etc, and a Sage, who will hold the medallion for each race. You can kill...
  9. SheikahWarrior

    General Art My First Sig(s)

    This is the first sig I have ever made <.< Perhaps I shall do more. The lines are a little sloppy T.T
  10. SheikahWarrior

    Spoiler Is Kafei a Sheikah

    I don't think there is another thread like this, I did search for one, if there is this can be deleted or whatever. Spoiler warning is up for people who haven't played OoT/MM and don't want to spoil themselves :3 In OoT we learn about a mysterious near-extinct race of ninja-like people, the...
  11. SheikahWarrior

    Super Smash Bros. RPG

    Another thing by me that I hope you like :) A Super Smash Bros. RPG. Simple. Choose a character to play as. Thats basically it. Do whatever you want. If we run out of characters we might just have to go to random Nintendo characters T.T Out of Character speech is put in (OoC): (OoC) Am I...
  12. SheikahWarrior

    The Legend of Zelda: Five Swords

    The four swords gang, plus my OC! I WILL FINISH THIS ONE! I SWEAR TO THE GODDESSES! Chapter 1 Link and Zelda were out in the field behind her castle. She hitched up her skirts to walk over a mud puddle, but the silk got splattered anyway 'LIIIIIIIINK!' she screamed, despite the fact that he...
  13. SheikahWarrior

    Zelda Art Zelda Epic Face

    Epic Face Custom Designed As Zelda Characters. I have only done 1 so far so tell me if I should make more :P
  14. SheikahWarrior

    Zelda Art Cardboard Majora's Mask

    Can actually be worn, made out of coloured cardboard and elastic bands for the strap :)
  15. SheikahWarrior

    Do You Ever Do Pairings Involving Characters Not from Zelda?

    As in Zelda CharacterxOther Character, i have done a few fics/pictures, what about you?
  16. SheikahWarrior

    Zelda Art Zelda DSi Artwork

    Some Zelda stuff I did on my DSi I'm rubbish at the ears :( EDIT: ugh, it's REALLY low quality full sized -.-
  17. SheikahWarrior

    Triforce Chart Help

    the triforce chart that you get for killing the gold and red cannon boat near needle point isle? i killed the boat and then forgot where the chart is. whoops :embarrassed:. any advice? PS, i can't see any rings of light on the ocean
  18. SheikahWarrior

    The Zelda Races Game 2

    in this game each player chooses which race they will be, the races are: Hylian, Gerudo, Sheikah, Zora, Goron, Deku, Twili, Kokiri at the start of the game all of the races are against eachother, but as the game goes on the races can make/break bonds or declare war with eachother. each race...
  19. SheikahWarrior

    Zelda Art The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Spoof

    part 1, very short and loud 'HEY! LINK!' Fado yelled up at Link's house 'COME AND HELP ME HERD THE GOATS!' Link appeared at the window 'NO' 'COME ON, IM OLD AND FRAIL' 'YOUR ONLY 4 YEARS OLDER THAN ME' 'IM STILL OLDER THAN YOU!' 'SHUT UP, YOUR NEARLY AS ANNOYING AS NAVI!' 'WHO'S NAVI?'...
  20. SheikahWarrior

    Zelda Art Blood Splattered on the Sandstone

    PG 13 for blood, but you probably guessed that by the title :dry: Link looked around the corner. There were Gerudo guards everywhere and they were good at their job. Link picked up a pebble and threw it around the corner , hitting a guard on the forehead, she stumbled backwards in shock and...
  21. SheikahWarrior

    Zelda Art The Story of King Bulblin

    Chapter 1 As told by the Bulblin elder It was a peaceful time, 150 years ago, when our people were seen as just that- people- instead of the hideous monstrosities we are seen as today. I was just a young bulblin back then, only approaching my seventy-sixth year, when our Prince- now King-...
  22. SheikahWarrior

    Zelda Art What a Strange Couple They Are

    warning: random pairing ahead :lol: Link, Shad, Telma, Ashei, Auru and Rusl were crowded around the table at the back of Telma's bar, looking at the map of Hyrule. There were small red counters marking something that Shad had said that Link had forgotten. Something about owls and the Ooccaa...
  23. SheikahWarrior

    Favourite Pairings That Don't Involve Link

    here are mine: OoT- MidoxSaria NabooruxGanondorf MM- LuluxMikau Anju and Kafei WW- KoMedli TP- ColinxBeth MidnaxZant ShadxAshei yours?
  24. SheikahWarrior

    Zelda Art His Name but a Whisper on the Wind...

    A short story about Saria after Link left Kokiri Forest Saria sighed and placed her ocarina in the soft grass next to the stump she was sitting on. It was a clear day, the birds were singing, the sun was shining, but Saria still had a sad, empty feeling in her chest. Link, her best friend, had...
  25. SheikahWarrior

    Zelda Art The Legend of Zelda: On the Tracks to Darkness (PG 13)

    Note: This story is set 3 years after the events of Spirit Tracks, Zelda and Link are 14 and 15 years old and Link has been officially enrolled in the castle guard, non ZeLinkers may not want to read. This story i PG 13 for blood and mature references :P Chapter 1 Link sighed. He hated...
  26. SheikahWarrior

    The Zelda Races Game

    okaaaay... in this game each player chooses which race they will be, the races are: Hylian, Gerudo, Sheikah, Zora, Goron, Deku, Twili, Kokiri at the start of the game all of the races are against eachother, but as the game goes on the races can make/break bonds or declare war with eachother...
  27. SheikahWarrior

    Are People Buying the Games Simply Because of the Name?

    i mean, would you buy something like, 'The Legend of Zelda: Link's Happy Fluffy Pink Flower Picking Quest', simply because it is 'The Legend of Zelda' ,like pokemon fans who say 'the 151 originals are the greatest! everything else sucks!' still buy the new games because they cant bear to part...
  28. SheikahWarrior

    Where Can I Got the OoT Soundtrack?

    it wont let me download it from zeldadungeon, does anyone know where i can find a safe version, and how to get it onto itunes if you know how :D
  29. SheikahWarrior

    Finding the Goron Elder (MM)

    where is he! i know he is frozen inside one of the giant snowballs but witch one? i have goron punched all of them but cant find him!
  30. SheikahWarrior

    Sheik Gender Discussion

    (im not sure if this should be in mysteries or not) Male or Female? what do you think?o.o
  31. SheikahWarrior

    If They Incorporated Flight into Zelda...

    personally i would like flight, as long as it wasnt a rip off cut-scene like in tp with the canon. I want flight you can control, but not by hot air baloon or plane, i want magical fight, with a dragon or pegasus (a flying epona???) or how about a special tunic with wings or glider things...
  32. SheikahWarrior

    OoT - Lost Woods-Forest Temple

    i have the Virtual Console version of OoT and i need help going through the lost woods as adult Link. i have found Mido and played sarias song for him and i go past him just to find more of the lost woods, and every path leads to a dead end, can someone please give me directions AFTER mido to...
  33. SheikahWarrior

    Young Zelda Fans/ N00bs

    I am 12 and a Zelda fan, a REAL zelda fan. OoT and MM type, a lot of people on here seem to think that any 'young' zelda fans are all n00bs, yes, i own 5 zelda games and 3 of them are recent ones (TP, PH,ST) yes there are a lot of young zelda 'fans' who own one of the ds games and then consider...
  34. SheikahWarrior

    Rate My Art Please :)

    what do you think of my sheik artwork? note i drew this in 10 minutes. I have a coloured version but it wont let me upload it :( im bad at drawing detailed eyes so i just gave him ( i know zelda is sheik but i think sheik is male ) a vaguely pissed-off expression :)
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