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  1. Hylian Knight

    Kikiwi Plushes and Kikiwi Elder Pillow

    In a discussion yesterday with my sister and today with a few friends at school I brought up the thought of it would be cool if Nintendo were to create plush dolls of the Kikiwis and a pillow of the Kikiwi Elder this got me to think if I get a bunch of people to email Nintendo with this idea...
  2. Hylian Knight

    1 Song As A Processional.

    The ?s simple what 1 song would you use as a processional and please use links to that song mine would be http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YjbNWWawFOo It's the Hero's Shade Training Music
  3. Hylian Knight

    Looking for SwS BGMs/ Soundtrack???

    As the Thread Title should tell you and my User Title also I'm looking for SwS's authentic BGMs/ soundtrack. I'm on youtube listening to a few currently but many after looking at who uploaded the music say it was fan made/ their prediction of a BGM they'd like to see. In short I want a...
  4. Hylian Knight

    SwS Soundtrack

    Does anyone know of website other than Youtube where I can listen to the known BGMs of SwS If so please send me a link and that's official Soundtrack I've spent the past 15 min trying to find just that.
  5. Hylian Knight


    A Moderator can move this to Entertainment or Mature Discussion if necessary. Last night on ABC Family the movie Cyberbully aired and it brought a thought have been cyberbullied and what can we do to stop it.
  6. Hylian Knight

    Zelda Quote and Game

    My friends and I used to play this game during lunch if we got bored or didn't want to discuss Video Games. The rules are simple. You post a quote a character says from a video game and the next person has to guess the correct video game and the character that made the quote from said...
  7. Hylian Knight


    What sort of nostalgia would you like to see return in SwS? I'd really like to see something like the magic medallions from AlttP it was a neat idea and could widely be enhanced if not the magic medallions then the magic spells from Aol or OoT.
  8. Hylian Knight

    Ocarina of Time OoT 3DS Glitches?

    I'm curious if OoT 3D still has the Gold Skulltella and Empty Bottle Glitch. If Users don't what I'm talking about I can find a reference.
  9. Hylian Knight

    Kaepora Gaebora

    I know many of you are wondering how could that annoying owl relate to SwS. Since SwS comes before OoT in the timeline we may find out which ancient sage(as said in a Gossip Stone) Kaepora Gaebora is supposed to be a reincarnation of. What are your thoughts or do you simply not care.
  10. Hylian Knight

    Zelda Title Screen Cinema

    How many people like me actually watch the title screen cinema at least the 1st time you play a new LoZ game if so What's your Favorite cinema. New as in it's your playing that game ever. I really love the 1 for TP especially seeing Link howling at the end that's what told me TP was going to...
  11. Hylian Knight

    Ballroom Dancing and Zelda BGM's

    Can see people doing ballroom dancing to Zelda BGM's if what BGM's. I know it's popular in many European countries to Waltz to the Song of Storms. I could see people doing the Salsa or other Hispanic oriented dance styles to the Gerudo Valley(OoT) BGM.
  12. Hylian Knight

    Hot Spring Water??

    What do you think would happen to a bottle of Hot Spring Water if left in Death Mountain Crater? Don't be stupid and say It'll evaporate because of course that's going to happen.
  13. Hylian Knight

    Sidequests in Skyward Sword

    What kind of SQ's would you like to see in SwS? Ones like the Golden Skulltella and Biggoron Sword or something like in MM where you get mask if Nintendo puts masks in SwS.
  14. Hylian Knight

    Dark Link in SwS?

    Who wants to see Dark Link and post your reason(s) why. My reason is he was a fun and challenging Mini-Boss if you don't use Din's Fire, Megaton Hammer, or the Biggoron Sword.
  15. Hylian Knight

    Kaepora Gaebora May Not Be Rauru.

    I've realized something one of the last Kaepora Gaebora says after getting the Mirror Shield is "I will continue to watch you" and the HMS says "I've been following you" soon after you first him and It got me thinking that the HMS in MM may not be the same in OoT but actually a reincarnation of...
  16. Hylian Knight

    Getting 3DS but Not OoT 3DS

    Is there anyone like me who plans on getting a 3DS but is not getting OoT 3DS. I think of it as "why WASTE money on a game I ALREADY have." The all Caps lock is me stressing those words.
  17. Hylian Knight

    Gamefaqs.com Members

    How many of you also have gamefaqs.com memberships I do my User Name on there is Triforcelord 25.
  18. Hylian Knight

    Skyward Sword on 3DS Rumor Maybe

    Sometime today I decided to google search the game cover for SwS and I found one for the 3DS and am curious if this was made by a crazed fan or is an actual game case?
  19. Hylian Knight

    Playing Video Games with Headphones and Without

    Has anyone else noticed BGMs are always better when play that with Headphones on then when you don't. You get hear those awesome sounds you can't hear very well when you don't have headphones.
  20. Hylian Knight

    Gerudo Desert

    In TP I've noticed that the Gerudo Desert is completely separated from the rest of Hyrule. I'm curious to how do you think this happened. I always thought some natural disaster like an earthquake or landslide caused Gerudo Valley to cave-in.
  21. Hylian Knight

    First Aspect You Look At?

    What is the first aspect of a game you look at when you plat a completely new game? New game meaning one you've never played before.
  22. Hylian Knight

    Clay Sculpture can't decide

    I'm trying to decide which sculpture I should do first and I thought why not ask my fellow ZD members. And of course when I'm done with ever gets the most votes I'll put an image of it on this Thread.
  23. Hylian Knight

    Which Lost BGM Theme Is The Best.

    Which Lost Woods BGM Is The Best. Though called the Sacred Grove in TP you can get "lost" in it so I decided to put in anyway.
  24. Hylian Knight

    Majora's Mask Odolwa's Sword for Sale

    While on an amazing weapons site I found a replica of Odolwa's Sword but I don't know if the sword is metallic or not but if you like MM you might want to get it. It's $80 and copy the web address below if ur interested...
  25. Hylian Knight

    Old Game Items To Reappear in SwS

    Are their any items that were exclusive to one game and never seen again that you would want to reappear? Mine would be the magic spells in OoT(Din's Fire, Farore's Wind, Nayru's Love) my other would be something like the Hero's Charm in WW.
  26. Hylian Knight

    3-Heart Runs Death Count

    Which LoZ games have you done 3-Heart Runs and when doing a 3-Heart Run do you keep a Death Count I've done OoT(13 1st time and 2nd time 2), MM(4), TP(14 so far) I hate you Ball and Chain guy 10 of those 14 deaths were from him.
  27. Hylian Knight

    Gossip Stones in Skyward Sword?

    Do you think Gossip Stones should reappear in SwS. For those of you don't know what Gossip Stones are you probably haven't played OoT or MM. If you have played OoT or MM and still don't know they are the grey stones with the eye on them.
  28. Hylian Knight

    Twilight Princess What's the Earliest Time You Can Lose Your Sheild?

    It's a limitation I put on myself when doing a 3 Heart Run and I plan on doing 1 on TP very soon.
  29. Hylian Knight

    Skyward Sword BGM's

    Are there any BGM's from previous LoZ games you would like to be put in SwS if so what are they. Mine are Stone Tower(MM) Hyrule Castle(Alttp) Gerudo Desert(OoT) Temple Theme(AoL)
  30. Hylian Knight

    Majora's Mask The 4 Areas

    Has anyone else noticed that Southern Swamp, Snowhead, Great Bay, and Ikana Canyon are the same BGM but each area has a minor variation which creates a different feel to each area.
  31. Hylian Knight

    Majora's Mask Anju and Grandmother Cutscene

    Can someone tell me the conversation between them cuz when I try to do this scene nothing happens and yes I know to do it from Gamefaqs.com.
  32. Hylian Knight

    Search For Zelda BGM's HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!

    Because of a parental control program that my brother installed called Safe Eyes I can't go on youtube.com so does anyone know of any place where I can listen to LoZ BGM's from various games other than Youtube.
  33. Hylian Knight

    The Magician in Soul Calibur 2

    Link's Character Profile in Soul Calibur 2 I recently got SC 2 with my Christmas money and realized in Link's Character Profile it talks about a magician using the weapon Soul Edge to create disaster. Do you think the sword Ganondorf uses could be Soul Edge or that Ganondorf is the magician...
  34. Hylian Knight

    Christmas Gifts.

    Simple as that post what you got for Christmas from Family and Friends who gave you what. LET'S NOT FORGET WHAT CHRISTMAS IS TRULY ABOUT CHRIST'S BIRTH. Grandpa got me the complete Narnia series and some hankerchiefs(Spelled wrong on purpose) Mom got me Goemon Mystical Ninja and Goemon's...
  35. Hylian Knight

    Why Don't You Have Your Homework

    You know in TV shows how sometimes the teacher asks "Why you don't have your homework?" In this game put reasons why using Zelda references. "Why you don't have your homework?" Takkuri stole it and I didn't have enough rupees to buy it from the Curiosity Shop. I gave it the man who needed...
  36. Hylian Knight

    Ocarina of Time Biggoron Sword SQ and Warp Songs.

    How many of you Users when you first tried the Biggoron Sword SQ tried to use the any of the Warp Songs then realized you had 1 second.
  37. Hylian Knight

    Living Walkthrough

    Are you a "living walkthrough" for any LoZ game. Me I know the games OoT and MM really well. Seriously if ur stuck on a sidequest or dungeon or don't where to go next I can probably tell ya to go. KEEP THAT IN MIND EVERYONE if ur planning on starting Zelda Help about OoT or MM ask me I'll be...
  38. Hylian Knight

    Zelda Crossword Puzzles

    Would it be cool if they made Zelda Crossword Puzzles and how would you feel if some random company did just that would you buy these books?(please post comments about this part) Call me a geek or obessed but Does anyone if there are crossword books where all the puzzles and clues within those...
  39. Hylian Knight

    Action Replay

    Do you think Action Replay is truly cheating or do you find it helpful to an extent?
  40. Hylian Knight

    Theory About Oocca and the Creation of the Hylians

    City in the Sky is Skyloft????? Wasn't if this Thread belongs in this category or Zelda Theory if it belongs in Zelda Theory then would a Moderator please move it. I just thought of this a little while ago any possibility that the City in the Sky could be future ruins of Skyloft or a part of...
  41. Hylian Knight

    Fav Video Game BGM

    If you had to choose a BGM to place #1 on your list what would it be. 1. Exclude BGM's from LoZ 2. Name of Game and what gaming platform it was on. #1 for me would I Am Impact from Goemon Mystical Ninja on the N64.
  42. Hylian Knight

    Voyage of the Dawn Treader

    Is anyone awaiting the release of the Narnia movie? December 10th if ur wondering. I really hope this a good movie based on the book and not crappy like Prince Caspian was. I might reread the book just so its details are fresh in my mind for when I see the movie.
  43. Hylian Knight

    Dear Mario

    Just about everyone knows the intro to Mario 64. Dear Mario, Please come to the Castle I have baked a cake for you. Your truly Princess Toadstool Peach. In this game you change the "have baked a cake for you." part.
  44. Hylian Knight

    Majora's Mask Anju's Dad

    I'm not sure if this is/ was a Thread if so then CLOSE it Moderators. You that ??? guy in the Bomber Notebook any chance that ??? could be Tortus. For those who don't know who ??? is It's the Hand that pops out of the Stock Pot Inn in the room across from Anju's Grandmother. SPI's bathroom if...
  45. Hylian Knight

    30 Charcter Rule

    1 thing I'm really annoyed about is the 30 character rule when SENDING VM'S. I agree it's necessary when POSTING ON A THREAD. What are your thoughts on the 30 character rule?
  46. Hylian Knight

    Do You Consider Yourself a Geek/nerd?

    If yes explain why? and don't use because I'm a member of Zelda Forum site. I consider myself one because I want to collect all the American release LoZ games, have 8 LoZ T-shirts, Wear LoZ necklaces to school everyday. The necklaces are: 1st is of the triforce with triangles gold, the 2nd is...
  47. Hylian Knight


    Have you ever had any of yours' video game stolen from you. I've my GB Color with LAdx is the cartridge slot and TP stolen from me 4 times my 5th copy hasn't been stolen(and hopefully never will.)
  48. Hylian Knight


    Do you think it would be cool if Link had Pegasus in SwS. Instead of a horse like previous LoZ
  49. Hylian Knight

    Veteran's Day

    Since most public schools are off today because it's Veteran's Day I've decided to post a Thread with a Question. How many Veteran's are in your family and what they did to help in the war(s) they were in there 3 in mine. I'm wanna hear from people outside of America also if they want to post...
  50. Hylian Knight

    Majora's Mask Fav MM Character

    Whose your Fav Character From MM(Excluding Link) Mine are Kafei and The Keaton Fox. Moderators close this Thread if there's already one like but I couldn't find 1 with this topic.
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