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  1. sailormars109

    What Would You Try?

    A lot of us love to eat food. I know I do. Most of us have a lot of food we would like to eat but haven't been able to. So the question here is what food would you try if you were given the chance? Personally for me, I would try lamb. I know that sounds a little weird to some people, but in...
  2. sailormars109

    Childhood Shows

    What shows did you watch as kid? What were your favorite shows as a kid? For me, I always watched Dora the Explorer, Hamtaro, Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Dragon Ball, Scooby-Doo, Maisy, Bear in the Big Blue House, Winnie the Pooh, Rollie Pollie Ollie, Out of the Box and SpongeBob SquarePants. My...
  3. sailormars109

    General Art Sailormars109's Graphics

    Hey guys! I decided to make a graphics thread since I've become more experienced with photoshop. I tend to make pretty basic things compared to the rest of the members here, but I can do some pretty cool things with a picture if given to me. Here is a sample of my work: An avatar: A...
  4. sailormars109

    General Art Next to You

    I realized that I haven't wrote anything like this in a while. Mainly because I haven't had anything that would give me something good to put into words. So here we go. Next to You What do you do, When you're all alone? There's nowhere to hide; Nowhere to go. Every one stares, But...
  5. sailormars109

    That Random Thread

    Post something random that happened to you today! Today, I heard a squeaking that sounded like the lost Maiamais!
  6. sailormars109

    General Art One Little Argument

    Why is it that good conversations tend to start with some form of argument? No one in their right mind who intend for it to be that way. Honestly, arguing over something stupid is just a waste of time. Why doesn't anyone just jump into a conversation and just state the good part of the...
  7. sailormars109

    If You Had Two Wishes...

    Let's say you had two wishes. One would be something impossible that you wish would happen, and the other would be something realistic. What would you wish for? Personally, my impossible wish would be that the Holocaust never happened. My realistic wish would be that I would go on tour...
  8. sailormars109

    General Art Always Here By Your Side

    Hey guys! I can't sleep and I felt a nice work of art coming on so I decided to post one of my late-night-I'm-such-an-insomniac songs. Enjoy! :D What is there left to say? Contradicted feelings, It all cancels out. But will it fight until the end? Fight for what we once had, Or...
  9. sailormars109

    General Art Memories

    I only knew love and pain, Felt one more than the other, It was a hopeless game, One that I would lose, I found love, I knew he was the one, That could make me or break me, And now I'm done, All that's left is the memory of me, Don't be sad, I'm with God, In a sacred place...
  10. sailormars109

    What Annoyed You Today?

    Everyday there is something that annoys you. It's called being human. Today, my mom's Poodle was being a pain in the butt. That's what has annoyed me all day.
  11. sailormars109

    Song and Celebrity Quotes

    Since there seems to be a bunch of quote threads going on here, there should be another category to it :) "Something about my band-mates that no one else knows? They all **** themselves on a nightly basis." - Jay Enriquez "I see blue underwater next you, The seven seas don't have a clue...
  12. sailormars109

    If Your Life Had a Soundtrack, What Would It Be?

    We all listen to music as music has influnced a lot of lives in the world these days. Music is probably one of the most easiest to relate to in my opinion. So, the big question here is: If your life had a soundtrack, what would it be Personally mine would include songs from my past and that...
  13. sailormars109

    Spoiler Your Top 5 Moments

    There are many aspects to Skyward Sword. There's the good, the bad, the funny, the I'm-going-to-bawl-my-eyes-out, and the just plain frustrating. What I want to know is: what are your top 5 moments? I'll give you an example of what I mean using my top 5. The Good 5. Obtaining the Clawshots...
  14. sailormars109

    Do You Ever Dream About the Series?

    Have you ever dreamed you were in Hyrule? Maybe you were in Ordon or possibly battling Ghirahim, however do you ever dream that you are in the setting of one of the Zelda games? For me, I usually dream about it when I have been playing one of the games frequently. I've had dreams that I was...
  15. sailormars109

    Spoiler What Did You Like?

    Seeing as Skyward Sword was at the beginning of the Zelda timeline, it explained several things that have been in the previous games. Example: It explained how the Master Sword was created and how it is the 'blade of evils bane'. Now, I have several reasons as to why I did enjoy the game. I...
  16. sailormars109

    Have You Had Your Wisdom Teeth Removed?

    Have you had your wisdom teeth removed?
  17. sailormars109

    New Sig!! Tell Me What You Think!

    So after having the old sig since I started here, I decided to make a new one! Tell me what you think!
  18. sailormars109

    Game Help I Think There's Something Wrong with My SS Game.

    So I'm sitting here trying to play Skyward Sword and I get the Practice Sword so I can go save my Loftwing, and after I get the sword, it won't let me move Link. I can draw my sword and swing it and junk. I just can't move Link around. What is going on?!
  19. sailormars109

    Favorite Type of Cheese?

    I'm kinda bored right now, so I figured I would post something random. So, what's your favorite type of cheese? Mine is Colby Jack cheese. I love it! Although I've started to take a liking to Pepper Jack too. :P
  20. sailormars109

    Do You Get Sunburnt or Tan?

    During the summer when the sun is out and its nice(or ungodly hot like it has been this year) do you get sunburnt or tan when you hang out in the sun? For me, since I'm extremely light complected, I've always burned. Not once in my life have I been tan =\ So what about you?
  21. sailormars109

    General Art A Drawing I Made of Lyndsay Renee Tsukino.

    Lyndsay Renee Tsukino is the main character from my fanfic 'There Will Always be Sunlight'
  22. sailormars109


    Okay, where on earth do you guys get all these awesome animated images?!
  23. sailormars109

    Twilight Princess What's Your Favorite Song?

    In my opinion, Twilight Princess has one of the most elaborate soundtracks in the series. I found mmyself singing along to more of the songs than any of the other games in the series I have played. My favorite song in the game is Midna's Theme. It's very powerful and full of emotion. What...
  24. sailormars109

    Game Help 25th Anniversary Four Swords

    Okay, so I'm at Vaati and he's cycloning and I keep throwing bombs at him and he's taking damage and junk but he like won't go down! I need help! Am I doing something wrong? I've been doing this for about a half hour or so.
  25. sailormars109


    Hey everybody! The Zeldathon is going on right now! It's quite entertaining :) Silver keeps having to sing and ZQ and Silver have had a slight slap battle. It's a good time. So come on over and check it out! I'm on chat too as sailormars109 so hit me up! Hope to see you there!
  26. sailormars109

    Favorite/Least favorite Dungeon

    Which is your favorite dungeon? Mine is Lanayru Mining Facility. I love the music and the challenge it is with time change and stuff :)
  27. sailormars109

    Goofy Teenage Moments

    So recently I've been having goofy teenage moments. Goodness, I could go on and on about the similarities between them and mood swings! I mean seriously, I was eating something earlier and enjoying the food to an extent and then I dropped my phone in what I was eating! After staring at it for a...
  28. sailormars109

    My Top 10 Moments. (From the Zelda Games I Have Actually Beaten)

    So I decided that I would post my top ten moments in my Zelda experience. This includes some sad moments, moments where I was so freaked out I had to pause the game to go pee, moments where I was like 'Heck yeah!' and moments where I was just like FrogMyLinens! (The act of rubbing a frog on your...
  29. sailormars109

    The Past Week

    So during the past week I have been in Bloomington, Indiana at the Indiana University Summer Music Clinic. For all you band/orchestra members on here, I highly recommend it! It was a blast! I made so many new friends (and even had some romance). The IU campus is beautiful. There was swimming, a...
  30. sailormars109


    Hey, I was wondering if anyone here played Runescape. I recently got an account, so watch out for the newb girl named sailormars109! Haha
  31. sailormars109

    Zelda Art There Will Always Be Sunlight

    This is my first fan fiction  I hope you enjoy it. I know I enjoy writing it. DISCLAIMER: Sailor Moon and all of its characters are owned by Naoko Takeuchi. Percy Jackson ideals and characters are owned by Rick Riordan. Zelda concepts and characters are owned by Nintendo and Shigeru Miyamoto...
  32. sailormars109

    Fanfiction, Anyone?

    So recently I began writing a fanfiction and I already have posted 3 chapters and I was just wondering if any of you guys even read fanfiction. It's a cross between Skyward Sword, Sailor Moon and the House of Night (except it's PG instead R). Tell me if any of you guys sound interested. ;)
  33. sailormars109

    Sailor Moon, Any of You Guys Ever Heard of It/watched It?

    So I was just wondering if any of you guys here on the forums have ever watched an anime called Sailor Moon. It was released in Japan in the early 90s and dubbed to English in America in the late 90s. I'm actually watching the end of the 3rd season right now. :D
  34. sailormars109

    Spoiler Dungeons, Easy or Hard?

    Seeing as the dungeons in Skyward Sword certainly had a lot more puzzles than I expected, the question is, were they easier or harder than the other dungeons in previous Zelda games? Take Skyview Temple for example, being the first dungeon in the game, it was challenging in some places. The...
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