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  1. Kazumi

    Do You Curse Often?

    Serious question here, do you find yourself cursing/swear very often? Does it depend on who you with, where you are, ect? I myself am very guilty of this. I curse literally all the time, usually at least once or twice every third sentence or so. I really just don't hold back. I also have...
  2. Kazumi

    Officially Unofficial K-Pop Thread

    I'm not really sure how many k-pop fans we have here at ZD (other than Nelson), but I've seen a fair few people post k-pop in the "what song are you listening to" thread, so I thought that a thread about k-pop wasn't such a bad idea. So, this thread is for discussion your favorite k-pop groups...
  3. Kazumi

    What Time Do You Go To Bed And Wake Up

    I somewhat got the idea from the "are you a morning or night person" thread, so I thought that this thread would be applicable. Simply put, what times do you find yourself going to bed and waking up each day. Is it different on weekends than on weekdays? Does it change depending on if you have...
  4. Kazumi

    Keyboard Thread

    This is a thread for posting about which keyboard you use. What you like about it, what you don't like about it, if you would recommend, how long you've had it, ect. This is my keyboard. I love it. Yes, it looks very old. Yes, it is a very old keyboard. In fact it's from 1986. However...
  5. Kazumi

    What Applications Do You Use

    So as most of us know there are many different options of which applications you want to use for your day to day tasks on your computer. This thread is a bit of a survey of sorts. I will list a bunch of different categories of applications, and you will list which applications you use to fill...
  6. Kazumi

    Zelda Wii U Wishlist

    This is a simple thread where you can list things that you really want to happen in the Zelda games for the Wii U, regardless of whether they are big or small. 1. 1337 HD Graphix Ever since I saw the original Zelda HD tech demo that was showcased with the Wii U back during it's original...
  7. Kazumi

    Darksiders II Wii U Launch

    So, I'm sure by now even the most hardcore Zelda fans here have at least heard of Darksiders II. If you didn't know, Darksiders II is going to be on the Wii U. It was announced at E3 2011 as being one of the big confirmed 3rd party games. I'm not exactly 100% sure that it's going to be a launch...
  8. Kazumi

    Motion Controls Are Here to Stay

    http://wii.ign.com/articles/121/1214562p1.html According to this article on IGN, Aonuma stated in a recent issue of the Official Nintendo Magazine that they are NOT going back to traditional, comfortable button based controls, and will be sticking with motion controls in Zelda games for the...
  9. Kazumi

    Boating in Skyward Sword

    A video was released in the latest Iwata Asks that details a few interesting mechanics of Skyward Sword, particularly in the desert area. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=S45mVKTBoWk This video shows Link riding on boat, equipped with a canon, and time travelling in a...
  10. Kazumi

    What Does Zelda Mean to You?

    I'm sure that we've all heard questions like this before. What does X mean to you? What does Zelda mean to you? How is Zelda important to you? How has the game, and the series, affected you as a person? How has it affected your life? For me, it has affected me more than I would like to think...
  11. Kazumi

    Kazumi's Grand Pokemon Trafficking Bazaar

    Welcome to my Pokeman Trading Thread. Please have a seat over there. I offer trades for both Gen IV and Gen V. While I own all of the main games, the two games that most of my Pokemon are on are Heart Gold and Black. None of my Pokemon are hacked, though a clone or two may has slipped in there...
  12. Kazumi

    Best Story

    Pretty self explanatory question: Which Pokemon game(s) do you think have the best story? Personally I think that Black and White have the best story so far. While they are a still childish, as they are aimed towards children, they do explore some interesting concepts, such as the idea that...
  13. Kazumi

    Romance Between Link and Zelda

    This morning a few trailers of Skyward Sword have been released, which have primarily shown some gameplay and some of the new locales in the game. However, I'm most interested with this one: http://www.ign.com/videos/2011/09/29/the-legend-of-zelda-skyward-sword-romance-trailer In this...
  14. Kazumi

    Miyamoto Confirms Zelda HD

    In a recent interview with Kotaku, Miyamoto confirmed/talked about some more interesting things about the Wii U, and Zelda's future in HD. http://www.vg247.com/2011/06/22/miyamoto-confirms-zelda-title-for-wii-u-controller-to-have-in-built-web-browser/? Miyamoto doesn't really say anything...
  15. Kazumi

    The "NGP" (PSP2) Was Announced Last Night

    It's so freaking beautiful. I mean't to post about it last night, but I was so tired since the conference ended at around 2am for me. Anyway, it's so amazing. Sony is claiming that it rivals the PSP in power, and I really wouldn't be surprised if this was true as Metal Gear Solid 4, Lost Planet...
  16. Kazumi

    Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Announced at VGA - Really, Really Seriousness

    http://www.destructoid.com/bethesda-reveals-elder-scrolls-v-skyrim-189446.phtml SKYRIM! Just announced at the VGA awards is Elder Scrolls V. DO WANT. Now only 11 more months to wait. *sits down*
  17. Kazumi

    New DS/Wii News

    Time for some other news from that press conference across the ocean. Interesting things go: Wii: Five new Skyward Sword screen shots that actually don't look that new at all. http://www.destructoid.com/new-legend-of-zelda-skyward-sword-screenshots-185169.phtml New Rhythm Heaven and Fatal...
  18. Kazumi

    Very Large Amount of 3DS News

    It's the 29th of September people. You know what that means. Conference about the 3DS in Japan. Let me give you all of the details as I find them. UPDATE: It will have Miis. The Miis will have more features then on the Wii. New Videos: 3DS Showcase Video. Has video of most of the coolest 3DS...
  19. Kazumi

    Kazumi's Mildly Good Graphics

    So, I have at this point made a few signatures, avatars and even a wallpaper. So I thought I may as well post them. They are OK or so I'm told. I just started working with Photoshop about a month ago, so I hope to get better. They are in order from oldest to newest. I think I...
  20. Kazumi

    3DS Specification News!

    Before I die of excitment/disappointment allow me to tell you all about an EXTREMELY exciting bit of 3DS news. Link: http://gear.ign.com/articles/112/1122613p1.html This is fairly disappointing for me, but still alright none the less. It's not what I wanted, but still far better then I...
  21. Kazumi

    Which Zelda Games Are Most Difficult to Find Where You Live?

    Kind of an odd thread, but I thought it would be pretty interesting. I was wondering which Zelda games you have the most trouble finding and purchasing where you live. You should probably give a reason as to why you think it's difficult to find these games. Just to add more discussion. In my...
  22. Kazumi

    Anti-Virus Software Suggestions

    Hello. It is Kazumi. My antivirus software has recently expired and I didn't really like it in the first place. So, I need some suggestions on a nice light-weight antivirus software. Preferably in the cheap-free range. I had McAfee before. Didn't like it very much... So, any suggestions will...
  23. Kazumi

    3DS to Be Able to Do Game Installs

    According to a Japanese financial newspaper that has some inside info, the 3DS will be able to install games from the cartridges directly to the hard drive, so that you don't have to swap carts and don't have to bring them with you. You can do the exact same thing on the 360 and PS3. And my...
  24. Kazumi

    New Video

    Quick. Here is a new video. Actually, two. I don't believe these have been posted yet. Sorry if they have. http://www.destructoid.com/e3-10-new-legend-of-zelda-skyward-sword-videos-176642.phtml#ext Quit an interesting fight. I like the environment that it's in.
  25. Kazumi

    Insert Random Story Tidbit... NOW!

    Sorry if there is already a thread about this, I didn't see one on the first page and this is extremely recent. From the Developer Round Table: "6:45: How many people remember the scene where Link dives off the cliff in the trailer? That's a very important point for the storyline. This time...
  26. Kazumi

    Video Game Prices Really Bother Me

    So. I'm sure that no matter how badly we want a game, we hate paying the large price tag on it. But what really bothers me even more, is how much places charge for games in countries other then the States. No matter what the dollar is compared to them. Look at this: Standard First Party Wii...
  27. Kazumi

    Pokemon AR Hacking - Legit or Not?

    I'm curious about how people feel about using the Action Replay to hack, or "cheat" in Pokemon games. I'm picking one up on Monday for the purpose of using it to create my Competitive Battling team, because I'm far to lazy to train them the old fashioned way. And I know that people don't want...
  28. Kazumi

    Locations From Past Games That You Think Should Return in Zelda Wii

    So, I'm sure we all have favourite locations from all of the other Zelda games. Places like Zora's Domain, Death Mountain, Lake Hylia, Kakariko Village, ect. But which of these locations would you like to see return in Zelda Wii? And why? I would love to see the return of Faron Woods. Or...
  29. Kazumi

    Windows 7 Questions

    I'm getting a new PC in a couple of days, and it comes with Windows 7 Home Premium. I've recently found out that XP Mode isn't compatible/unobtainable with just the Home Premium edition. I'm curious if XP Mode is something that is really important, and if I should consider upgrading to the...
  30. Kazumi

    Over World Type?

    So, I'm sure we all want an amazing over world for Zelda Wii, correct? The only thing that is different among fans, is what kind of over world you want. You may be thinking, what the hell? Types of over worlds? Indeed. Let me out line the types that I recognize. Condensed: This is the kind...
  31. Kazumi

    Zelda Wii at GDC in March?

    So. Do you think that we will hear or see anything of Zelda Wii at the Game Developer's Conference in March? Personally I believe that we will hear plenty of talk about it, most likely the same kind of things that we've already been told. I'm sure everyone will ask about it though. I don't think...
  32. Kazumi

    The Great Transportation Battle

    So. Everyone likes forms of transportation, right? And we've had plenty of them in Zelda. We've had the classic horse, Epona. We've had a talking boat, and also a non-talking boat. And we've had a train. We've also heard theories of having a plane, or some kind of flight mechanic in Zelda. But...
  33. Kazumi

    Favourite/Least Favourite Temple in Spirit Tracks

    Well. I believe that it is about time for a thread like this. I mean, every other game has one. So, Spirit Tracks needs one. I'm pretty sure you know the deal. Just give your favourite and least favourite temple, and an explanation why. And. If you can't remember, the temples are: Forest...
  34. Kazumi


    I was kind of shocked when I was playing not to long ago, and I went to see the Anouki(Spelling?) that I had taken to Goron Village. He was saying that it was really hot, but he was happy about it because all of the other Anouki complained about their electricity bill (obviously for heating)...
  35. Kazumi

    Graphics of Zelda Wii

    In a recent interview with Sir Eiji of Aonuma in the Official Nintendo Magazine, he said that the graphical style of Zelda Wii has not yet been decided. Which is kind of a shock for me, since he also said that they are well into development of the game.. So you'd think that they'd know by know...
  36. Kazumi

    Spirit Tracks: DENIED!

    I have a nice little story to tell everyone. As you know, I, and most every other Zelda fan was excited about Spirit Tracks. My friend and I marched into Gamestop promptly at 12:25, during out Lunch Break, and we ask: Do you have a copy of Spirit Tracks? The guy at the counter is nice, and he...
  37. Kazumi

    Do You Use The Wii Shop Channel?

    It occured to me today when I was buying yet another SD card and a couple of Nintendo Points cards that not everybody uses the Wii Shop Channel, and gets to use the excellent Virtual Console and WiiWare service. So. What about you? Do you use it? And if so, how often? Are you out buying some Wii...
  38. Kazumi

    A Trading Sequence

    Did it bother you that Twilight Princess had no Trading Sequence, anywhere in the entire game at all? I mean. It's sort of become a Zelda Tradition. Every game has one.. Almost. And I have to say, the Trading Sequence has always been one of my favourite parts of a Zelda game. Be it the shiny new...
  39. Kazumi

    What Kind Of Zelda Games Do You Play?

    Now this may seem like an odd question.. But here it is: Which Zelda games do you play? Are you more of a LoZ - LA person? Maybe a OoT, MM, OoX person? Are you a WW - PH person? Do you play 2D or 3D Zelda games more often? It may be a little confusing.. But.. When did you start playing...
  40. Kazumi

    Zelda Wii Essentials!

    Welcome to the thread where we discuss what NEEDS to be in Zelda Wii. Now I'm sure we all have some things that we really want to see in the game, but think logically, will Nintendo really put in say.. Combining items? They are not smart enough to do that. So that aside, what do you think...
  41. Kazumi

    Pardon My Intrusion (Zelda Fanfiction)

    Hello, welcome to my fanfic, Pardon My Intrusion. I hope that you enjoy it. ZeLink Romance/General Rated T for later chapters. Post OoT/MM Summary as shown on FF.net: Zelda longs for Link. Every day she hopes to see him, to talk to him, to be with him. If only he wasn't so secluded...
  42. Kazumi

    Will There Ever Be a Super Smash Bros. 4?

    This is a question that I have been thinking quite a bit about recently. Will there be a SSB4? Was it said somewhere that there will not be one ever? If they do make one, will it be for Wii or the next gen Nintendo console. And please. Please, for the love of all things sparkly soft, This is not...
  43. Kazumi

    Play As Zelda?

    What do you think of the idea of playing as Zelda at some point in the next game? I think it's possible that they could do it in some way. I've seen a couple people think up games that have the ability to play as Zelda. (Like me!!) I know I have in a way, where you are Link, but your in Zelda's...
  44. Kazumi

    Escaping Ganon's Castle.

    Hrmm.. What did people think of this part of OoT, when you have to escape Ganon's Castle with Zelda? I thought that this was the most epic moment in OoT. Maybe the most epic moment in any Zelda game. What did you think? It's really crazy how Zelda screams and starts crying every time you get...
  45. Kazumi

    Which games do you really want on the Virtual Console?

    So. Which games do you really want to have on the VC? Here's mine. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Super Smash Bros. Pokemon Stadium James Bond: Golden Eye
  46. Kazumi

    MY Twilight Princess Sequel!

    Ok, I've seen a lot of people come up with TP sequels.... SO, I've got one! *Everyone flees* Ok.... It begins when Zelda goes to visit Link in Ordon Village, planning to ask him to come to Hyrule Castle. When she comes to the village, everyone is very, VERY, hostile! (Except Link of course!)...
  47. Kazumi

    Romance in Zelda?

    Ok, sit tight, this my take a "wee little" bit. A lot of people say, that all of the girls in Hyrule are "nipping at his heels". I strongley disagree, to a point. Really, romance between Link and another girl is really lacking. (If thats what you into) But, by far the most romance is between...
  48. Kazumi

    Zelda "Overtime" Mode

    Ok, you know how in some games, they have an overtime mode were you can play like, free play, after you beat the game? Like in Dead Rising, you can just go back and kill zombies and do cool things, after you beat the game. Wouldn't it be cool in Zelda, after you beat the boss and watch the...
  49. Kazumi

    What do you do to calm yourself?

    This may sound odd but, what do you do to calm yourself? Like when you have a headache, or when you just don't feel calm. Me? I listen to Dragon Roost Island theme, infact i'm listening to it right now!
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