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  1. Chevywolf30

    Terminia recreated in Catan

    We were playing (Settlers of) Catan the other night, and my brother stacked his extra roads and cities up and made clock town: After the game was done, we set up the board and recreated Terminia: The wheat tile is Romani Ranch, and we flipped the rest of them upside down to make Great Bay. We...
  2. Chevywolf30

    I've never understood this.

    This is a branch off of ArchAngel217's thread in Life Advice, I didn't wanna derail it. I've never understood approaching someone you don't know with romantic attempt. In my mind, you should start off as friends with someone before you take it to a more intimate relationship. It seems shallow...
  3. Chevywolf30

    Jelly beans

    This is a thread to discuss jelly beans. My favorites are the Starburst ones.
  4. Chevywolf30

    What do you do with the minimap?

    In BotW, do you let the minimap rotate to reflect the camera? Or do you lock it north? I locked it north because it was super annoying trying to line stuff up otherwise.
  5. Chevywolf30

    Your favorite characters as your favorite Pokemon!

    I'm on a Pokemon kick lately, and I've discovered I have a knack for drawing them as well. I've decided to use this to stretch my ability. Name a character and a Pokemon, and I'll do my best to draw said character as said pokemon. Please do not make another request until at least a week after...
  6. Chevywolf30

    What is your favorite farm/ranch location in the Zelda series?

    The Zelda series has several farm/ranch type locations. Lon Lon in OoT, Romani in MM, Ordon in Tp all come to mind. Which one is your favorite, and for which reason? I come from a small town with lots of ranches and such around so this has been fun for me to discover. Can't wait to see what...
  7. Chevywolf30

    What are you currently looking forward to?

    Apologies if a similar thread already exists, I couldn't find one. What's something in your life that you're looking forward to? I'm pretty hyped about this Sunday's NASCAR race. It's at Bristol, my favorite track, but they covered it in dirt to have a dirt track race. First time in 50 years...
  8. Chevywolf30

    Chevywolf's short stories

    I have too many big writing projects to be making short stories like this, but whatever. I don't have a name for this one, just something I wanted to write. It's inspired by one that Echolight wrote recently. The names of the wolves are from the book I'm reading, Wolves at our Door by Jim and...
  9. Chevywolf30

    Zelda hangman

    Let's play hangman! If you guess the topic, you get to do the next one. Please make all topics Zelda-related, and if your topic is multiple words, please place a - to indicate spaces. _ _ - _ - _ _ - _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ - _ _ _ - _ _ _ _ - _ _ - _ _ _ _ _ Strikes: 0/8 Guessed letters:
  10. Chevywolf30

    Who is someone you find to be good-looking, but are not attracted to?

    It is certainly possible to think that someone is good-looking without necessarily being attracted to them. Who's it for you? My personal answer would be Kanye West. I enjoy a little bit of his music, and I'm not the hugest fan of him as a person, but I find him to be an incredibly...
  11. Chevywolf30

    My take on the Song of Storms paradox

    So, I'm sure y'all all know the Song of Storms paradox, that Link only knows it because he played it 7 years ago, but I think there's a perfectly good explanation. Picture a timeline. For the sake of things, I'll do the timeline of the Song of Storms paradox <-------(Link plays Song of Storms...
  12. Chevywolf30

    Musical March Madness!

    The Zelda Dungeon mainsite is currently running their annual contest for the best Zelda music, and I decided to make this thread as a way to discuss the competition, or upload your prediction bracket if you made one! Link to the past contest. This the current grid, as of 3/15/2021. (I need to...
  13. Chevywolf30

    Where should I go to preorder the game/JoyCons?

    This isn't really a question worthy of a thread imo, but I wanna have it up in case someone else comes looking. I'm assuming that if you have a Switch it's blindingly obvious. The JoyCons are my big question because I can probably just pick up the game at Wal-Mart when it comes out, but I don't...
  14. Chevywolf30

    Gameplay mechanics as story points

    In the Ocarina of Time Ganon(dorf) fight, there's the whole thing with Navi not being able to target, then she can. I really liked how they made a simple little gameplay mechanic a story point, it really improved on what little character Navi had. What are some of your favorite examples of a...
  15. Chevywolf30

    The person above you gets banned for their signature!

    Welcome to another of my forum games that's gonna get like 5 replies if even :shrugs: Anyways, we've got one where you ban a user for their pfp, so here's one where you ban based on signature! I'll start by banning myself for concept theft.
  16. Chevywolf30

    Word association.

    I've seen games like this on a few other forums, just post one word that's connected to the previous one. First word: infatuation.
  17. Chevywolf30

    Which would work better?

    The Wind Waker and Twilight Princess are known for being total opposites when it comes to artstyle. One is a brightly colored, cartoony look, while the other is a more realistic, down-to-earth look. But what of they swapped styles? Imagine KoRL, a bit sunbleached and with some nicks and scars...
  18. Chevywolf30

    Chevywolf30 tries to draw.

    I've never been the greatest at drawing, but I like to try and learn nrw things, so here goes. I did a little doodle of Kirby wearing Midna's helmet: I'm pleased with how it looks like it's too heavy on him. I drew the helmet first, but I probably shoulda done Kirby first and drawn the...
  19. Chevywolf30

    What is your least favorite thing about your favorite Zelda game?

    Most of us have a that one Zelda game we think is the best for more than one reason. We may love the story or the characters, or think it's the greatest video game of all time. But all games have at least a few things we think could be better. What is your least favorite thing(s) about your...
  20. Chevywolf30

    How do you listen to music?

    I looked, and there's surpsingly not a thread for this! Like the title says, how do you listen to music? Do you purchase songs and download them? Do you stream with Spotify or something similar? I've got Spotify Premium fwiw.
  21. Chevywolf30

    Asking for a friend.

    I have a friend who wants to try Zelda games, namely Twilight Princess, but they only have a Wii. She had the idea that she could get and play the Wii version just to know the story, and when we meet again she could play TPHD to get the full experience. I'm iffy on this. I don't want her to lose...
  22. Chevywolf30

    What's your favorite unique Nintendo game hardware?

    Other than the Wii and Wii U, Nintendo has always made their physical games in some sort of unique way other than a DVD. Which one do you like, for style or practicality or anything else you may find appealing? (Also, should I add the handhelds onto the poll?)
  23. Chevywolf30

    OoT ending analysis.

    I just finished OoT, and something that had been bugging me really came to the front: Zelda shouldn't have sent Link back. Yeah, yeah, letting him have his childhood, but is that really best? He'd already been an adult for a while, so to force him with all his life experience to go through the...
  24. Chevywolf30

    The story is weak, but....

    I'm re-reading the Wolves of the Beyond book series, and I'm realizing how incredibly mediocre the plot is. I'm just finding it really bland and predictable. I'm sticking with it though, because the worldbuilding is incredible. I love reading about all the different clans and traditions and...
  25. Chevywolf30

    Ganon's vacation.

    This is a sister thread to Boo's Pizza. In Boo's Pizza, Ganon tried to take over Hyrule and failed in an... interesting way. (I'll put in links to what happened later) He then went on vacation. This thread is going to follow him on whatever may happen on this vacation. Rules: 1:All usual rules...
  26. Chevywolf30


    So I might be the only one here watching this, but here goes. The first two episodes of WandaVision came out recently, and wow. I knew it was going to be basically a sitcom but at the end of the first episode, when I realised there were several layers here. The next episode was an abrupt era...
  27. Chevywolf30

    How has the Legend of Zelda series affected your life?

    Video games are first and foremost a form of entertainment, but like any well-done storytelling media, can touch our lives in a deeper way. Has the Legend of Zelda series affected your life in any way, and if so how? For me, it was a timely thing. Mainly, it's been great escapism during the...
  28. Chevywolf30

    Titles as spoilers.

    Something that irritates me is when a title is a spoiler for the actual chapter/movie/game. Midna being the Twilight Princess is supposed to be a big revelation, but you already know there's a Twilight Princess from the title of the game. I get that the title should be attention grabbing and...
  29. Chevywolf30

    Funnest video game combat?

    So I did the dark Link fight yesterday, and beat it really just with button mashing. I kept trying to use my hidden skills from TP tho, and I just thought "Dang, TP was some of the funnest video game combat I've ever done." And I've never been good at combat in games tbh. But this isn't a TP...
  30. Chevywolf30

    Meanest dialouge options?

    It's a rarity in Zelda, but other games have a lot of options for dialouge with NPCs. Sometimes they can be mean. In all your gaming, what's the meanest dialouge option you've run across, and did you pick it? I haven't done any story-driven gaming outside of Zelda, and don't know if I will, but...
  31. Chevywolf30

    Have you ever known in advance what you were getting for Christmas?

    Long title, but it says it all. I've always been surprised, except for the occasional time when I would peek/ be spoiled. Except for this year, I knew for like a month in advance that my friend got me a Zelda wallet, and it was under the tree all month.
  32. Chevywolf30

    Return of the King: A Twilight Princess story.

    Prologue: Midna, the princess of the Twili, sat back in her throne and sighed. It had been a busy day, but a productive one, and she was almost ready to relax. First, however, there was a report from the far southern regions about some possible remaining Zant loyalists. The thought frustrated...
  33. Chevywolf30

    React inappropriately

    Just post a random statement, it can be true, false, sad, deep, silly, etc... and react to the other statements with the wrong reactions. My statement: Twilight Princess is the best Zelda game.
  34. Chevywolf30

    Do you think it was planned?

    They're probably far along enough in the development cycle for BotW2 to have the whole story planned out. Thing is, when did they finish it? Do you think that they planned the story for BotW2 along with BotW? Or did they finish BotW and start on BotW2?
  35. Chevywolf30

    What if Link had dialouge?

    EDIT: This isn't me wishing Link "had a personality". He does. This is just me wondering what his personality would be like in different games if he was more verbal. Not wishing he would, just saying what if. Link is known for being the silent hero, but what if he did have a voice? I thought of...
  36. Chevywolf30

    How late is too late?

    Something that's always bugged me is how fast the Christmas season seems to shut down on the 26th. Part of the reason I like to start so late is so that I can enjoy the season without burn out through New Year's. What about y'all? How soon do you take it all down?
  37. Chevywolf30

    Images too large.

    So many times, mainly with images I've taken, I'll try to put it in my post, but it says the image is too large. Is there any way around this? Or are some images just not destined for ZD?
  38. Chevywolf30

    What Zelda characters could get away with breaking the 4th wall?

    I was just thinking about how Malo has very little regard for the 4th wall in the Twilight Princess sword tutorial, and I thought it wouldn't be out of character for him to break the 4th wall a bit more. Heck, it might have improved his character a bit more. Who else in the Zelda series do y'all...
  39. Chevywolf30

    Official merch.

    I definitely prefer to get any merch for anything as officially as possible. I want to support whoever I'm getting the merch for. But sometimes the item I want is lacking or non-existent in the official merch. Then I'll feel ok about getting something as long as it's not obviously bootleg...
  40. Chevywolf30

    How well do you know the person above you?

    Inspired by this old thread I found, you just post x/10 of how well you know the person above you. Ready? Go!
  41. Chevywolf30

    What is in your gaming backlog?

    Theres actually not many. Games I currently have downloaded on my Wii U (in planned play order.): Majora's Mask The Minish Cap A Link to the Past Zelda II Games I don't own but plan on obtaining: Super Mario 64 Breath of the Wild. Kirby's Epic Yarn Kirby: Return to Dreamland Kirby Super Star...
  42. Chevywolf30

    bad guy.

    I was listening to music recently and on a whim decided to listen to bad guy by Billie Eilish. I dont know what came over me. I actually kinda enjoyed it (: Music: 10/10 This was such a vibe. I don't know, it just slapped. Vocals: 8/10 The flow of the lyrics was really enjoyable for some...
  43. Chevywolf30

    What Zelda game would make a good musical?

    We've talked about adapting Zelda games in many different ways, but what about Broadway? I could make an argument for a lot of them, but I'm gonna go with Majora's Mask. I think having the festival would make some fun musical numbers, the Happy Mask Saleman would be like the narrator and maybe...
  44. Chevywolf30

    Wii and Wii U: Best Kirby games?

    So y'all probably know by now that I have a Wii and Wii U. I kinda wanna play a Kirby game or 2 just so I can say that I did. What titles would you recommend on those consoles? Or perhaps a VC game via Wii U.
  45. Chevywolf30

    Which do you like? Hookshot or Clawshot.

    So there was that guy Re-D3ad on here a month or so ago, and he had that series which is better but that went bad, so he started which do you like. Anyway, he's gone inactive and I was playing OoT and got the hookshot, so I just decided to pick up this series to ask: Do you like the Hookshot or...
  46. Chevywolf30

    Smash Brawl Link mod I made up.

    I'm back at it with more Twilight Princess content. The mod idea I had was that his final smash would be to make the whole area Twilit for a few seconds, damaging everyone else and turning him into Wolf Link. Wolf Links final smash would be to turn back into Link, similar to Samus/ Zero Suit...
  47. Chevywolf30

    Any metal fans here?

    I saw a thing about a band recently where they were recording a song, and the songwriter had the lead vocalist redo the opening verse like 50 times until it was perfect. There was a scream going into the chorus, and when they finally got there, the guy just screamef out the frustration he had...
  48. Chevywolf30

    For everyone NOT getting AoC

    I don't think I'm the only one... Hopefully? If you're not getting AoC tomorrow for whatever reason, this thread is for us to hang out, tell why we aren't getting AoC, talk about whatever. I'm not getting it for the simple reason I don't have a Switch.
  49. Chevywolf30

    Signature question.

    Where should I upload my image to put in my signature? I tried Google Drive to no avail, and Imgur didn't work either.. Those of you that have pics in you signature. how did you do it?
  50. Chevywolf30

    Ship the person above you with a fictional character.

    Pretty self-explanitory really. Just take anything (Username, pfp, something you know about them.) about the person above you and ship them because of it. Example: Chevywolf30 x Minda because his pfp is Wolf Link (Please don't actually do this.) Have fun!
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