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  1. zack125

    Modern actors or actress who could become timeless

    So, I was watching some Charlie Chaplin sketches the other day and it got me thinking: Considering how timeless Charlie Chaplin's name has become, I wonder if there are modern actors or actresses who could have the same treatment. I asked the same question to a group of friends of mine and it...
  2. zack125

    Honest thoughts on Sword and Shield?

    Now that Sword and Shield have been out for a while, what are your honest thoughts on it? For me personally, I never got those games. Mainly because of the controversy surrounding them when they were about to drop. I've been considering to pick them up for a while now but what keeps me from...
  3. zack125

    Ocarina Of Time question

    yeah, I know. Old game. Old question to ask. But I am still asking it ;) I am currently playing the gamecube port and trying to get all heart pieces. The fishing pond as an adult, I am trying to find the sinking lure but it is not where its supposed to be. I looked at maps and videos and...
  4. zack125

    Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon

    It seems like Nintendo and The Pokemon Company has (unofficially) announced Pokemon games. Thoughts? http://kotaku.com/pokemon-moon-and-sun-logos-pop-up-1761230439
  5. zack125


    I'm looking to trade-evolve a few of my pokemon in Pokemon X. The ones I'm looking to evolve are Machoke, Graveler, Gurdurr, Boldore, Kadabra, Karrablast and Shelmet. Would anyone be willing to help me?
  6. zack125

    Still Looking

    A month ago, I've made a request in the trade sticky that I wanted to have the second generation of starters. However, it was basically left unanswered. I'm still looking for them if anyone is willing to part with them.
  7. zack125

    Iwata May Have to Step Down

    http://www.vg247.com/2014/04/01/nintendo-iwatas-internal-approval-rating-slumps-after-third-year-of-financial-loss-looms-report/ According to this, Iwata may have to step down and rightly so in my opinion. For instance, when the Wii U was announced, many gamers were confused as to what it...
  8. zack125

    What Needs to Be Done?

    With the PS4 and the X1 being released very shortly, and a lot of people only able to afford one console, what does Nintendo need to do for an impressive impact on the market? Remember Twilight Princess? Super Smash Bros? I don't see that much from Nintendo anymore :(
  9. zack125

    Worst Game This Gen

    I couldn't find a topic similar to this. If there is one, merge it with the other one. Since the 8th generation has started with the WiiU and the PS4 and X1 are coming out soon, what are your worst purchases you've made in the past generation? For me, those games are: FFXIII L.A...
  10. zack125

    WW-Wii U Gametrailers Reviews TWW HD

    Gametrailers has released their review on TWW HD. Take a look: http://www.gametrailers.com/reviews/orhjbl/the-legend-of-zelda--the-wind-waker-hd-review
  11. zack125

    Who Do You Think Won E3 This Year?

    By watching all of the conferences, who do you think won it this year?
  12. zack125

    Games You Hate but Everyone else Love

    For me it's Skyward Sword. I'm not going to go much into details for this game because I'm sure we've all heard of the complaints by now. The things I don't like are Fi and her constant obligation to hold the player's hand, the Silent Realm, the exploration is nonexistent and it's a game you...
  13. zack125

    Asassin's Creed IV Debut Trailer

    Here is the debut trailer for the game. Thoughts on the trailer? The game? Are the games being released on a yearly basis a good thing? Talk it here. http://www.gametrailers.com/videos/ktt8z3/assassin-s-creed-iv--black-flag-debut-trailer
  14. zack125

    What Do You Think of the Uproar About Bayonetta 2 Being Exclusive to Wii U

    The title says it all. For me personally, I think this is a case where people's immaturity is really showing. I think the uproar is unjustifiable.
  15. zack125

    WW-Wii U Treasure Map #2

    In order to get the map, I need to give 20 skull necklace to Maggie's father (if I'm not mistaken). Problem is, I'm 7 short of acquiring that number. Where can I get some more?
  16. zack125

    WW-Wii U I'm Going Crazy

    I'm doing a 100% run on the game and I cannot get a good picture for my first task (The one mailing a love letter). Any tips? I'm going crazy with this shot.
  17. zack125

    Assassin's Creed III Debut Trailer

    The debut trailer for the third installment (sort of) is here.
  18. zack125

    Rebooting the Series

    I came across an article on gametrailers that Zelda needs a reboot. I haven't read the whole article yet but I don't know how that will turn out if the series does get a reboot.
  19. zack125

    Assassin's Creed III's Setting - Rumor

    According to CVG, there's a rumor that the next installment in the Assassin's Creed franchise might happen during the American Revolution in 1781. Apparently, it will get confirmed by March 31. Thoughts?
  20. zack125


    I've held off for making a topic about it for a while because I wasn't ready to post it on the internet. My question to you is, what do you think about the grim reaper himself? I've had a psychology class in college about two years and my teacher said that there's a different "stage" a person...
  21. zack125

    Skyward Sword Volcano Summit Help

    I'm at the part where I have to put water on the first set of spikes to a frog. Apparently, I have to go to Lake Flora and take the water basin from the Water Dragon. For some reason, all she can talk about is how great my sword looks. How can I make her give her basin to me?
  22. zack125

    Final Fantasy XV

    Apparently, there's a rumor that Final Fantasy XV might make an appearance on the Wii U. The rumor might get confirmed at E3 2012. It will be the first time since the SNES that the main series will return to a Nintendo console.
  23. zack125

    A Book Detailing the Zelda Theory

    Yeah, it's been posted on the Go Nintendo website. Personally, I don't know what to make of it since I'm not really into the debate about the timeline. Just something that I found.
  24. zack125

    The Wii U's Price

    My question for those who wants one, how much are you willing to pay for it? There is the EB Games website who gave what might be its launching price. Granted, I want Nintendo to confirm it but if it it accurate, I am not willing to pay for it. Thoughts? Source...
  25. zack125

    Skyward Sword Need Tips for Fighting a Boss

    To be honest, I never thought I would need help fighting the first boss in a Zelda game but I do now. I can't hit Ghirahim without him grabbing my sword within his fingers. How can I hit him?
  26. zack125

    What Will Happen when the Next-gen Will Arrive?

    I've came across an interesting subject that I want to share here. Basically, what will happen next-gen? During the 7th generation of gaming, we've had reduce content while the price go up. DLCs is now common in most games. Although I've never played it, I've heard games such as Prince of...
  27. zack125

    Games You Regret Selling

    I don't think there's another topic like this one. I regret selling Tales of Symphonia & Tomb Raider: Legend, both for the gamecube. I'm trying to find them again. I still have my old save file from Tomb Raider.
  28. zack125

    I Want to Build My Nintendo Library of Games

    I'm a big fan of collecting retro games but I need some help on getting games I may have overlooked. I'll definitely need some suggestion from other retro gamers or just gamers. Currently, I'm looking for games that appeared on Nintendo consoles stretching all the way back to the NES up until...
  29. zack125

    Dampé's Minigame

    I'm having a little trouble getting his heart piece. I understand the location of the heart piece is located at random but is it really random if it's not being dig up at all? What's up with that?
  30. zack125

    Three Interviews Made by Gametrailers

    Gametrailers has made three videos concerning Zelda. I haven't watched them yet but here is the link you can watch at your leisure: http://www.gametrailers.com/game/the-legend-of-zelda-skyward/11181
  31. zack125

    DLCs: The Way of the Future?

    This generation of gaming, it seems like we are getting a lot of DLCs (downloadable content) for a lot of games. What are your thoughts about it? Do you think game developers are making them just for profit? Personally, I've started to think that many developers are greedy. They are giving...
  32. zack125

    Ocarina of Time How Many Stores Did You Go Before Finding It?

    How many stores did you had to go before finding your copy of OoT 3d? For me, just the one: Futureshop. No pre-orders as well.
  33. zack125

    Do You Cnosider Zelda As an RPG?

    I've been doing some thinking because I have seen this on several occasions and just recently on gameFAQs. Other than Zelda II (because I think it's obvious), do you consider the Zelda series as an RPG? Whatever you think, what do you tell to the person or persons who believes differently? I...
  34. zack125

    Worst Game This Generation

    Like the title implies, what is the worst game this gen for you? For me, I have to say Perfect Dark Zero. What made Perfect Dark 64 so great, in my opinion, is that it based itself from Goldeneye. I think that's what really hurt Perfect Dark Zero. It had no game to base itself unlike...
  35. zack125

    Best Game of the Year

    As the year 2010 is coming to a close, what is the best game of the year in your opinions? As for me, Red Dead Redemption is by far the best game this year.
  36. zack125

    Wii Successor May Be Announced at E3 2011

    Whilst it has previously been rumoured that worldwide chip-manufacturer Marvell Technology is to be the company that is to supply the CPU for Nintendo’s upcoming 3DS handheld, there is an even bigger piece of information that has surfaced. Chairman, President and CEO of the company, Dr. Sehat...
  37. zack125

    Majora's Mask Goron Race

    I seem to have a lot of difficulties beating the Goron Race so I can collect the Gold Dust. Any tips would be appreciated.
  38. zack125

    Classic Games You Could Not Get into

    Basically, is there a game that is considered classic you couldn't get into? I know I may be hated for this but I couldn't get into FFVII much. After completing the first disc, I didn't find the motivation I needed to continue.
  39. zack125

    How Important is Backwards Compatibility to You?

    I don't find it that important but I do find it cool that you can play PS1 and PS2 games on the PS3.
  40. zack125

    Sony Doesn't Expect Big Day 1 for Move

    Sony has always been a company that doesn’t win the 100 meter dash. Instead, they’re more in tune with winning the marathon over a longer period of time. Though in the past, they’ve held the lead for the majority of that marathon, this generation, they’re having to play catch up and they’re...
  41. zack125

    What Will Happen to the Future of Zelda?

    Considering that Miyamoto and Aonuma will eventually retire, what will happen will happen with Zelda? What do you think will happen?
  42. zack125

    How Much Do You Play the Wii?

    As the title implies, how much do you play your Wii? As for me, I don't play it often. As for Nintendo's franchises, I play mostly Mario and Zelda games. I also own Mario Party 8, Wii Sports Resorts and SMBB but I find them more enjoyable when there's someone else playing with you. As for...
  43. zack125

    The Wii 2 Will Surprise People

    Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has told investors that the successor to the Nintendo Wii is currently in the works and will inevitably surprise consumers once it’s announced. Satoru Iwata also mentioned that the company has kept completely silent on the project due to the natural fear of its...
  44. zack125

    Favourite 2010 Trailer

    As of now, what is your favourite trailer shown this year? As for me, it's Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood: http://www.gametrailers.com/video/e3-2010-assassins-creed/101248
  45. zack125

    Do You Think Nintendo Will Add an Award System?

    Basically, the xbox360 has achievements. The PS3 has trophies. Do you think Nintendo will add an award system for their future consoles/handhelds?
  46. zack125

    Spirit Tracks Help

    I'm having difficulties in the Sand Sanctuary, surprisingly with the song I have to play with Rael. I'm surprised because I've never had any trouble playing the songs before. Tips?
  47. zack125

    Magic Meter

    Do you think that a magic meter is necessary in Zelda games?
  48. zack125

    What Kind of Sports Do You Enjoy?

    If you enjoy watching sports, what do you like to watch and who is your favourite team. As for me, I like to watch hockey and the team I'm rooting for are the Ottawa Senators
  49. zack125

    I Don't Consider Myself Lucky This Generation

    First, I buy an xbox 360. After several months, it wouldn't read the disc despite being clean. O.o I sent the 360 to Microsoft to get it fixed. Comes back even worse than before because the 360 actually scratched one of my games. :mad: Got rid of it. Then, I buy a PS3. After several months...
  50. zack125

    New Info Leaked?

    Do you guys think this information is legit or fake? - The game will be vary from the dungeon field dungeon method we are accustomed too (nothing new, Eiji Aonuma confirmed that last year). - You will be able to select right or left handed at the start, and Link will be left or right handed...
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