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  1. Strangelove

    The Devil's Power

    I'm saying justify your belief that the devil causes evil. This is one of my problems with many religons. Cause death and destruction, say the devil manipulated you. Aks for forgiveness, decide God is omnibenevolent and would therefore forgive anything you ask, just so the responsibility for...
  2. Strangelove

    The Devil's Power

    Justify that, please.
  3. Strangelove

    POKEMON: It Was All Just a Dream?

    Well, someone has way too much time. Quite interesting though. Explains why he never ages. Killing him off seems unlikely though. if it's all happenning in his mind, what's to stop it happenning non-relative to real time?
  4. Strangelove


    Oh yes, I remember a story about that. I'll see about finding a link. These doctors were using a laser to remove the foreskin of a child, presumably because they though that was less dangerous than blades or whatever else they use. They slipped with the laser and it cut his ***** off.
  5. Strangelove

    What Rule Do You Live by in Life?

    If I owe someone, I give what I owe. If I see somebody in need, I try to help out. It could easily be me and I'd want the assistance if I were them. Try to avoid violence. Lie minimally. Don't treat someone as if they're better just because they have a higher societal position. If the queen...
  6. Strangelove

    Is Skyward Sword Worth Buying a Wii For?

    I would reccomend against buying it solely for one game. There's lots of other good Wii games you could get. Then again, with the Wii U coming out soon, I have to question whether it's worth it or not. Some Wii games are really good, but many I've seen are, to be lbunt, kind of crappy.
  7. Strangelove

    An Argument Against Homosexuality

    Aaah, gender roles. Fantastic. Firstly, It is about time there was a thread like this. I dislike the idea, but there wasn't a balance. I would, however, reject the idea that a hetero couple is more suited than a homosexual couple based on that. That assumes that each parent fills a role...
  8. Strangelove

    Dead Man Walking

    Who is that guy anyway? According to Yahoo, he's just an American citizen. 70. If he's lucky, he'll die befoe he's violently executed because there is no way they'll accept the terms.
  9. Strangelove

    Dead Man Walking

    Seems like the guy is unlikely to survive. If they don't negotiate, and they won't, he will die. On top of that, hell probably die if they try to rescue him, based on the results of pevious attempts. So yeah, he's screwed. Poor man. I hope he dies quickly and in minimal pain, because I really...
  10. Strangelove

    Nibiru - Have Your Say!

    Well, I doubt it will happen. There've been lots of end of the world theories just in the last decade or so. Why would this one be any different? Flawed logic; could happen, probably won't. Saying it won't based on past experiences relies on identical factors but as there aren't, bad logic...
  11. Strangelove

    Dad Records Teacher Bullying His Autistic Son

    Well, I think my comments on the teachers have already been made. The one thing I will say; That man is a very good dad.
  12. Strangelove

    Homosexual Rights

    Explain. Why is it sick and wrong? Is it hurting you? No? Then why is it wrong?
  13. Strangelove

    Discussion #014: Bongo Bongo, the Mystery

    Maybe instead of being turned into that by ganondorf, his spirit did escape into the well, but found something else.... The execution sounds good though, I imagine that's what happenned. Think, when this spirit escaped from the well and sheik appeared, it punded link a bit, but utterly beat up...
  14. Strangelove

    Baby Born Without Brain

    Can you call it " his suffering " though, if he's not concious to acknowledge his suffering?
  15. Strangelove

    Getting Married Early?

    I think people libing longer is a large part of it. You get married at what was considered a good age, is now considered quite young, with people lving longer. People consider it as being tied down for longer, so they view it as a life sentence more than a marriage, I think. Not the couples...
  16. Strangelove

    North Korea's "failed" Missle Attack On The United States.

    Not sure that's good logic. Because someone hasn't done something thus far doesn't mean they won't. In this case, it's probably valid, but just for the record, not great logic if y'ask me.
  17. Strangelove

    Ultimate Spider-Man Cartoon... Already Hate It

    I know. I was saying they need to kill him to line it up with the comics because of Miles Morales. They also need names which don't have a meaning. Just one John Smith who is actually famous. Just once!
  18. Strangelove

    Last Watched

    Doctor Who series 1 ( The 2005 one, not the original series 1 ) and a bit of season 3. What was it..an episode called Blink, with the Weeping Angels. They're seriously creepy. You blink, and then they move. And they come to get you. Kind of defeats the point. They turn from normal Angel statues...
  19. Strangelove

    Ultimate Spider-Man Cartoon... Already Hate It

    It's Ultimate Spider-man? They need to kill him then. Course, it's a cartoon, so...
  20. Strangelove

    Age of Consent

    13...In..The Vatican? I would refer you to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PDXrXBsTFSE If it's 13...and they believe you should only have sex in mairriage...then that means that they have to have a similar age for marriage. Which, again, I would refer to said video.
  21. Strangelove

    Transgender and Intersexuals

    I think it's a condition..*wikipedia* called Gender Dysphoria. When they feel like a male in a female body, or vice versa. It's hard to explain, you'd have to ask someone who has it about it, but as far as I'm informed it's basically a little slice of hell.
  22. Strangelove

    How Did Royalty Begin?

    I meant British. Sorry, that point is kind of moot now. I always just think of England as part of Britain, so my mind goes England = Britain. Consider aforementioned point revoked.
  23. Strangelove


    You can't just say something isn't right and then condemn it. I hand out condemnation all the time. All the time. But at least I jsutify it. You can't just go around saying things are wrong without justifying. There's no way homosexuality can be wrong without using unreliable ideas to justify...
  24. Strangelove

    Is It Possible to Hang Yourself but Survive the Attempt and if So, How?

    Well someone I heard about tried to do it like that, but the ceiling fell through. Literally, broke. You'd have to have it happen soon, though, I've heard of several people who failed like that and were all left with long term problems and such, like brain damage, and I think one fell into a...
  25. Strangelove

    How Did Royalty Begin?

    Course there is, where've you been living? They're just slightly..german. I think royalty, as respected as it is today, goes back to a bunch of, to use a blunt term, ******bags. They had more money, food, and power, than others, and they used that to take over the land, and crowned themselves...
  26. Strangelove


    High Five. Best way to look at it in my opinion.
  27. Strangelove

    The First Zelda Game You Played

    Oracle Of Seasons. it was, like, the game of my entire youth. Just got myself another copy recently ( the old one vanished ) so I'm pleased.
  28. Strangelove

    What is the Boss You've Hated the MOST in a Zelda Game?

    Onox's armoured form in Oos. I hated him. The dragon form was actually kind of easy. Made me feel powerful, too.
  29. Strangelove

    WW-Wii U I Am Very Happy Today.

    Those were good games. Good you got them now, too, since they'll be hard to get later.
  30. Strangelove

    Rating the Star Wars

    Actually, my favourite is the Phantom Menace. I know most people hate it, but I liked it. It's where the whole thing began. Some of the dialog was a bit boring, but it was good. I saw it in 3D recently. Could've done without the 15 minutes of extra dialog though. It's like...there's this video...
  31. Strangelove

    The Use of "Gay" and "Jew" As an Insult

    Seconded. If they want to be treated equally, then they need to not bring it up like that. As if it's any different to speaking a straight man.
  32. Strangelove

    Super Smash Bros. Wii U Theories

    Mehhhhh I'd like to see SS Impa. She was good. Then they could have classic Impa as a palette swap. Tails would be better than shadow, if y'ask me, because Shadow is more or less Sonic. But youk now who's never going to be in it that totally...
  33. Strangelove

    What If You Had The Powers Of A God

    Well, I see where you're coming from, but I suppose this is another argument that has no winning side. You can argue they suffer, or that it's their personality and not a disorder. Well, it's not getting anywhere so I'll stop. Oh, but to point out, I have this veiwpoint because, according to...
  34. Strangelove

    What If You Had The Powers Of A God

    That's not what I'm saying. Again, case by case, and I'm not saying I would leave everyone to struggle with it if it's not part of their personality. And I wish people wouldn't throw around the word "paedophile" when they want to discredit an argument.
  35. Strangelove

    What If You Had The Powers Of A God

    I was just clearing that up because before I just said disablities and that's a general term. I still think it's unethical to remove certain disabilities because of what I already said. How can you say you'd just remove everyone's disabilities?
  36. Strangelove

    What If You Had The Powers Of A God

    I'm talking about mental illness. I have two autistic brothers. If I un-autistic'd them, they wouldn't be the people they are. In a way, you could say the same about the wheelchair guy. He is who he is because being in a wheelchair influences his opinions. But it's a double sided blade. You can...
  37. Strangelove

    Is The Term "Boys and Girls" Offensive?

    Well, it's certainly a generalisation, but I wouldn't see any reason for it to be offensive. It's simply saying good morning to both (binary) genders in the room, isn't it?
  38. Strangelove

    What If You Had The Powers Of A God

    Well, let's start off with personal things. I would sort out the illnesses of my family, not the ones which make them who they are, such as autism, then I would go to giving myself things I wanted. But the world...? Also, A Link In Time, how can you say you'd remove people's mental illensses...
  39. Strangelove

    Posthumous Religious Conversion

    Well, I just find this idea insulting. if someone lived and died as an atheist, what gives people the right to convert them after death? It's not even possible, you're just watering a corpse. The way I see it, if people died in one religion or lack of, nobody has the right to decide your...
  40. Strangelove

    The Word "******"

    I believe they "took it back". It's this thing communities have been oding for a while- these ones that are discriminated against with derogotary words, they use them and it stops becoming so insulting or something, I believe is the general idea. The way I see it, words are only as offensive...
  41. Strangelove

    What if the Ocarina of Time...

    I don't see how it could work, unless with age the stones become less sensetive, and don't timeshift when struck. Either way, it doesn't work, it would only be a localised time shift. Furthermore, don't they go back in time, not forwards? That would mean it would have to have been originally...
  42. Strangelove

    Transgender and Intersexuals

    As far as I know, it's something to do with brain development in the womb. Something to do with the sequence of chemical events, and if hormones for development are fired at the wrong time, it can cause transexuality. At least, that's one of the theories. There's probably loads, but I doubt it's...
  43. Strangelove


    You can't just stereotype like that. There's people who do that, yes, but how many lesbians do you actually know, so how can you talk about the "majority of lesbians" without statistics to back yourself up? Plus, sexism.
  44. Strangelove


    Agreed. What I find worse is these people who are popular with the opposite sex, and then try with the other sex (which they're not attracted to) just to boost their ego.
  45. Strangelove

    The "Ex"-Gay Lifestyle

    So you see no danger in an organisation which forces people to believe they're sinful, and evil, possessed, or choosing to go to Hell? It's "Supposed" to be? Why? That sounds like...what's the word...exclusivism. As if marriage should be reserved for heterosexuals. Why?
  46. Strangelove


    Mm. I think one of the problems is people rasing children in religions. That's something I'm against, as it really just takes away the choice the child has in what to believe in. Brainwashing, really.
  47. Strangelove

    The Bible.

    No, it was land they decided they had rights to, that somebody already had, it seems to me. Because it's written on paper means it's fact? I don't think so. Also, Thar,ya can't say Eternal Life and Everlasting Torment like they're not the same thing. Yes, the belief is people will either go...
  48. Strangelove


    Well, this idea was going on across several threads, so I figured it really needed a topic of its own. So. What do you think about God, or Gods? Is the idea of an all powerful, all present, all knowing god a fantasy, or real? Personally, I believe god was fiction, derived from the best things...
  49. Strangelove

    The Bible.

    You know, Ima gonna go ahead and make a new thread for god. It looks to me like this topic has largely spiralled out of the bible and into God. But it occurs to me; why is god all loving, all powerful, etc? I think ( and according to my RE teacher under an hour ago ) that god is just the best...
  50. Strangelove


    I was wondering..what do you define as one's own children? From what I can gather, you talk as if adopted children belong to someone else..
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