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  1. Strangelove


    Well, this idea was going on across several threads, so I figured it really needed a topic of its own. So. What do you think about God, or Gods? Is the idea of an all powerful, all present, all knowing god a fantasy, or real? Personally, I believe god was fiction, derived from the best things...
  2. Strangelove

    General Art Strangelove Comics

    So, I have a DeviantArt account I use a lot. It's Called StrangeloveComics and I usually post my cartoons there. My current project is Man Who Think's He's God. Pretty self explanatory. Anyway, I was wondering if people could check it out and give comments. I'm also planning to make some Zelda...
  3. Strangelove

    Is Creating Intelligent Robots Trying to Play God?

    I recently saw this documentary about robots that are being developed. And, basically, they're trying to make them more human. They have ones which can take input and use it to make themselves more intelligent, they have ones capable of self awareness, and stuff like that. So the question...
  4. Strangelove

    The Avengers Trailer

    http://uk.movies.yahoo.com/the-avengers-trailer-breakdown.html Anybody seen the trailer yet? It looks good. So, is anybody planning on watching this?
  5. Strangelove

    Adoption for Same Sex Couples?

    So, I had this conversation in RE today with the one who sits next to me. She was saying, among other things, that she doesn't think same sex couples should be allowed to adopt, because it's wrong, and you " need" a mother and father. I went at great lengths to explain this ( ending in detention...
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