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  1. Dio

    Why I didn’t like Breath of the Wild.

    Majora's Mask is technically a side game. It was called Zelda Gaiden before it released which means side story. These days it would be a DLC expansion like Hearts of Stone was for The Witcher 3. It also was made in only a year. Still each dungeon and area managed to be unique and the game itself...
  2. Dio

    Why I didn’t like Breath of the Wild.

    They did with Skyward Sword too. They probably do it every 3D entry. I don't remember but Miyamoto said he would quit if it didn't top OOT. It didn't and he still hasn't quit. I don't like BoTW either. I thought it was a totally mediocre game but there were elements to it I outright hated. The...
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