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  1. Katelynn

    Perishing Hope Roleplay - Signups

    In the olden times, the land of Kyarou was an empty landscape of dust and patches of weeds. Small huts and shops were spread around the continent as places to keep warm during the 9 months of the year that it snowed, and the rest it rained. There were no rulers, law enforcement, or guidelines on...
  2. Katelynn

    Sex Changes/Gender Swaps

    This issue has been bugging me recently, as one of my friends told me she's contemplating on becoming a man or not. I've known her for a very long time it might be a little weird to see her/him after the operations and other procedures are finished. What I want to know, is how exactly I could go...
  3. Katelynn

    Mac or PC?

    So basically, hands down I think Mac Computers are pretty awesome, not only because the hardware is considered "safer" and much harder to hack, but also because it's got a really good set of graphics that make all of the programs and apps look really good. PCs are kinda nice, I mean that's what...
  4. Katelynn

    General Art Kate's PMD Thread

    Gosh, it's been so long since i've actually made a thread... (or since posted is general lol) While i've been gone, I kinda got involved with a model making program(well, not actual model making because Metasequoia hates my guts) called PMD Editor. If you've heard of MikuMikuDance, well, in...
  5. Katelynn

    What Would You Say if the CD-i Game Were Completely Re-made?

    What Would You Say if the CD-i Games Were Completely Re-made? This question has been bugging me for a while. The CD-I games weren't the best in the world, and were probably the wort games EVER. The graphics were weird, the cutscenes were too cheesy, and the voice-acting was ridiculous. So...
  6. Katelynn

    Arrow to the Knee Joke/meme: Overused?

    So, what do you say? It's kind of funny, especially when someone nags about it being overused :rolleyes: I've only used it, atleast once.... maybe twice.... :xd:
  7. Katelynn

    Jello or Yogurt?

    Hey guys! I haven't posted a thread in a while so I thought i'd post in General Discussion. Jello and Yogurt. Two delicious foods you can buy pretty much anywhere. But, what's your opinion? Both are fruity, colored (usually in strawberry) and are usually eaten with a spoon. They're obviously...
  8. Katelynn

    Excited for Zeldathon?

    So I just checked the front page, and some other website is having a Zeldathon (read the whole article here) So, who is going to watch it all day and all night? I can't avoid Zeldathon personally, I've watched them all and they never get old.
  9. Katelynn

    Just Some Thoughts

    Honestly, I think there are people who troll on the game just for kicks. And as much as that bothers me, I'm too lazy to go around being rude to every troll I see(not that it would the right thing to do of course). Skyward Sword is a great game all about, yeah there're an awfull amount of flaws...
  10. Katelynn

    Using a Gun/Rifle/Grenade, ect to Solve Problems

    I find this very odd, and absolutely horrible. There are some people who's minds work diferently, but why is this occurrence happen so often?
  11. Katelynn

    Nintendo Loves Ocarina of Time

    So, we've had OoT on the N64, the GameCube Collector's Edition, the Wii Virtual Console, the 3DS, and now it's on the Kindle Fire. What're your opinions on this? Do you think Majora's Mask will get some love soon enough?
  12. Katelynn

    The Color Combo Game

    Yay, I made a new forum game. Here're the rules Post the name of one of three colors: Red, Blue, or Yellow. The next poster will say another color, or what the two colors make. Example; MemberA# Color: Red MemberB# Color: Blue MemberC# Red + Blue = Purple It doesn't quite...
  13. Katelynn

    Ghirahim in Brawl (hack)

    I think these are really epic pictures!! Please note I did not make these, and belong to it's respected owner. The model that this was based off of was Sheik, so that ninjaness is still there. You can find lots of other Texture hacks and such over at Brawl Vault.
  14. Katelynn

    So... What's with This Split Timeline Thing?

    Seriously. I don't really pay attention to timelines because they confuse me, and I end up telling people the wrong facts. So what exactly is the split timeline, and why do people bother trying to figure it out? It just seems like a waste of time in my perspective. I would create my own, but i'm...
  15. Katelynn


    AUGHHH!!! So many Spoiler threads!! I just can't stop! If I get an infraction, i'll definitely deserve it. FINAL BATTLE WITH GHIRAHIM. DISCUSS http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o4cqQI6MZjk&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL
  16. Katelynn

    Spoiler Temple of Hylia

    Okay guys. I'm sorry for posting so many spoiler threads, but is would seem absurd to post all of these in just one thread. I haven't watched this yet, so I don't know what to expect, so feel free to discuss this after you've watched it...
  17. Katelynn

    Spoiler 2nd Ghirahim Fight + Din's Fire

    Ghirahim Encounters + Sacred Flames OMG, I love this guy! I can't get enough of Ghirahim, I just wanna squeeze him!! 2nd fight http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1G-LUst0CQM&feature=related pre-3rd fight http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvYESe7MI3I&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL
  18. Katelynn

    Spoiler Identity of the Old Woman in the Sealed Grounds!!!!

    READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE SPOILED, READ NO FURTHER!!!! The old woman in the sealed grounds, the one with the giant read cloak is Impa, in the future. This is proven as she has one of Zelda's bracelets. (which Zelda gave Impa in the past) Comments?
  19. Katelynn

    Spoiler How Ghirahim Turns into the "Anti-Master Sword"?

    In the recent weeks of Skyward Sword Theroies and many spoilers flooding the Forums, I noticed something I hadn't heard of. There's lots of threads and rumors about Demise's (main villain) "anti-master sword" being Demon Lord Ghirahim. The factsare completely obvious, but what exactly happened...
  20. Katelynn

    Spoiler Imprisoned Boss Fight

    Hey guys! I was glancing through youtube, and I found this! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTqo6mrCFCU&feature=player_embedded#!
  21. Katelynn

    You know when You buy something, but don't use It?

    This has happened to me serveral times. The last book I bought that I never got to read, was about how to be a pro stalk- ..... ANYWAY... So, has this ever happened to you?
  22. Katelynn

    Four New SS Pics (not Exactly Spoilers, but Enter at Your Own Risk)

    Got these from google, and yahoo search, maybe even bing... Comments?
  23. Katelynn

    Spoiler New Silent Realm Footage

    Yeah, this week is going to be busy busy busy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwcO0NB8Kjk&feature=related
  24. Katelynn

    Spoiler MAJOR SPOILERS New Videos of SS

    Just thought i'd post these. If these have already been seen.... Then oops... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pWTbHRUygKw&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3PVTCK0cz-s&feature=related This one is of the Bird Riding Ceremony, but with more text and stuff...
  25. Katelynn

    General Art Katelynn's Improved Art Thread!

    Hey guys! I decided that my previous thread was down and wasn't getting any attention from me, so I thought I should create a new one! I promise my art has improved, but my coloring..... not so much. Most of the stuff you'll see will probably be line art, or if i'm feeling good a complete...
  26. Katelynn

    Spoiler The Imprisoned is NOT Ghirahims Master?

    In the recent Skyward Sword Spoilers, it mentions Ghirahim is reviving his master,(which we've known for quite some time) however it names him by a different name; Demise. Possibly the black dude with fire hair? For all I know, he could just be the Imprisoned final and released form. But, why...
  27. Katelynn

    General Art Community Service -fan-fiction-

    Introduction Hey guys, my name is Katelynn Loikie. i'm 16 years old, and I own the local coffee shop/cafe'. My home community is called Zelda Dungeon.... why it's called that, I have no clue... The entire place is right across form the Poke'mon Stadium, and down the street from Nintendo Avenue...
  28. Katelynn

    Spoiler Full(most) Map Reveal!!

    So, we just got an update about the Overworld map, and here it is!! If you look closely, you can see most and all of the area's in the land below, such as the Faron, Eldin, and possibly Lanayru provinces! In the game, we'll be going to each dungeon, or area twice throughout the game, which...
  29. Katelynn

    Book of the Sarrohs

    (NOTE: this will be the very last RP I ever make, or take part in as most of the stuff I write or do usually fall apart....) Many centuries ago, we settled on this land Zenozia. There were creatures and monsters of the like, and could not be destroyed. They killed many of our men, women and...
  30. Katelynn

    Why is It Refered to As "Harp" and Not Lyre?

    In the many threads and such, along with a few released videos, everyone is referring to the Lyre, as "Harp". A harp is much larger instrument, and in some cases, cannot be moved very easily. A Lyre however, is usually a small object. The smallest it can get I believe, is maybe the size of a...
  31. Katelynn

    Zelda Art Children of the Spirits -Fan Fiction-

    Prologue "Many centuries ago, our ancestors arrived upon this realm created by the Spirits of Good. Being unaware of the dangerous evil that was sealed in the ground, they re-built their lives and settles down where-ever they could. But, one treacherous day, the evil monster that so many had...
  32. Katelynn

    Children of the Spirits -Sign Ups-

    My unfinished fan-ficton, Children of the Spirits takes place almost a year after Spirit Tracks. The steaks are high as Link (renamed Leon) and Zelda once again rush over the land of New Hyrule to collect various sacred objects. Name: (first required) Age: (14-19) Gender: (male or female plz)...
  33. Katelynn

    Spoiler Skyward Sword Speculation

    So, with the influx of over a million fantasic Skyward Sword Pictures by a few of our Fabulous members, I came across a cut scene pic of Zelda, Link and the lyre. It looks very beautiful with the two close friends together. This also wouldn't be the first time Link has gone to meet Zelda and...
  34. Katelynn

    The Secret Awsome Party Thread

    A secret place that only teens know about. Here, you can chat, dance, post music, and funests of all. . . Maybe make friends with strangers! (lol) This is basicly like the Party Thread, but I woud advise to not say you're drinking beer, or wine, well, only if you can prove you're 18 and...
  35. Katelynn

    Why is She Wearing Heels?

    I just noticed Phi's wearing High Heels. . . Why would she nee/want those? She a Sword Spirit. . . She Doesn't need shoes! Just something that seems a little wrong to me. . .
  36. Katelynn

    Spoiler Skyward Sword's Darker Side.

    Okay, with the explosion of the newest release dates, and over a million new trailers, I decidd to take some things into account. At one point, we see Link trying to get away from God Zilla (my fan name :P) This thing look very much like the "Whale" that "Eats" Zelda. Now, we know that's it's...
  37. Katelynn

    Is It Even Hyrule Yet?

    I didn't put a spoier tag because i'm not sure if this wasn't new or anything. But, is the land Below already named Hyrule? Right now, it's just called the "Land Below the Clouds" So, is it given the name Hyrule during, or at the end of the Game?
  38. Katelynn

    The Legend of the Suncrest Gods: Guardian Animals

    Yep, another sign-up. Human Name: Age: Race: (PM me about it) Hair: (style and color required) Eye: (blindness is okay) Clothing: (obviously required) Weapon(s): Intrument: Other: Role: (PM me) Animal Name: Age: (in people years please) Species: (PM me about it)...
  39. Katelynn

    Spoiler Siren Realm- Re-named "Silent Realm"

    So what do you guys think of this? I think it sounds awsomer than the Siren Realm. Post your thoughts!!
  40. Katelynn

    General Art TAKT: Technologicaly Advanced Kids Team

    Opening "Well, this concludes todays lesson, so, everyone please put your things away, and pack up to go home." Professor Albert clapped his hands together and smiley briefly, then motioned the class towards the backpacks hanging on the wall. A few were on the floor, and a couple were...
  41. Katelynn

    Untitled Fan-Fic Sign-ups

    Fan Fiction (no name, plot, or characters!!!) Yes, you read right. I have no name thought up, I've got like, 2 characters and haven't even had time to think of a plot! Please guys, I need drastic help with this!!! I would love to make this work, but I need you huys to help to get this thing...
  42. Katelynn

    Spoiler Skyloft's Music?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=76WNhsbcdfI&feature=related Now come on, tell it sounds like it fits the Town pretty well. I do believe this might be the actually theme of the village. What are your thoughts?
  43. Katelynn

    Zelda Art Hylian Diaries: Vol. 1

    Introduction "Come on mommy! Can't you run with me?" "Yes I can sweet child, but you musn't be running around the halls of the Castle." The little girl's mother scoops the child up in her arms, and carries her to her bed chambers. She sets the child on her bed and walks slowly and...
  44. Katelynn

    General Art Avatar the Last Airbender: The Untold Stories Vol. 1

    I finally took the time to be smart and write this in a note-pad thingy on my Lap-Top, so there shouldn't be any errors. Tell me if you see any! Chapter 1: Intrologue Almost a year after Avatar Aang fought and ended the horrible war against the Fire Nation, the world is atlast, Peacefull...
  45. Katelynn

    Spoiler Possible Hyrule Theme?

    I found this on YouTube, and it sounds really official. I'm not sure if it is real, or if it' in the game at all, but it kinda get's your hopes up for the final version. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F66odIdUptk&feature=related So? What do you think? Does it sound like it should be in the...
  46. Katelynn

    Could the Rest of the Music in SwS Be Reversed Also?

    I was searching through YouTube after finding out that the Main Theme for Skyward Sword was Zelda's Lullaby reversed. Could it be possibly that most or the rest of the Music in SwS could be backward also? Think about it, Nintendo did an amazing job on Fixing a song to be backwards and sound...
  47. Katelynn

    General Art The Official Sprite Shop!

    Welcome to the Sprite Shop! Here I'll post different sprites I make and create litte pictures with them! I can make avatars and Signatures if you want, but you's have to request it at my other Shop http://zeldadungeon.net/forum/showthread.php?21807-The-Un-perfect-Avatars-Nayru-Style <make...
  48. Katelynn

    The Situation Game: What'll Happen to You?

    So basicly, all you have to do is create a Situation you're in, and the next person chooses what happens next. Weather it be good, bad, or just plain mean. Situation 1) First Person to post gets to choose! (I will let you know when the next Situation starts so get posting!)
  49. Katelynn

    Ever Had a "What Could Go Wrong" Moments?

    So, i've been saeching through the forums, and found nothing related to this so. . . Have you ever had one of those moments, where you feel you're on a role, and nothing, absoloutly nothing could go wrong? And then something does. . . (goes for all Zelda games)
  50. Katelynn

    Zelda Art The Goddess's Requiem

    Prologe Din's Anger Death Mountian. . . The highest landmark in Hyrule. The home of the Goron, rock-like creatures that are similar to Apes, but have complete thought and speaking capabilities as like the Hylians. Suddenly, the entire mountain shook, the earth quake ravaged all of Hyrule...
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