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  1. JasonXP

    What's Your Favorite Zelda Game?

    Kinda sad, how the first two games are so low, while Skyward Sword is so high on the poll just because it's new.
  2. JasonXP

    For One Person to Become Richer Does Another Have to Become Poorer?

    Basically it depends on whether you're referring to service industries or non-service industries like manufacturing. With service industries, there is no wealth created (usually) so it is just a transfer of wealth from one party to another. However consider manufacturing or farming. You take raw...
  3. JasonXP

    The Legend of Zelda Swordless Run?

    I've done a swordless run of LoZ Second Quest except for the last dungeon (dungeon 9). You have to find hidden rupee locations, buy thr candle, get bombs, and basically grind for rupees until you can buy the blue ring, maical shield, etc. From there the idea is to finish level one (easy) get the...
  4. JasonXP

    Adventure of Link Zelda II: Is Its Reputation As Good As It Should Be?

    At the time even the developers weren't sure what the future of the Zelda series was. However, as a Mario fan, I like the side-scrolling aspect. It's still a Zelda game, for sure though. This has to be one of the best-designed side-scrollers ever, because it's quite expansive though linear in...
  5. JasonXP

    Shouting "FIRE!" In A Crowded Theatre

    But cmon, who died and made the Supreme Court god?
  6. JasonXP

    The Legend of Zelda LoZ Sadly Short...

    But did you do it without help from the internet? Back in 1986, they didn't have the internet. But if you get that far without any walkthroughs in three hours, you are a Zelda LEGEND! However, the sixth dungeon is really hard. I think it's the hardest one in the game, even harder than...
  7. JasonXP

    Great Idea or Waste of Money?

    The funny thng is, they can't really force you to pay the ticket if they catch you with a red light camera, at leasr not where I live, Because they can't prove YOU were driving the car. Most people however will want to avoid a court appearance and just pay the fine.
  8. JasonXP

    Shouting "FIRE!" In A Crowded Theatre

    No Ariel. Adult or child, It's despicable to shout fire in a crowded theatre or shout bomb on a plane. So I wouldn't defend him. If I were the theatre owner or plane owner, I wouldn't allow such a person admission. But I wouldn't support a govermnent's ability to punish people for uttering...
  9. JasonXP

    Time Cyclical or Linear?

    Because it goes in a straight line infinitely in either direction.
  10. JasonXP

    Time Cyclical or Linear?

    That's what I mean. Time is infinite, it can't really be measured from a starting or ending point. Thus I said it's sort of an illusion. More accurately, it's just a reference point. Don't know how the song of time plays into this.
  11. JasonXP

    Time Cyclical or Linear?

    So everything in the universe came from a superheated particle? No offence but that sounds kinda like a stretch to me. I think time is an illusion, in a way, but is more linear in quality. Who knows if there are other universes and galaxies. We can't see that far into space.
  12. JasonXP

    Heterosexual Pride Day? Really?

    As I said I don't care what people do, but there shouldn't be any double standard. I have issues with the gay lifestyle because of the moral issues, but I'm not going to force what I believe to be true on anyone else. However this is kinda a non-issue to me, I don't really care what kind of...
  13. JasonXP

    Shouting "FIRE!" In A Crowded Theatre

    First of all, the fault belongs to the crowd for panicking and running. If only one or two people panicked there wouldn't be any problem. Secondly, people should be able to say whatever they want, anyhing, anytime. If the government can put people in jail for shouting fire, what if one...
  14. JasonXP

    "You Mad Bro"?

    Didn't know "bro" was a racist word! Wonder what word will be next! I'm white and a guy at my work (also white) calls me "bro" all the time, what's racist or race-related about that? "Bro" really means brother, it's just like saying "buddy" or "dude".
  15. JasonXP

    What Breeds Apathy?

    For people to be open to the negative influences you mentioned, they must first be at least somewhat open to them. Someone who likes hating things for no reason or likes seing someone get shot for fun, they have issues. If people have good principles (ethics), they won't fall prey to bad...
  16. JasonXP

    Heterosexual Pride Day? Really?

    Why can't you just be proud of what you are? Why are you saying you have to be a minority to be "proud" of yourself? I don't care what kind of events people have, as long as they aren't obnoxious with it. But a hetero pride day sounds kinda cool! Guys could eat pizza, buy a new flatscreen...
  17. JasonXP

    The Legend of Zelda Is It Just Me?

    Yeah, blue wizzrobes are incredibly difficult. And you don't want to be too aggressive, just make sure they never face you so they won't shoot beams at you, and hit them when you get a chance, and keep moving! You must have a magical shield to fight them. And use bombs if you have them. Orange...
  18. JasonXP

    Teenager Shoots Mom, Dad Blames Video Games

    Kid's having guns isn't the problem. Kids with no ethics or education is the problem. Like the triforce, guns can be used for good or evil.
  19. JasonXP

    Adventure of Link How Hard is Zelda II?

    It's hard, but mostly at the beginning. My first playing of the game I had 33 game overs. That's 99 lives. But now I can do it in less than three, hopefully none my current run. But if you can beat the first palace, you're good to go the rest of the game if you level up right. I think I am...
  20. JasonXP

    Where Does Morality Come From?

    Well the fact is, most people have no idea of what the Bible says at all. I have studied two foreign languages and I can see translation errors/ambiguities all through most translations of the Bible. Kinda off topic, but I'm trying to let you know it doesn't say what you might think it does...
  21. JasonXP

    Casey Anthony Trial

    There's no proof she did it. It could have been almost anyone. Or an accident. Are we supposed to kill/imprison someone based on a guess? Do we want to risk that? The way our criminal justice system works, the government decides what's illegal, deccides who it wants to prosecute, holds them...
  22. JasonXP

    American Exceptionalism

    "American Exceptionalism" is only true as long as Americans are exceptional. And I dont know that any people can ever fit that category. People should be looked at as individuals, not groups, and decisions should be based on this. And it's just arrogance to think that Americans are somehow...
  23. JasonXP

    Teenager Shoots Mom, Dad Blames Video Games

    OK. First of all there's a difference between having a gun in the house and murdering someone. Everone should have a gun. If everyone did there would be a lot less crime. But either way, it's the parent's fault, even if you blame the video game, because the parents let him play it. However I...
  24. JasonXP

    New Law to Ban Video Game Streaming.

    Well... for my nutty view on things... I don't think we should have copyright laws. They don't make sense from an intellectual point of view. Thomas Jefferson thought the same thing. Sorry if I sound nuts.;)
  25. JasonXP

    Where Does Morality Come From?

    I've thought about this a lot. First of all, most of what we consider morality comes from the Bible. Call me a nut but I'm sorry, it's true. But it can also come from common sense, because, the fact is, morality is simply what works out best for you. Sounds werid, but murdering, stealing, or...
  26. JasonXP

    Adventure of Link Adventure of Link: Underappriciated and Underloved

    Go as quickly as you can through the Valley of Death.;) Otherwise, use Shield+Jump and beat all the Moas (think that's what they're called) before you make a jump. That's important.
  27. JasonXP

    Adventure of Link Adventure of Link: Underappriciated and Underloved

    I've beaten this game maybe six times now, I love it! Actually I find the difficulty spike to be at the very beginning, and from there it's OK if you level up right. I think the game developers assumed you would be wandering around a lot, trying to find dungeons/items and you would level up a...
  28. JasonXP

    Adventure of Link I LOVE Adventure of Link!

    I found Zelda 1 a lot harder, because the dungeons/items are very difficult to find without a walkthrough! The difficulty in Zelda 2 is great, it's better the game be challenging than too easy, like the newer Mario/Zelda games. Zelda 2 is much more linear in style, but I think they did a good...
  29. JasonXP

    The Legend of Zelda Who Else Has Beaten Second Quest?

    The second quest was fun, better than the first quest! I did have to resort to a map to find the location of the eighth dungeon, but I went through the dungeons on my own. There is a steep learning curve in the second quest, I think though. Later I went back and did a swordless run of the...
  30. JasonXP

    General Classic Iron Knuckles, What Are They?

    That's what I've heard, that Ironknuckles are just mechanized suits of armor. I've always thought of them and darknuts as kind of the same though.
  31. JasonXP

    Zelda 2 Dark Link Battle the Best?

    Anyone tried just walking torwards Dark Link, stabbing your sword as fast as possible? I can beat him this way, no jumping or ducking! When I first got to Thunderbird and Dark Link I saved a state and just went back and practiced until I was really good at it.
  32. JasonXP

    Adventure of Link I LOVE Adventure of Link!

    I've finished both the first and second Zelda games, first and second quest, and Zelda 2 is probably my favorite. I can't tell you how long it took me to beat the first Ironknuckle in Parapa palace. Then, even more game overs to beat Horsehead. But after that you begin to level up and, though...
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