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  1. Xanthus

    Why Does God Do Things Through Us?

    Because he'd be awfully bored if he used his omnipotence.
  2. Xanthus

    Polygamy- Your Opinion

    Of course they shouldn't be allowed to force someone into any marriage, or any other financial deal. People do have the right, however, to conduct business as they please. If they want to have more than one partner, that's fine.
  3. Xanthus


    I consider suicide to be a human right. I'm perfectly fine with it. I may disapprove of suicide for specific reasons, mais that doesn't give me the right to violate someone else's right to their property (and their life is the most sacrosanct portion of their property). I consider it a...
  4. Xanthus


    It's a violation of someone else's bodily integrity without their consent. This is immoral.
  5. Xanthus

    Plato's Meno

    Ah yes. Menon. Well, I agree with Socrates's first judgement (that virtue is wisdom; that is, knowing what ought to be done). I find his "refutation" of this incorrect and downright bizzare. I felt like screaming at him that there are teachers of virtue, since you have already demonstrated...
  6. Xanthus

    Worlds Worst Ruler Ever

    Probably Pol Pot or Qin Shi Huang. Bloody antiintelectuals.
  7. Xanthus

    Are We the Only Type of Humans In the Universe

    It is highly unlikely that alien species would evolve to be anything like humans. Unless there's a Stargate setup, definitely so.
  8. Xanthus

    Who is the Hottest Character in The Legend of Zelda?

    Twilight Princess Zelda of course.
  9. Xanthus

    What Would You Do if You Had 24 Hours Left?

    Write my novella, the Death of Gilgamesh, to the best of my ability. Which is interesting, as it's about the inevitability of death. I don't know how I'd feel. Perhaps liberated, knowing it would all be over soon.
  10. Xanthus

    Which Anime Character Are You?

    Light Yagami.
  11. Xanthus

    The Symbol of Legend of Zelda

    The Shield next to the Master Sword, as shown here: or here: This seems to be the official symbol.
  12. Xanthus

    Spoiler Are the Names of Some of the Dungeons Odd?

    Earth Temple is so named because the interior of the earth is made of lava. Skyview was chosen because it sounds cool.
  13. Xanthus

    Illegal to Refuse Medicine/Medical Attention?

    Oneself should be able to do with oneself as one pleases. Regardless of age. Children should have the same right to autonomy as everyone else.
  14. Xanthus

    Homosexual Rights

    Homosexuality, like most sexuality, is a violation of human dignity as it degrades one to a hedonistic animal, rather than a rational being. However, someone should be free to sin as much as they like (provided no one else suffers from their idiocy). Therefore, they should be tolerated. Not...
  15. Xanthus

    Assisted Suicide.

    Someone has every right to kill themselves. If they need help to do so, that's fine.
  16. Xanthus

    The Trayvon Martin Shooting: What Should the Penalty Be?

    1) Do you think Zimmerman is prejudice/racist? It is possible. 2) Do you think that Zimmerman was committing a hate crime? I ignore the concept of a hate crime. 3) Should Zimmerman be arrested and charged with murder? Yes. 4) What should Zimmerman be charged with (i.e. murder of first...
  17. Xanthus

    Would You Like a Gay The Legend of Zelda Character?

    There already is one- Ghirahim.
  18. Xanthus


    There was a time where I was, well, mortified by my mortality. I was depressed, frightened (especially since I worried that I might remain concious despite losing all sensory information- forever!). That time has passed.
  19. Xanthus

    Associating With Atheists: Too Controversial?

    If a private business wants to chose who they want to have dealings with, I think should be generally within their right. And how could it be atheist money, as opposed to atheist's money? Did they they cut out the "In God we Trust" part?
  20. Xanthus

    Surprise! You're Institutionalized!

    Yes. At least, actually support everyone (that includes the intelligent and hard-working, who actually try to achieve something, who are handed the short straw despite having the most actual potential), not just waste their money on the morons. No, they have absolutely no streaming system.
  21. Xanthus

    Occupy Wall Street

    I would like to see sources and examples for each of those grievances. Also, they ought to put together a clear list of actual demands for new legislation, if they haven't already.
  22. Xanthus

    Surprise! You're Institutionalized!

    I haven't been to a public school since kindergarten, but even from that I'll say this. I learned only two things there- left and right, and what consonants are. Oh and that most people are morons. They were largely explaining what a square was, or what "beside" or "above" meant, while I was...
  23. Xanthus

    Anyone Still Upset With The Graphics?

    I hated them at first, though I've grown tolerant of them as time goes on. They can look quite good at some points. Not to mention, they've improved since they were first unveiled.
  24. Xanthus

    Why Do People Think That People Who Are Atheist Are Evil?

    I actually doubt that it's because most of them are. Or at least pitiable. Though this applies to most humans, not just atheists, it's just more obvious there, as they practically profess to it. I think their reasoning is that atheists try to drag other people down to be tortured forever...
  25. Xanthus

    Something to Consider...

    Do you mean "should" or "does"? This is rather unclear. I'll presume "should" since the latter is highly variable. 1. She should chose abortion. 2. When he learns what rape is, whenever that is. 3. "He was evil." What else? 4. The mother or the child? Both should take it in stride...
  26. Xanthus

    What is the Point of Living Then...

    "Where has God gone?" he cried. "I shall tell you. We have killed him - you and I. We are his murderers. But how have we done this? How were we able to drink up the sea? Who gave us the sponge to wipe away the entire horizon? What did we do when we unchained the earth from its sun? Whither is it...
  27. Xanthus

    All About Aliens

    1. Most likely. Although it may not utilize the same chemical or biological structures that Terran life uses. And Seth, I'm pretty sure that scientists haven't found any conclusive evidence- the media exagerated. 2. Probably. 3. Probably not.
  28. Xanthus

    Video Game Console Censorship

    This is totally within Nintendo's right. How could it not be? That said, from past experience (look through Twilight Princess to see several violations) and that article you linked to, it appears Nintendo has already relaxed most of these.
  29. Xanthus

    Spoiler New SS Creature, What Could It Be?

    I think it's a traditional Asian dragon, which are associated with water and weather rather than fire.
  30. Xanthus

    Should Children/Teens Automatically Respect Adults?

    Good God! you must have worked hard, interviewing virtually every child and adult in the world in order to come up with this unexceptional law. Or not? I know that I know better on quite a few topics then most adults. Especially those in uncontacted Brazillian tribes, which include some of...
  31. Xanthus

    US Prisons Gave Up on Rehabilitation?

    1. I didn't know there was more than one kind of money. Anyway, if we're going to give them money, they should come to us for help before instead of essentially being paid for commiting a crime. Such as service must be set up. 2. I find that doubtful. 3. In the former, as above, though I...
  32. Xanthus

    US Prisons Gave Up on Rehabilitation?

    If someone wanted to become a productive member of society then they would have to be very stupid to commit crimes in order to do so, so stupid in fact that they wouldn't be able to be a productive member of society. So let's give them what they clearly want.
  33. Xanthus

    Should Children/Teens Automatically Respect Adults?

    People should be judged on a case-by-case basis, not by broad and incorrect generalizations.
  34. Xanthus

    "Choosing" Your Children

    They shouldn't have a child they're going to "have to" abuse it. I consider it highly immoral for some of those things to be proliferated.
  35. Xanthus

    "Choosing" Your Children

    This should be treated for what it is- child abuse. Screening for eye-color and such is harmless (to my knowledge). Screening against diseases should be mandatory. Screening to insure diseases is basically assault.
  36. Xanthus

    Adoption for Same Sex Couples?

    I myself have stated that in a different way in the past. I guess I just got tired of repeating my explanation over and over. I apologize.
  37. Xanthus

    Adoption for Same Sex Couples?

    Well, unless someone's being raped, sexuality is a choice for them.
  38. Xanthus

    What is Your Religion and Why?

    Linkisawesomeist, 1. Yes, at least that's how it's traditionally been practiced, but there are a lot of variations and many self-proclaimed Christians are more like deists who kept the festivals. 2. Discrimination means any kind of distinguishment- if I see that 1 is different than 2, then...
  39. Xanthus

    What Ancient Time Do You Wish You Were in Right Now?

    Pre-Marian Roman Republic. Provided I was a citizen, of course. Or maybe Byzantine Constantiople, or the Florentine Republic. The Classical Maya interest me as well, though I couldn't bear the self-sacrifice. And maybe Imperial China, or Rome under Marcus Aurelius.
  40. Xanthus

    Should Young Children Be Playing Violent Video Games?

    I can't see how a lack of emotion towards a death is a very bad thing- the exact opposite- the person is spared the futile pain. Feeling sad won't bring anyone back from the dead. I'm somewhat confused as to how hacking someone up with a sword is more moral than shooting them with a gun...
  41. Xanthus

    Spoiler Is This a Zora?

    I'm kind of confused as to why the immediate response upon seeing new race is to proclaim it to be an evolution of another one. Can't Nintendo just use a different line-up?
  42. Xanthus

    Spoiler SS World Map Revealed!

    What, only three disconnected provinces? Only three inferrent dungeons? Something tells me that either this game will be awfully short, or Nintendo's keeping much of the game from us.
  43. Xanthus

    Not Conforming to Gender Roles is Not a Disorder...?

    That's thing- I am against gender roles- and I see trangenderism as an obstacle in that it encourages rather than dissuades them, resulting in self-mutilation, which doesn't actually change the gender.
  44. Xanthus

    Not Conforming to Gender Roles is Not a Disorder...?

    ...You must have linked to the wrong article, as it repeatedly refers to it as medical issue... And how could someone "feel" like being the opposite gender? Do they have "ghost limb" gentials? Or is it mere personality or "femnine" or "masculine" standards of beauty? A society which gives...
  45. Xanthus


    It is more likely that they thought that homosexuality would kill their crops, since it was infertile. When you live in a desert, as the Hebrews did, this would be a vital concern- their Egyptian neighbors I know were obsessed with fertility. And they thought it was simply disgusting. Yahweh...
  46. Xanthus

    Spoiler Is This a Zora?

    It looks more like a jellyfish or squid.
  47. Xanthus

    Abortion- Your Thoughts

    misskitten, 1. As awful as that all is, if it is a choice between a potential death and a certain one, the former is prefered. However, I don't demand that. I would demand that, if the child was sapient, but it, to my uneducated guess, isn't, so abortion is likely permissible. 2. Not...
  48. Xanthus

    Are You Guys Gonna Get Mad if Link Begins with 6 Hearts?

    Yes. I will. The game should be harder.
  49. Xanthus

    Abortion- Your Thoughts

    Really? I find that quite unlikely.
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