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  1. JamesK2020

    Recommended Zelda Mods

    If only I had a Switch haha
  2. JamesK2020

    Recommended Zelda Mods

    So far I've done Nimpize and Missing Link. Nimpize was fun, but difficult for the wrong reasons I should say. I mean it is a hack, so I guess that is sort of a license for it to pull low blows. Misssing Link is incredible for having a custom boss and custom item. I'm playing Master of Time right...
  3. JamesK2020

    New Hero of TIme Film

    Great work! Looks Super cool!
  4. JamesK2020

    What is the biggest flaw of Link's Awakening?

    They really missed an opportunity to remake Link's Awakening in the N64 style. I know people generally don't think N64 graphics look good, or would even prefer them in 2020, but I've always wanted to see Links Awakening in OOT N64 Style.
  5. JamesK2020

    Favorite/Least Favorite Zelda Games

    I really wish I could play BOTW all the way through so I can at least consider it, since it's the newest installment. But my number one will always be Majora's Mask. Giving a list in order is too damn difficult for me. So I'll just list my other favorites without any ranks related to the order...
  6. JamesK2020

    Recommended Zelda Mods

    Hey guys, I've been streaming Zelda Ocarina of Time Mods lately. Any recommendations?
  7. JamesK2020

    Which Zelda game controls the best?

    I'm really a fan of TW Princess. Every time I play that game, I always think of how much it feels like butter.
  8. JamesK2020

    Meme Extravaganza

    I think I'll just wait for the HD remake.
  9. JamesK2020

    Game Thread The Clone Saga: A Spider-Man Mafia 3

    Anything Spider-Man is automatic win in my book
  10. JamesK2020

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Drugs are bad . . . mkay? I'm playing the Master of Time Mod. So far it seems nice, but I'm not really sure I like the dark muddy textures in a n64 game.
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