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  1. wedge47

    Majora's Mask Circus Leaders Mask

    Is there any possible way to get this before getting the Romani's Mask?
  2. wedge47

    Zelda's Ruby?

    Ever notice how in Ocarina of Time, when you're in the castle courtyard speaking to Zelda towards the beginning of the game, that she's wearing a ruby pendant or broach. It's the exact same (but much smaller) ruby symbol that you have to shoot in the Stone Tower Temple in Majoras Mask to flip...
  3. wedge47

    Majora's Mask Back to the Future Zelda?

    I was reading another thread on here about the next Zelda game taking place between MM and TP, and taking place in Termina. It got me thinking... I'm a big fan of the Back to the Future movies. Especially the second one where he goes back in time and basically ends up helping his original...
  4. wedge47

    Link As a Girl?

    I'm not sure that this has ever been specified anywhere (so correct me if I'm wrong), but could the "legendary hero" ever be a girl? How about a new Zelda game, where Link's character is a female? What kind of new items could they make? Where on the timeline(s) could it fit?
  5. wedge47

    Adventure of Link Took Me 20 Years....

    But I finally beat Adventure of Link!!!!!!!!! Save states galore... but... I'm going to count it. Thanks Mases for your video walkthrough.
  6. wedge47

    The Legend of Zelda Second Quest Walkthrough

    Since the guys at Zelda Dungeon haven't been able to complete their site walkthrough for The Legend Of Zelda 2nd Quest, does anyone know of any good walkthroughs I could use? Since Skyward Sword came out, I've been wanting to play through all the Zelda games again, and am stuck on this quest...
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