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  1. Twilight Shadows

    What Games Gave You Trouble Trying to Learn the Controls?

    For me, I rarely have trouble learning to controls when playing a game for the first time, but there's one series that's always giving me trouble: Super Smash Bros. Anytime I play this series, I can never learn the controls. And even today, I still don't know how the controls work.
  2. Twilight Shadows

    Open World or Linear, Which Do You Prefer?

    Personally I have nothing against Open World games, but there's a 99.9% chance that I will never beat one. As far as Linear goes, it depends on how Linear the game is and the type of game. Mario games definitely get a Plus on Linearity, but Zelda games should definitely have some wiggle room...
  3. Twilight Shadows

    Do You Ever Put Challenges On Yourself when Playing the Games You Love?

    Topic. To answer this question myself, I actually do this all the time. The first instance of me doing this is putting the challenge that I can't continue the game unless I beat the first world without dying. This challenge usually only takes effect on Crash Bandicoot games, and those like it...
  4. Twilight Shadows

    What is Your Favourite Kingdom Hearts Character?

    Topic. Mine is Roxas.
  5. Twilight Shadows

    What parts of a game made you LOL hard?

    Thanks @Sheikah_Witch for coming up with the idea, but what I want to know is if there was any games outside of the Zelda series that did this to you. For me it was the " It was mating season..." moment from Ratchet & Clank 3: Up Your Arsenal.
  6. Twilight Shadows

    What is Your Least Favorite Kirby Character?

    Topic. Mine is Zerotwo AKA the final boss in Kirby 64.
  7. Twilight Shadows

    Has a side quest ever stopped you from beating a game?

    For me, I could never beat Wind Waker because of the figurines sidequest. What about you, has a side quest ever stopped you from beating a game?
  8. Twilight Shadows

    What is your favorite boss in Zelda?

    Well, we already have a most annoying boss thread, why not the favorite one? My favorite boss in the series is Twilit Dragon: Argarok from City in the Sky in Twilight Princess.
  9. Twilight Shadows

    What made you sad today?

    We already have a thread for what annoying do you today and a thread for what made you happy today, so why not to make a thread for what made you sad today? What made me sad today is seeing Spirit depressed.
  10. Twilight Shadows

    Have you ever done things that you hate it when other people do it?

    For example, I hate it when other people use the store trash bins, but I was guilty of doing that myself when my family wasn't financially stable enough to pay for the trash people to come every week.
  11. Twilight Shadows

    Does the Twili have anything to do with what happened in the Shadow Temple?

    With the way Midna treated Link at the beginning of Twilight Princess I was wondering if it was possible that the Interlopers had somehow raged War against the Hylians, and was punished in the Shadow Temple before being banished into the Twilight Realm. The eye on Midna's helmet and the words, "...
  12. Twilight Shadows

    Just try to stop the shoutbox.

    The first thing I noticed when the update happened, is that there's no shoutbox. We must make it to live on!
  13. Twilight Shadows

    If you have 20 hearts to spend on what you love about to Zelda series, what would you do with them?

    It's been a common staple in the Zelda series that Link usually ends his adventures with 20 hearts, but we usually only have one. If you had 20 hearts, what would you put them towards. Rules are simple: you only have 20 hearts to spend, but you can put multiple hearts on one thing if you'd...
  14. Twilight Shadows

    What is Your Favorite Town in the Zelda Series

    There are a lot of towns introduced in the Zelda series, and it's about time we look back on all of them and choose our favorites. My top three are: 1.) Clock Town 2.) Ordon Village 3.) The Town of the Minish
  15. Twilight Shadows

    The No Healing Challenge, is it Possible?

    Is it possible to beat Breath of the Wild without Healing? Rules are simple: Eating/Drinking health restoring Items, using fairies, and healing at an Inn is banned. You can only heal at the end of a Shrine, or at a Godess Statue.
  16. Twilight Shadows

    Is Link in "Twilight Princess" related to the Twili

    The reason I ask or even purpose this therory is because in every game before "Twilight Princess" Link always had a reason to have the Triforce of Courage, in "Ocarina of Time" it is because Ganondorf indirectly gave said piece of the relic to Link by just touching it. The Hero of Twilight never...
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