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  1. Kybyrian

    Who Should Be ZD's Admin?

    Well, what do you guys think? Since there are so many options I have forgone a topic poll and instead have chosen to use a strawpoll. http://strawpoll.me/1553551 Vote and let everyone know what you believe is best for the future of Zelda Dungeon.
  2. Kybyrian

    General Art Former Admins Can't Draw

    Well, you heard me What, former admins can't take a teeeensy tiny interest in doodles? If I ever decide to skitchy sketch anything again I'll post it here =)
  3. Kybyrian

    The Equality of Sin

    This is a topic commonly brought up in any discussion about what may be morally right or wrong. The idea that all sin is equal, whether it be petty theft or rape and murder, is referenced often by those who hold faith in a religion such as Catholicism. The belief dictates that, no matter your...
  4. Kybyrian

    Forum Shoutbox

    Until we can get a proper announcement on the current state of the shoutbox/chatbox, I'm going to plant this thread here in light of what the current situation is. The shoutbox is currently deactivated, and will likely remain inactive until well after the holidays. "Why exactly is it...
  5. Kybyrian

    Tournament #1 - Ladder Thread

    Alright, everyone, the time has finally come to begin our first 16-person Pokemon Tournament here at the Dungeon Gaming Network! This tournament is in a ladder style, meaning that only half of the original competitors will advance each round until only one remains. This person will receive the...
  6. Kybyrian

    Pokémon Dungeon Tournament #1

    Alright, folks, it's time for the first tournament hosted here at the forums for Pokémon Dungeon! In this thread I'll lay out some simple rules for the tournament and allow you all to sign up and begin preparing you teams! First, refer to our Competitive Information thread for everything you...
  7. Kybyrian

    Pokemon Jack-o-Lanterns

    In celebration of Halloween, we're inspiring our members to try their hand at making some Pokemon Jack-o-Lanterns! Get and idea, carve your favorite Pokemon into your pumpkin, and post your work here.
  8. Kybyrian

    5th Gen OU

    Decided to jump right in and throw together a 5th gen OU team today. Only battled once with it against a modern Sunny Day team and won... with some minor mistakes on my part. Ferrothorn (レイピスト) @ Leftovers Iron Barbs Relaxed 252 HP/48 Def/208 SpD Explosion Spikes Gyro Ball Power Whip Role...
  9. Kybyrian

    Team Building/RMT

    Team Building and Rate My Team threads as well as general threads discussing competitive strategies can be found in this forum. In other words, anything that does not fit into the battle or trade center that fits into the competitive Pokemon area will be located here. This is not necessary, but...
  10. Kybyrian

    Making a Trading Thread

    When making a thread to offer your own Pokemon or breeding services, try to follow an organized template that lets people know what you are offering and what you want for it. Trade threads are used to organize all trades made by one person. You may request an extensive list of Pokemon and list...
  11. Kybyrian

    Competitive Information

    This will document various competitive terms, their meanings, and some basic information regarding competitive Pokemon. Suggestions are very welcome. First off, the biggest thing you will hear about are EVs. What are EVs? EV stands for Effort Value. You get an Effort Value (between 1-3 for one...
  12. Kybyrian

    Mafia A: Pokémafia Game Thread

    A stands for Awesome. No more numbers. Rules - Do NOT reveal your roles outside of the thread. Mystery and assumptions are the point of this game, so if all the Townies band together through PMs you will ruin this game. Play with integrity. Lying is fine though. Mafia members may lie that they...
  13. Kybyrian

    Mafia A: Pokémafia Sign-Up

    A Stands for Awesome Do not worry if you are currently in the Mafia 6 game. It is close to the ending and this will start near the very end or after the end of it. Welcome to the sign-up thread of Pokémafia, the Pokémon-themed Mafia hosted by your very own Kybyrian. We are looking for 26...
  14. Kybyrian

    General Art May Community Competitions

    We are no longer featuring these on the site due to a staff decision. This is the draft from May's competitions, converted from HTML to BBCode. This month has been an interesting one for competitions, seeing as how we had a few changes this time around. Unfortunately, it will also be the...
  15. Kybyrian

    Skyward Sword Difficulty Concerns

    If you've been keeping up-to-date with everything to do with Zelda recently, then you know that the Late Show with Jimmy Fallon just featured a visit from Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime. He was there to demonstrate the 3DS AR Cards from Kid Icarus, the new Wii U, and also...
  16. Kybyrian

    Zelda Art Writing Community Competition Week 7

    Please send all entries for next week to Meego. I am only a temporary host for this week's competition. Next Week's Theme The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time ----------------------------------- Entries are due before midnight on the 17th of April. For this week, we had a total of two...
  17. Kybyrian

    Official Minecraft Thread

    THE OFFICIAL ZELDA DUNGEON MINECRAFT SERVER IS: Offline We are having issues with our host, Zenox, right now and we cannot manage to get the server online at this time. We are looking into other options for the official server, so stay tuned for thread updates. If you have suggestions, feel free...
  18. Kybyrian

    Refia Signature Tutorial

    Alright... I've got a new tutorial coming your way! This tutorial includes the use of the pen tool and a lot of smudging. It uses pretty simple techniques to get a good result. Get your gradient maps ready. :) Click the signature to view the tutorial. This is the render I used...
  19. Kybyrian

    General Art Voting! GCC: Monsters!

    Welcome to this edition of the Graphics Community Competition, folks! This week the theme was monsters. We got an amazing nine entries! Please take the time to evaluate these signatures and vote for whichever one you find the best, and support us by entering in next week's competition...
  20. Kybyrian

    Elite Signature Tutorial

    Alright guys, I've finally decided to make my second signature tutorial. This time my tut features C4Ds instead of the brushing my last one used. It's also featuring an Elite from the Halo series, thus the title! I had to render the image myself, so if anybody wants it just to try it with the...
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