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  1. ZRetsirk

    Hyrule Field OoT Theme

    Yo, I have been trying to find guitar sheet music for hyrule field theme on OoT. please help
  2. ZRetsirk

    How to Be a Ninja

    This is a thread that teaches you how to be a o.oninjao.o. If you have any questions, just ask. I'm not gonna be posting constantly on the rules of being a o.oninjao.o, but i will be taking questions. Just ask. Have Faith.
  3. ZRetsirk

    Meh Blog Fer Guitar Songs

    Hello all. :D I made a blog for people who play the guitar and want to learn how to play some songs. They're not all Zelda songs, but most of them will be. http://guitarsongsdoneninjally.blogspot.com/
  4. ZRetsirk

    What's That Guy Who Asks You Sell Him Something?

    What is with him? he always asks you to "sell" him something with "c"
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