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  1. @lex MM

    Nintendo Commercials

    Here you can post commercials from all the Nintendo games and consoles!:O New or old,it doesn't matter:D(translated and copied from Ninty.gr,haha) Here's Wii's first commercial:
  2. @lex MM

    Your First Forum

    So...which was the first forum you joined? Mine is ZD(:D) but now I am registered in 5 more forums!!:lol:
  3. @lex MM

    The Most Useless Item in Zelda Series

    Okay, so here, you must vote the item that you think it was the most useless in Zelda series. ;) I created a poll, but of course I couldn't put all the zelda items in it, so if you want something else, vote"other" and write a post here about your opinion. I think the most useless item is Silver...
  4. @lex MM

    Majora's Mask Real Story

    Okay, this is a story I wrote based on Majora's Mask. Ah, well,, it is Majora's Mask but a lot diffrent....;) So...here's Episode 1 and 2...I hope you'll laugh....:wave: Episode 1 Link: I think I must meet...
  5. @lex MM

    Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask Timeline

    Majora's Mask is a sequel to Ocarina of Time, right? So when Zelda sends Link to his normal age the events that happened in Majora's Mask must be before the events in OoT. So...why Skull Kid remembers Link in Majora's Mask? He says that he has the same smell with the kid who taught him "that"...
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