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  1. feraldonkey

    What Inspired Your XBLGamertag/PSNID/NNID?

    Or any other username you keep using on consoles or PC games.
  2. feraldonkey

    My Strange Addiction

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9YFtWaHwL3c I've been watching this on Netflix for the past couple days, bed rest isn't healthy at all. Do you have a strange addiction ZD?
  3. feraldonkey

    If We Hate Call of Duty, Why Do We Buy the Games?

    I've noticed a lot of people who rage about Call of Duty and talk about how much of a burden it is on gaming. Then I log into whichever console and see, "blahblahgamertagnintendonetworkpsniduser is Playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 2" So, I usually hate on Call of Duty as well, for becoming this...
  4. feraldonkey

    So is Anyone Here Playing Borderlands 2?

    Sup? I haven't really done a search but I found myself more engaged playing with other people. Is there a group on here for any Zelda Dungeon vault hunters? If there isn't then maybe we should make one if the game is still relevant. I stopped playing for awhile because of the Wii U but now that...
  5. feraldonkey

    Zelda Art My Zelda Concept Art, So Far..

    Me and my friend have been making a scrap book of our Zelda concept art for awhile and I thought maybe I might upload some for critique. My Zelda game is set in a semi-modern Zelda universe, sounds scary I know but this is just fanfiction and a vision from a Zelda fan. So bear with the design...
  6. feraldonkey

    Amazing Remixes of Your Favorite Video Game Music?

    So I was browsing around on Youtube and stumbled upon this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xloop5FXSFg First of all I always thought the music sounded blood pumping, even its simple Nintendo DS form. Amazingly someone decided to remix the music and make it even more crazy. I love it...
  7. feraldonkey

    My Recipe for an Amazing Godzilla Movie (TLDR Warning)

    I don't know if there are any Godzilla fans on the forum but if there is, this is the beacon for you. This post is kind of long, reasons being because I stole some excerpts from a post I made on my blog and a few from my article on our local newspaper. So bear with me and I will bold the...
  8. feraldonkey

    Zelda Art My Digital Painting of a Deku Scrub

    I usually never do paintings with big backgrounds, but I thought it would be nice to surround a Deku Scrub with its natural environment. So here it is.
  9. feraldonkey

    A Large Overworld Map?

    I think the main audience in the Zelda fandom knows that when they announce a HUGE Zelda game, they are in for a large overworld most of the time. I remember seeing pictures of Hyrule in Twilight Princess, the rumors and speculation that one part of the map would be the size of the Hyrule Field...
  10. feraldonkey

    Do You Have a Creative Fuel?

    By that I mean is there something that inspires your creativity? A certain type of music, movies and video games, certain seasons where your creativity is at its peak. I know there are a lot of creative members here on ZD who draw, paint or write, so I was wondering what you do when these...
  11. feraldonkey

    Is Metroid Going to Be Ready for the WiiU in 2013?

    So I just finished the Metroid Prime Trilogy on the Wii along with Fusion and Super, my five favorite Metroid games in the series, then I thought to myself about the future of Metroid. Apparently Retro Studios has been working on a project for the WiiU for awhile now and even though everyone...
  12. feraldonkey

    Do You Feel That Sitcoms Today Have No Edge?

    So I'm sitting here watching a Seinfeld marathon and it got me thinking about the other night when a bunch of my friends made me sit through three hours of The Big Bang Theory. So I wondered, why wasn't I laughing as hard as they were at Sheldon Coopers antics? Why is "Bazinga!" so hilarious...
  13. feraldonkey

    Things You Want to Say to Someone but Can't..

    "You have no right to push me around this office, I proofread all your incapable writers and sometimes I'm sitting down for hours correcting mistakes when here I am sitting at a desk getting flack for lost time. I hope you decide to cross the street without waiting for the walk sign and get hit...
  14. feraldonkey

    Are Third Party Games a Priority when the First Party Ones Are Close to Release?

    I was just thinking, usually when I get a Nintendo console it's always for the first party games. I know a lot of people here are strictly Nintendo so I thought I'd ask, even if you use all consoles. When you know a first party Nintendo game is coming out soon do you save your money for it by...
  15. feraldonkey

    How Does Your Day Go?

    Hey ZD, how do you start your day and end it? Usually on a day post normal sleep, I wake up and get ready for work. I then stop and get some coffee/sandwich from Starbucks and make my way to work for 8/5 hours at our local newspaper office. I'm usually done around 3 or 4, I have dinner and...
  16. feraldonkey

    ZombiU, the Killer App for Your New WiiU.

    Normally, I don't trust reviews of video games. Someone could tell me a game sucks and it's usually something that I end up buying and enjoying the hell out of. I remember back in my first year of University one of my friends told me Fallout 3 sucks, so I went out and bought the Game of the Year...
  17. feraldonkey

    I Love My WiiU So Far..

    I was only really amazed by the whole TV remote thing, right now I'm just, you know. Waiting.. Aside from that I can't wait to explore the whole MiiVerse thing! How are you enjoying your new Nintendo console so far?
  18. feraldonkey

    Are There Resident Evil Fans Who Sort of Enjoyed RE6?

    So I've been kind of quiet on my thoughts about Resident Evil 6, mainly because a lot of my friends who play the game as well are big fans. They have been constantly nagging me for my opinion on what I thought about it but I still refuse to make a comment. Anyway, it's a good game, a fun game...
  19. feraldonkey

    25th Anniversary Didn't Feel Filling Enough?

    So, I know a lot of people will disagree and some Zelda fan boys will go into a riot about this. Which is 30% of why I'm making this thread but anyway.. Does anyone else feel that the 25th Anniversary of a game franchise as epic as Zelda wasn't handled well enough? I mean, yeah we got a...
  20. feraldonkey

    Metal Gear Online is Officially Gone

    I don't know if this is still legit for most players but the servers are officially closed as of June 12th, the service has been going since the release of MGS4 and has had a few dedicated players still going strong. I myself stopped playing a year ago and I find it funny to say that I almost...
  21. feraldonkey

    Your Gaming Setup, Let Me See It.

    Hey y'all, so I thought maybe it would be cool to show off our systems, (or for you Nintendo fanboys, your Wiis) right now this is how it looks minus my handhelds. Pretty nifty? Reason I have the three current gens is because I did a lot of articles and reviews for school/blogging/work...
  22. feraldonkey

    Zelda Art The Goddess Hylia Shed Art

    Something quick I did of Hylia, it's quick and messy but I love how it turned out.
  23. feraldonkey

    How Would You Feel About DLC for a Zelda Game?

    I'm talking extended DLC for a Zelda game, like say maybe downloadable quests or areas that would take you to new maps? Highly doubtful Nintendo would do this, maybe along the lines of brandishing items with upgrades or maybe new costumes? It would be cool to have an extension of an area. For...
  24. feraldonkey

    Anyone Excited for The Dark Knight Rises?

    I admit, after seeing the third trailer for The Dark Knight Rises I was little doubtful, which is a first since the release of Batman Begins, but after seeing The Avengers and although it was a good movie it can't tug the feelings I have when a Batman movie starts. So now that I have...
  25. feraldonkey

    Zelda Art Zelda Concept Art

    Just some concept art I'm starting for my Zelda idea. I love doing modern Zelda concept art, I had this idea of Zelda as a Presidents daughter.
  26. feraldonkey

    Zelda Art Skyward Sword Facebook Timeline Covers

    I got bored and made some timeline covers for myself, thought maybe y'all would like to use them if you have Facebook. Yeah I don't paste my name or some fancy text all over crap, I think it ruins blends, so feel free to pretend you made these, it's not like they are overly complicated to make...
  27. feraldonkey

    Would You Like to See More Customization?

    I have to say after playing Skyward Sword I really loved the fact that you could upgrade your weapons. Although not fully fleshed out and complex it was still a cool refreshing new feature. Now, I wonder if things like these also impress other fans. I see a lot of this attitude where fanboys...
  28. feraldonkey

    When Was the Last Time You Played Brawl? Anyone Want to Play?

    Bored, turned on the Wii. Wondering if anyone wants to have a few rounds?
  29. feraldonkey

    Spoiler Does Zelda Ever Remind You of a Really Good Disney Movie?

    So I started playing Skyward Sword again, for probably the fourth time and I noticed something. Now of course y'all can go off blasting me on this, it's not something I want everyone to think about but just an expression of what I noticed... So since we've all been playing the same game I can...
  30. feraldonkey

    General Art Feraldonkey's Art!

    This is but a small collection of stuff I have already uploaded onto the internet, most of my better stuff is hand drawn and not digitally painted. Still trying to get the hang of doing Zelda art too! If you want to see the rest most of it is on my DeviantART page. I know we aren't...
  31. feraldonkey

    Creepy Thread

    Back when I was into LiveJournal me and a few friends started a community called 'Creepy'. We had over a thousand members and had daily postings on the supernatural, cryptozoology or just a few random creepy pastas and personal experiences. I thought maybe it would be fun for all those people...
  32. feraldonkey

    The Legend of Zelda is Yours, Do What You Want with It..

    Sit down and make yourself comfortable. Nintendo just handed you one of their most beloved franchises and tells you to do what you want with it. You have a variety of different developers you can call up, adapt their style of one of your favorite games into The Legend of Zelda or make your own...
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