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  1. Magolor04726

    Magolor04726 vs. The Masses!

    Drop an idea, request, or something of a similar nature and I'll write a quick paragraph with that idea, theme, or whatever. See if I can't wow you!
  2. Magolor04726

    In Which The Masses Request Drawings

    Just something for me to do in my spare time, so please only request one pic at a time. They will mostly be pencil, and it would be ideal if you left a reference picture, since I don't have an easy way to search for pictures.
  3. Magolor04726

    I have a riddle for you

    What is the most certain thing in this world, and what is the most uncertain? Simply post what you think the answer is. (And no, you may not search Google)
  4. Magolor04726

    Kirby videos

    Just... post them here. The end.
  5. Magolor04726

    In Which The Masses Answer Magolor04726's Questions About The Kirby Series

    Just answer and I'll update this when I remember to. (Feel free to ask me to ask new questions though.) What is your favorite Kirby Copy Ability? Mine is... hoo boy... it's gotta be Smash or Doctor. It's a tough choice, but I must say, those are my favorites.
  6. Magolor04726

    My YouTube channel

  7. Magolor04726

    Kirby Fighters 2

    Reviving the dead forum. I for one, am HYPED. Going to buy it as soon as I get a chance.
  8. Magolor04726

    Fill in the ______!

    Fill in the pasta! Yes, I realize that makes no sense. That's the point. You fill in the above blank, and then leave another saying for the user below. Whether or not it's accurate, well, that's up to you. _____ weave into a spire of ______
  9. Magolor04726

    Name that character!

    Here's how it works: The person above you will reference a character from any Zelda game in some way, and then you will name the character that was referenced. (Make sure to put quotes in quotation marks) Then you will make a reference to another character and the bottom of your post. Rinse and...
  10. Magolor04726

    What are your IRL nicknames?

    (This isn't for IRL names, just nicknames.) Well, I'm known as... (Inhales) Boris, E.T., Mags, Maggie, Magolor, E, as well as a few of the stereotypical ones, like man, dude, bro, etc.
  11. Magolor04726


    After listening to the trailer for Origami King again, I heard the narrator/announcer dude say Kamek's name. He said it Ka-mek, with emphasis on the first part of the name. I always pronounced it Ka-mek, with emphasis on the second syllable. So I wondered, how do you guys pronounce these names...
  12. Magolor04726

    Last person to post wins

  13. Magolor04726

    Game Thread Brawl Stars Tourney

    No one from the Dungeons actually signed-up, but I'll still put this here so you guys can see if you want to join next time. Please wait while the game loads… loading… accessing data… connecting to server… downloading content… (Duh duh duh dah! Duh duh duh!) Magolor04726...
  14. Magolor04726

    Count to ZZZZZZZZZZ

    You read that right. Count to ZZZZZZZZZZ? How do you count to ZZZZZZZZZZ? Well, I'll tell you. Each ****** has a ****** **** ** it. For example, * ** *, * ** *, etc. Therefore, to win, you must count to ***, because * is **, and after you *** **, *** ******** by going to **. ** is **. You got...
  15. Magolor04726

    Impersonate the above user

    Exactly what the name says. There's no one for me to impersonate... ZD?
  16. Magolor04726

    Sign Ups Brawl Stars Sign-ups!

    Greetings, new brawler sponsors! At this briefing, we will be giving you some info you should probably definitely pass on to your fighters. Don't worry, I'll PM you each your characters stats so you can have those handy. Here's a list of the types: Fighters: Fighters are...
  17. Magolor04726


    This should be fun... Alllll righty. Challenge #3. Lesse… what to use... what to use... I got it! "*h** ***e ** ** m**e e***?" "K*** C******!" "I* ** *o* ******e **** **ee*'* **** c**** **** ***** *** ** *e*'* ****e*?" "** ** *******e **** *** ******* ***** *e ** *e**?" "**e f****** *e*** ***...
  18. Magolor04726

    How would (insert character here) do in (insert game here).

    For example: Link would be really OP in the OG Super Mario Bros. He could use his grappling hook to traverse the levels and bombs to blow up whatever got in his way. OR! Platformer Mario would die in like, two seconds of BotW. The dude takes two hits and he's dead.
  19. Magolor04726

    What is THE most OP anything in any game?

    I could name so many, I'll just stick with a few... The Ancient Arrow in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. That arrow... I did my first testing on a Lynel. I shot it, it vanished, I walked up, expecting piles of loot and a new loop-hole for free cool stuff, only to find... nothing. The...
  20. Magolor04726

    In Which Magolor04726 And The Masses Post Their Art

    So, I'm going to use this a lot, but feel free to post yours here too, if you have something you're particularly proud of. This was my profile pic for a bit. I drew it myself, and it actually looks a lot like me. I'm wearing jeans, a t-shirt, and a hoodie patterned after Magolor's garb.
  21. Magolor04726

    What odd/funny/interesting quirks do you have IRL?

    (Almost) Anytime someone calls my name, I spin to face them and say, "I didn't do it!" And there's also the more elaborate, "I didn't do it, and if I did, it wasn't that big of a deal, and if it was, I didn't mean it, and if I did, you deserved it!"
  22. Magolor04726

    General SSB In Which The Masses Answer Magolor04726's Questions About Smash

    I'll post a question as often as one a day, and the questions will revolve around anything and everything that is even remotely related to Smash. First off: Which character from a non-Nintendo mobile, handheld, and home console game would you want in Smash? For me, it'd be the Brawl Stars from...
  23. Magolor04726

    Nintendo Who is THE most annoying minion/boss/enemy in any Nintendo game ever?

    The Spear Guys and Ice Bros in Paper Mario: Sticker Star are so stinkin' accurate in the overworld before a fight, and in BotW, Lizalfoses… Lizalfos? Fos'? Whatever. The lizards always creeped me out...
  24. Magolor04726

    Sign Ups The Altonia Files: The Sign Ups

    Heyo everyone! So, going off what Pen said in the General Discussion, I'm creating a sign-up thread for my roleplay, The Altonia Files. Tell me about your characters, plot arcs, and other things necessary to a roleplay here. This roleplay will take place in a land I have created called Altonia...
  25. Magolor04726

    The Altonia Files

    Welcome to Altonia! Here's the cast, not including crowds and minor characters: Magolor04726 as Eli, Eliana, Elisha, Elijah. AwdryFan1997 as Jimbo. These guys are dead or assumed to be dead: No one! (For now) And now, a little lore if you missed the sign-ups. Magolor04726: Welcome to...
  26. Magolor04726

    World of Plight

    Here I will be uploading stories from my story in the 'Shroom, World of Plight. You can read these stories here, and hey, who knows? Maybe I'll upload a story a day or two in advance to the 'Shroom...
  27. Magolor04726

    The Forbidden Chamber of Knowledge

    I know I'm new here, but if you want ask me anything about everything, ask me here.
  28. Magolor04726

    Anybody here play Brawl Stars?

    It's a mobile game by Super Cell, just curious if anyone else here has ever played it.
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