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  1. ZRetsirk

    Zelda Shirt and Animated Series Giveaway - The Hardest Zelda Level or Dungeon

    I had a lot of trouble with the Great Bay Temple in Majora's Mask. It got very confusing to me because of the random way you had to go and sometimes even going back to a place you never thought you would have to go back to. I had to use the forums walkthrough for a couple of spots because of the...
  2. ZRetsirk

    ZeldaDungeon: Zelda's Adventure Boss Guide

    Daaaaangg..... how long did it take you to do this total? awesome btw!
  3. ZRetsirk

    How to Be a Ninja

    OH ya, they can definitely kill chuck, and pretty cast too. And if bruce was alive, he MIGHT put up a good fight with a ninja, but the whole reason a ninja is called ninja ifs because hes ninja.so a ninja would win.
  4. ZRetsirk

    How to Be a Ninja

    naw man naw, YOU got it wrong, the Triforce is a SAMURI "club" that THINKS they are ninjas.
  5. ZRetsirk

    Band Name Ideas.

    The amazinating amazinators!!!!!
  6. ZRetsirk

    Hyrule Field OoT Theme

    Yo, I have been trying to find guitar sheet music for hyrule field theme on OoT. please help
  7. ZRetsirk

    How to Be a Ninja

    Well, there aren'r that many ninjas that aren't Chinese or Japanese, because the Chinese and the Japanese ninjas all joined together and pretty much killed all the other ninjas. That's why you don't know they rule the world. My guess is that Google is gonna team up with the Asian ninjas and take...
  8. ZRetsirk

    How to Be a Ninja

    They can, they dominate like that. I can run on air though. o.o
  9. ZRetsirk

    Byrne's Remix and Cover

    genius... just genius.... lol ............................................. :)
  10. ZRetsirk

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    hyrule field der :P haha Thats my second favorite song in all of zelda :) Oot version though :D
  11. ZRetsirk

    How to Be a Ninja

    they can because they rock... better than pirates and zombies anyday :P
  12. ZRetsirk

    What's That Guy Who Asks You Sell Him Something?

    lol, ya in Oot i tried to sell him milk but he wouldnt buy it, i can remember my face when he would buy it >:( haha furious trying to figure out his purpose in the game lolz
  13. ZRetsirk

    How to Be a Ninja

    no, ninjas are superior to all things living or dead or fake. like the Pegasus. hes right most ninjas can eat rice before its grown and they can run on, in and under water
  14. ZRetsirk

    Rare Selda's Soundtracks

    Dude, this is so cool. Love zelda songs a little too much. haha
  15. ZRetsirk

    How to Be a Ninja

    If i told, you, the person that taught me would kill you. Ninjas work it off before they eat it. Ninjas watch anything they want to watch. Mainly Chinese spongebob square pants.
  16. ZRetsirk

    How to Be a Ninja

    ninjas dont have to eat, but they are all the more deadly when they do. no, they dont eat pirates, they eat happy meals from mcdonalds. im so o.o i can dodge a shuriken and throw it back before it leaves your fingers
  17. ZRetsirk

    Where Do You Live?

    im a farmer in a society called pluto
  18. ZRetsirk

    Favorite Animal?

    i like rhinos, dragons and griffins and koalas
  19. ZRetsirk

    How to Be a Ninja

    lol, ask any question. ask any comment. just dont yell at me, youll die really fast, and you cant kill me, because i can dodge death.
  20. ZRetsirk

    OotLord1003's Graphics

    Hey, I'd like an avatar of a black ninja fighting link. I just thought that would be pretty cool. I don't really care how the rest looks, so just be creative!!! thanks :) whoops, sorry for double posting, the first one didnt show up.... srry
  21. ZRetsirk

    If You Were to Marry a Video Games Character, Who Would It Be?

    IKR, shes the best XD shes my "videogamecrush" at the moment maybe alittle XD plus i think she has a crush on link lol, malon for sure, anyday, maybe zelda (tp) no one else rocks :)
  22. ZRetsirk

    Rainbow Road

    ya, i agree, n64, was really great, actually know a shortcut or two, and wii might have been a lil better, depending on what you like, i kinda like the wii better though. id still have to stick with a tie though. :)
  23. ZRetsirk


    the multi-player is not working for alot of people, including me, i ABSOLUTELY LOVE the game, but i still havent bought it. i was actually looking for a thread about minecraft lol great game, love it, reeeaaaallly want to play singleplayer :) so fun
  24. ZRetsirk


    as long as i can see what goin on, im fine, i just dont want it to be completely terrible, nor too good, too good hurtz my eyes...
  25. ZRetsirk

    Where Do You Live?

    i live in san lucas guatemala, although you may not know where that is, it does exist and you cant kill me
  26. ZRetsirk

    Minecraft Art

    itsa good game, however it wont where i live... laaame.... im gonna buy it, singleplayer is really awesome, look what i built: and this one, however these are just google pics, i just used them as a "cheetsheet"
  27. ZRetsirk

    Weird Words

    discombobulated: to confuse or disconcert banana: a banana bubble: a sphere thing purple: everyones favorite color X: everyones favorite number
  28. ZRetsirk

    How to Be a Ninja

    This is a thread that teaches you how to be a o.oninjao.o. If you have any questions, just ask. I'm not gonna be posting constantly on the rules of being a o.oninjao.o, but i will be taking questions. Just ask. Have Faith.
  29. ZRetsirk

    Favorite Animal?

    i like dragons, if not them, griffins, and if you dont believe in either of those, i like kitties. :)
  30. ZRetsirk

    What Superpower Would You Have?

    lol, id like to be something like an avatar. from the last airbender, so i can bend earth,fire,water,and air :P i winz
  31. ZRetsirk

    Joke, Anybody?

    Yo momma so fat that when she went out with high heels she came back with flip flops. Yo momma so stupid that she tripped over a wireless phone. Yo momma so stupid that she through a ball at the ground and missed. (i made up that one lol)
  32. ZRetsirk

    OotLord1003's Graphics

    Hey, id like a sig with a ninja nad link from oot fighting! i just thought that would be really awesome! just be creative, idc how you do it, but jaust have link and a ninja fighting, lol cant wait!
  33. ZRetsirk

    Who's Your best and Worst Character in Brawl?

    best, probably fox, favorite wario, and worst probably ganadorf
  34. ZRetsirk

    Playing LOTRO

    lol, yes he brwals, and he plays him sometimes too, only hes not very good at him, he plays wolf mostly ima lvl 18 loremaster elf girl XD
  35. ZRetsirk

    Ridley Vs. Bowser Vs. Ganon

    probably ganon... he is too awesome as his "beasty"
  36. ZRetsirk

    Meh Blog Fer Guitar Songs

    hahaha, well, i might be doing other songs on the trumpet, the piano, and possibly the flute. if i can get my brother to help we can have some bass songs too :)
  37. ZRetsirk

    Meh Blog Fer Guitar Songs

    Hello all. :D I made a blog for people who play the guitar and want to learn how to play some songs. They're not all Zelda songs, but most of them will be. http://guitarsongsdoneninjally.blogspot.com/
  38. ZRetsirk

    Graphic Requests

    hey, id like it if someone could make me a really cool picture of toon link wearing a pink dress:)
  39. ZRetsirk

    All Zelda Games Ever

    niiiice, that is alot! i thought there would be like, at the most 20... that is kkkooooooollllll
  40. ZRetsirk

    What's That Guy Who Asks You Sell Him Something?

    What is with him? he always asks you to "sell" him something with "c"
  41. ZRetsirk

    Hidden Skills

    i totally agree with you, fully!
  42. ZRetsirk

    New Boss Ideas

    something new, or just a big ol version of a pretty much harmless enemy. like the forest temple boss in tp
  43. ZRetsirk


    i think it looks good, and to make them actually change their expression WHILE they are talking is even better. i like it when they do that. but it needs to be a good transition.
  44. ZRetsirk

    Means of Traveling

    definitely a bird, to come and swoop you away to where you want... jaja ya i like the bird idea
  45. ZRetsirk

    Trailer Music

    i think its really awesome! i think they should make plenty of songs like that
  46. ZRetsirk

    Skyward Sword Challenges

    no sidequests, no spending money unless required, and only use your sword unless you NEED to use another thing.
  47. ZRetsirk

    Instrument in Skyward Sword

    I think it should be something small, like a whistle, or maybe just his fingers doing it, but definitely something new. If I had to choose a return, I'd go with the ocarina i guess.
  48. ZRetsirk

    Is Link Too Pretty? Not Tough Looking Enough?

    well, they could make his muscles a little better and his face... ouch now thats what i call a kool looken link
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