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  1. Scythe-of-Chaos

    Tunic Expansion

    Hey, Chaos here, with a question that allows you to reach into your gears of imagination you have collecting dust in your head. My question for the time is: if you could create some sort of NEW tunic with a NEW ability to bring to the table, what would it be? So, for examples, the Goron...
  2. Scythe-of-Chaos

    Replay Apocalypse Too Easy?

    After beating the game and unlocking Apocalypse mode, did any of you find that it was really easy? I am not sure if it was a bug or glitch, but I have the trophy to confirm it. I beat the game entirely on Apocalypse and I found it to be easy, if not easier, than the main quest. Have any of you...
  3. Scythe-of-Chaos

    The Loach

    Ok, so when playing zelda I'm sure you've heard of a rare fish known as the 'Hylian Loach' but is there really a fish like that? I mean, there is ordon catfish and catfish are real. There are hylian bass and a bass the real fish too. I ask this because the other day I was talking to this guy...
  4. Scythe-of-Chaos

    The Significance?

    Did anyone notice in the very beginning of the video for skyward sword the images of Link on epona, majora's mask, Link on his boat, and Link in wolf form were just there? is it important to the order because this game has elements from them? or are they like a small timeline of a 'important...
  5. Scythe-of-Chaos

    Zelda Art Shards of Darkness Pictures

    this is a picture i made of MetaPwn in my fan-fic. i shall make more with each boss i reveal. check it out. it's pretty good. I shall do a charicter Bio too with eahc picture: MetaPwn: Class - Extreamly deadly MetaPwn has a metal claw-like glove on his right hand which can slice through bones...
  6. Scythe-of-Chaos

    Zelda Art The Legend of Zelda: the Shards of Darkness

    RATED-- PG (13...possibly) This is my first fan-fiction that I had help with making or ever. ask me if you would like me to make pictures of the bosses! thanks for your time or something. (also dont pester me about misspelling/grammar, also I am aware of who the main boss is, but thats the...
  7. Scythe-of-Chaos

    Real Life Zelda Moments

    ok, have you ever had a moment where you have some sort of zelda flash-back or attempt to do something that you saw in a zelda game without relizing it? I did recently where I was asked to get something out of the kitchen and ,I was recently playing MC and you walk slow I might add, I was just...
  8. Scythe-of-Chaos

    Mysterious Shell Help

    what do i do with the mysterious shells? i have 999 and everytime i get another it overflows and i lose it. what are you suposed to do with them?
  9. Scythe-of-Chaos

    I've Figured It Out!!!!!

    ok, so you know how in some youtube vids they're like 'ohh look, i found the magic meter!' and 'wtf, why does this random video i didnt make *shifty eyes* have a magic meter in it?!?!' well remember on the back of the box it looks as if there's a magic meter, but really THERE ISN'T well guess...
  10. Scythe-of-Chaos

    Zelda and Link Finnaly Together

    At the end of ST they totally hold hands,you go link, so why wasnt 'by your side' and option? but still the creators are finnaly showing some interest in hooking them up. I'm fine with it, in fact, i encorage it. so what your intake about the simbolagy of the ending? and should Zelda and Link...
  11. Scythe-of-Chaos

    Rito / Zora Question- What Happened?

    ok, many people say in WW the ritos are zoras evolved right? WELLLL how can a fish evolve into a bird in at least only 100 YEARS?!!?! AND its a big ocean- the zoras could be hiding
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