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  1. CrazyforCuckoos

    What Do You Like the Most About Skyward Sword?

    I love the nice demon guy(you'll find out people who don't know), the dungeons, the fact that you have to do things to get to the dungeon before going into the dungeon. I DO NOT like the puzzle doors. I hate rotating those pieces and suck at those. The first temple took me 10 minutes to get it...
  2. CrazyforCuckoos

    Do You Play New or Oldstyle?

    By this I mean, when given the choice to dowse for things, do you dowse or do you go old school and look for the things yourself? I've been using it. Also, do you use a shield or not? I switch between shield and no shield.
  3. CrazyforCuckoos

    Spoiler Am I Going Crazy???

    In the game so far, what you all are calling "Phi" is actually named "Fi" in my game. Is this a weird glitch? The proper way to spell it according to the game is "Fi." Also, the "Skyward Sword" is called the "Guardian Sword" so shouldn't the game be called "Guardian Sword"? instead...
  4. CrazyforCuckoos

    General Art The Human Weapon

    I love to write. So this is one of my stories I created a week ago. Be gentle lol. The Human Weapon: Once there lived a crazed gunsmith who loved to tinker around with various kinds of weapons. He was very passionate about what he did, and to some his obsession seemed so great they thought...
  5. CrazyforCuckoos

    Cuckoos in SS???

    They best be in Skyward Sword or I'll be saddened :suspicious:
  6. CrazyforCuckoos

    Animated Blood

    Are you crazy? This is Zelda we are talking about, not some shooter game.
  7. CrazyforCuckoos

    50-100 Hours:

    According to a Joystiq article, this game will be between 50-100 hours. This is quite shocking to me. It's going to be very epic. http://www.joystiq.com/2011/09/12/legend-of-zelda-skyward-sword-will-be-between-50-and-100-hours/
  8. CrazyforCuckoos

    What Do You Do when You're Depressed?

    It's sad to me to see that the young kids on here are depressed. When I was a young kid I wasn't ever depressed. It all kicked in during my adolescent years.
  9. CrazyforCuckoos

    Best Princess Zelda of Them All

    I would have to say Wind Waker Zelda. I love everything about that game(although the treasure hunting got a little tedious.)
  10. CrazyforCuckoos

    My Flickr Minecraft Pictures of Zelda 2: Adventure of Link

    Those are pretty interesting :D
  11. CrazyforCuckoos

    What Do You Do when You're Depressed?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=463Us587Z9o THIS :D and other music. Additionally I'll write or vent to my friends on Facebook.
  12. CrazyforCuckoos

    Interesting Things About the State or Place You Live In.

    I hail from Maryland, home of Bethesda Softworks(makers of Fallout, Elder Scrolls, etc.) Additionally while Washington D.C is technically it's own district, it's still, to me, considered part of Maryland. What do you guys have?
  13. CrazyforCuckoos

    How Old is Link and the Possibility of an Older Link...

    I was just thinking about this. How old is adult link exactly? I think he looks around 16-18 Do you think that there could be a Zelda game where Link is even older like in his 40's or so? I think that would be pretty interesting, or at least have part of a game where he goes from childhood to...
  14. CrazyforCuckoos

    Skyward Sword Gamelength

    Not sure how long it took me to beat TP but I remember playing for 17 hours straight and still not beating it.
  15. CrazyforCuckoos

    What if Nintendo Made a Dark Zelda Game Again?

    Who says that Skyward Sword isn't going to be dark? I guess the art scheme kind of makes people think it won't be. I think though, that Skyward Sword will be the most romantic of the series.
  16. CrazyforCuckoos

    Borderlands 2 Gameplay :D

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xo6f6oZ0R-4&feature=player_embedded This footage makes me very excited to play the next Borderlands, due after April 2012. It's quite awhile away, but I'm totally going to play this. I played the heck out of the first game :D.
  17. CrazyforCuckoos

    Bejeweled Blitz

    Anyone play this game on Facebook? I find it very fun, and REALLY addicting. I usually average 15-30K a round, but sometimes I get into the 100K's. My highest score ever was 267,000. Anyone else like this?
  18. CrazyforCuckoos

    Which is Better: Harry Potter or Twilight?

    Neither. They are terrible abominations of the literature world. It's not awesome. This is my opinion.
  19. CrazyforCuckoos

    The Member Fact Game

    Is a sage of the wolves :P and has a soul of a lone wolf
  20. CrazyforCuckoos

    Daleks Are Real, and They... Raise Money for Charity?

    Oh crap! Run! In all honesty though, that's pretty amazing.
  21. CrazyforCuckoos

    How Many Dungeons?

    10 if this is to be the biggest 3D Zelda.
  22. CrazyforCuckoos

    Countdown to Skyward Sword Release!

    My excitement grows every single day for this game to come out :D I'm really hoping we'll have a lot of islands to travels, as well as islands in the sky.
  23. CrazyforCuckoos

    Skyward Sword Bundle

    I guess I'm going to have to find my Wii Motion Plus. It's on my floor someplace.
  24. CrazyforCuckoos

    General Art Herbert the Mystical Llama

    Deep in the forest of Nubeck, lies a colony of llama's. They all thrive in peace and each have a job. It's a quiet society. Most of the llama's are just plain old ordinary llama's with no special powers or purposeful being. HOWEVER, there is one who's above the rest. His name is Herbert and he...
  25. CrazyforCuckoos

    This Comic Will Scare You (and Possibly Scar You)

    Are you affiliated with Power On, because someone on another forum I go to posted the exact same thing lol. What a weird coincidence.
  26. CrazyforCuckoos

    What Are You Thinking About Right Now?

    This girl I like :P. She is pretty awesome. I am also thinking about Skyward Sword, and wondering if my college will be open tomorrow.
  27. CrazyforCuckoos

    Real Cucco Attack!

    I am very happy about this thread. ALL HAIL THE CUCCO'S!!!
  28. CrazyforCuckoos

    Very Creepy Video:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2cXDgFwE13g&ob=av3e By Skrillex. The video pretty much explains itself. Just...creepy.
  29. CrazyforCuckoos

    Funny Things To Do With Items

    Shooting people with arrows. And watching as they get very angry.
  30. CrazyforCuckoos

    Beeker's Treehouse of Graphics

    Sweet I can't wait to see what you did to it. :) (30 character limit)
  31. CrazyforCuckoos

    General Modern Is This Odd?

    I never beat Minish Cap, but I liked what I played.
  32. CrazyforCuckoos

    Earthquake Hit the U.S East Coast

    http://www.colbertnation.com/the-colbert-report-videos/391552/july-11-2011/anti-frack-attack Fracking :) lol. I found this appropriate to your post. This segment is awesome. Skip to 3:00 for the funniest part.
  33. CrazyforCuckoos

    Beeker's Treehouse of Graphics

    How's that picture coming along?
  34. CrazyforCuckoos

    Ghira Definition.

    He's jealous of Link and Zelda :P or so I think.
  35. CrazyforCuckoos

    Earthquake Hit the U.S East Coast

    Yesterday an earthquake hit the U.S East Coast. This is extremely rare for the East Coast. I live in Maryland, and I was in my colleges and the building started shaking. The epicenter was in Central Virginia in a town called Mineral. What are your thoughts about this? Did you feel anything?
  36. CrazyforCuckoos

    Skyward Sword Editions

    I didn't think Nintendo was one to do something like that.
  37. CrazyforCuckoos

    Skyward Sword: Hyrule

    My question is: Will it be a modeled replica of the OoT Hyrule field? That would seem a little cheap in my opinion if they did that. Do you think that they will expand outside of Hyrule field and show us more of the world of Hyrule?
  38. CrazyforCuckoos

    Spoiler Is Ghirahim The Cat?

    Interesting theory my dear Watson, but I fear you are just reading into things too far.
  39. CrazyforCuckoos

    Skyward Sword Zelda FPS Style

    It sounded like the dude brought his mom. But to get on topic, that's pretty interesting.
  40. CrazyforCuckoos

    Favorite Band?

    It's a tie between Red Hot Chili Peppers and Avenged Sevenfold
  41. CrazyforCuckoos

    Is Skyward Sword the Last Epic Game to Come to the Wii?

    It makes me sad to think that Skyward Sword will be probably the last epic game to come out on the Wii :(
  42. CrazyforCuckoos


    I've seen Reliant K(with Switchfoot), Green Day, and Avenged Sevenfold, Avenged Sevenfold being the most awesome one. Also: I wish I could go see Red Hot Chili Peppers, but they never come to the US. They are on their European tour I think currently.
  43. CrazyforCuckoos

    Ocarina of Time Worst Enemy Ever.

    I resent that :), but agree with the wallmasters :D ALL HAIL THE CUCCO :cucco:
  44. CrazyforCuckoos

    Do You Think That Skyward Sword Will Ruin the Zelda Series?

    I want a Mario reference or two :) but I don't think that will happen.
  45. CrazyforCuckoos

    Opinion on Bird Flying?

    I have no opinion on it until it comes out.
  46. CrazyforCuckoos

    Twilight Princess Easiest Boss / Mid-Boss

    Goema(I can't spell bosses' name's right. Also: The dragon in Wind Waker(my memory is fuzzy.)
  47. CrazyforCuckoos

    Ask a Stupid Question/Get a Stupid Answer

    Where's his question? He just posted a reply.
  48. CrazyforCuckoos

    People Making Fun of You for Playing Certain Games.

    Wow, you live with some mean people then. Around here no one cares what games you play, it's all neutral ground. I love it.
  49. CrazyforCuckoos

    In Soviet Russia:

    So my friend's brother has a pretty epic band called In Soviet Russia. They are pretty good. I saw this exact show a few months back. The floor was about to cave in lol(it was shaking and moving up and down, we were on the top floor so it wasn't good.) They had to tell us to stop jumping...
  50. CrazyforCuckoos

    Do You Think Collecting Tears in the Siren World Will Be As Tedious As It Was in TP?

    I wasn't aware of this Siren world, it sounds interesting. I just looked it up and watch the very little footage of it. I like the atmosphere.
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