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  1. linkbeatmario

    Upgrading My PC Video Card

    I want to upgrade my PC's video card but i can't seem to find any good ones. I want a video card that has an HDMI port, so can any of you please help me find one. here are my computers video card specifications-Video Type integrated Intel Graphic Media Accelerator 950 or PCI Express x16...
  2. linkbeatmario

    Favorite Mincraft Youtuber

    As the title suggests, what is your favorite mincraft youtuber? Personally I like the TheSyndicateProject, Bluexehops( I think that is spelled wrong), and CaptainSparkelz.
  3. linkbeatmario

    Is Linux Really Worth Getting?

    Hi i just want to know people's opinions just because I am not sure if Linux is good or not. Linux is free and can be modified at any time and I am not sure if it reliable. Can someone please tell me if Linux is worth getting.:S
  4. linkbeatmario

    I Need Help with Photoshop!

    I am teaching my self how to use Photoshop through tutorials and i am currently on this one:Making a Colorful Windows 7 Wallpaper in Photoshop « Tutorials « PSD Box – Think Outside the box I got stuck on this:(I cant figure out how the tut guy made the layer point down to the bottom layer. any...
  5. linkbeatmario

    Tech Help Learning Web Design

    As the title states I want to learn web design but don't know where to start. I already looked at some web sites and checked out some books but still don't know where to start. Could someone please suggest what web language I should start with? Also in case you know some free web designing...
  6. linkbeatmario

    Scatter-Shot Ammo Question

    Hey guys I was wondering how the ammo for the scatter-shot was going to work, if one round is ten shots or if each one round per shot 1round = 10seeds Or 10rounds = 10seeds Please tell me what you think of how is going to be used to clear out my confusion....:S
  7. linkbeatmario

    Game Realism

    Hey guys after all this new info I can clearly tell that skyward sword will be super realistic in all aspects..... -you can interact with the environment -you can interact with household items -land below the sky areas will have realistic nature sound and animals(birds in faron woods) (all...
  8. linkbeatmario

    Missing Pieces of Map on Faron Woods

    Has anyone noticed the update on over world map in the japanese website? Well I noticed one thin if you lok at the very bottom of the faron woods area you can see that it is missing a part whichmeans that the faron woods are still even larger than in the new videos.... just wanted to point that...
  9. linkbeatmario

    Spoiler Goddess Sword (ss)

    inthink the goddess sword will be inside the goddess staute because the goddess looks like it is garding something plus the rock where the sword is has some weird writing on the back.. what do you guys think....
  10. linkbeatmario

    SS Bosses!

    Hey I though I could mention something that I noticed in the gameplay videos about the bosses If you notice how link moves around the ginourmus bosses It looks like we won't be facing the boss face to face like in privious zelda games and it looks like we will have in corporate the environment...
  11. linkbeatmario

    Hylian Shield?

    Hey I was wondering why link has the hylian sheild when the royal family hasn,t been created yet so what do you guys think is this juat for the demos and trailers or part of the game?
  12. linkbeatmario

    Spoiler Creation of the Master Sword

    hey guys i was thinking about how link goes on to do something in the begining of the game to do something and always ends up doing something important. so i was thinking what event so big and huge that could happen in skyward sword lead to making a sword that could destory and banish evil...
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